Espidus Novus by Jason Sobel(VIP)

ESPidus Novus - Jason Sobel - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

While Jason Sobel may not be a household name, this SENSATIONAL download will go right into your professional repertoire.

Jason has combined three classic feats of mentalism and put them together in a routine that packs a LOT of impact in a short amount of time. You ask someone to choose a symbol written on your business card, and then to write down a city they'd like to travel to. All of this is done while your back is turned. Finally, the spectator hides the business card in any hand. When you turn around, you immediately nail the hand, the symbol, and then the city. Boom. Boom. Boom. It's easy to do, can be done surrounded, and is an example of the hardest-hitting mentalism we're aware of.

Credit: Jerome Finley also combines the Acidus Novus peek with a "Which Hand" premise, and we wish to acknowledge that his idea came prior to Jason's handling.

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Devil’s Selection by Guillermo Dech DRM Protected Video(VIP)

Devil's Selection by Guillermo Dech DRM Protected Video Download


If you really had the power to stab a card with a marker: How would you do it?

After the success of Cardtrait, we are ready to take the spontaneity and naturalness of movements to a different level of impossibility.

Welcome to the Devil's Selection...

A visual, powerful and customizable method that will allow your card stab routines to feel completely organic and real.

A signed card is lost in the middle of the deck, and in the blink of an eye the spectator sees how his card among all the others is trapped in the cap of the marker.

And this is the best part; black background is not necessarily required!

After three years of work and development on this idea, it is time for this beast to see the light. Welcome to a true Card Stab, welcome to Devil's Selection.

The download includes:

  • Gimmick System
  • Main Handling
  • Alternative ideas
  • Final tips
  • Hands-free version and much more...

It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an amateur in the world of magic; I assure you that there will be something here that will serve you for the rest of your career.

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Ryan Dux – Unison

You walk up to a couple. Let the girl choose a card. Free choice. Her man then can positively name the card. All you need is a deck of cards.

At the end, the girl will be impressed, her man will be her hero. Everybody`s happy. The couple`s happy. That`s what you want: a happy audience.

– impromptu
– use a couple or 2 complete strangers
– no stooges
– various revelation techniques included

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Suspension 2.0 (with bonus) by RAVEN

Welcome everyone, here is Suspension 2.0 and 2.5, a compilation of several suspension effects that I am happy to present to you so far.
This download brings together 5 different effects quite feasible in real life or in video, I tried to simplify the manipulations as much as possible and I must say that I am satisfied with the result, I hope you will like it too!
This will be my first product at Penguin, so I decided to donate it to the community because thanks to Penguin I had the chance to discover a lot of interesting things in recent years!
I sincerely hope you enjoy the content.
And above all, don’t forget, never stop dreaming!

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The Other Brothers – Trio

Trio” is everything you’d want in a parlor routine. It’s engaging, funny and leaves audiences with a one-of-a-kind experience they’ll never forget.

Three volunteers are invited to make various selections. From the audience’s perspective, one of them is thinking of a famous person, another person is thinking of an animal and the last person is thinking of a fruit. For example, Albert Einstein riding a giraffe while eating an apple. This seems like a ridiculous combination. Yet, you’re able to prove you knew they would make these choices in a hilariously visual way.

Trio” is so much more than a simple trick though. It offers you the framework necessary to create a truly entertaining piece of stage or parlor magic that packs flat and can be brought with you anywhere. Creator Matthew Wright’s personalized routine is based on his daughter’s zany art homework assignments, but you can theme your routine however you’d like.

A variety of methods combine to create a truly powerful moment. There are different handlings taught for all skill levels and performance styles.

Trio” comes with everything you need to start performing right away including large, full color predictions, a cloth bag (complete with a special gimmick), custom-made durable envelopes and comprehensive video instructions.

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Slice the Aces By Tom Phoenix

Borrow a deck.
The spectator shuffles.
You shuffle.
And you produce the Aces.

You will learn:
– The production method
– Shuffle control
– A multi-card switch
– Performance tips
– Performance ideas

This an excellent way to open your set, or to include in a “Magician vs. Gambler” demonstration, or use it to display your memory skills in being able to track cards through shuffles.

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Joseph B & Laura Chips Follow My Card (VIP)

It is an impossible location with extreme conditions and, in the end, you will have the production of the four aces.

Follow my Card by Laura Chips and Joseph B. is a really cool effect.
The magician's lucky card will find incredibly the spectator's chosen card and then… a big surprise.
You can perform it with a normal deck of cards and almost impromptu. It is an impossible location with extreme conditions and, in the end, you will have the production of the four aces.
The method will really surprise you, it is something between a trick and a puzzle.
Watch the whole performance.

A normal deck
NO Gimmick!

Download now!

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Sorcier Magic – bending glass (VIP)

BENDING GLASS by Sorcier Magic

A glass goblet is shown and examined by a spectator. The glass is solid and robust. Now the magician begins to focus on it and slowly the stem of the same glass begins to slowly bend with the strength of the mind. At the end of the performance, when it is almost bent 90 degrees, it is left folded on the table upside down.

Inspired by the famous bent fork effect, it is an effect that can be performed on a stage or in a TV performance. Supplied with two high quality plexiglass glasses, one of which is the gimmick.

The glass has a height of 21 centimeters and a diameter of 7 centimeters, and being very realistic it looks like glass even from a distance and close up. Included is an online instructional video.

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