Tom Dobrowolski LIVE 2(VIP)

Tom Dobrowolski LIVE 2 Instant Download

"He likes magic, he likes good magic, and he likes sharing good magic." - Jeremiah Zuo

"Your notes are inspirational." - Ross Johnson

What will he teach?

A very special lecture by Tom Dobrowolski teaching the magic of his friend and mentor James (Jim) Ryan, a true Chicago close up magic legend.

Cards Across- In Jim’s effect, three cards travel from one packet being sat on by a spectator to another packet being sat on by a different spectator. He closes the effect by sending two cards visibly back from one packet to the original packet.

The Bill Tear- Borrow a spectator’s bill (or grabs it off the table or bar top from a paid check) and rip it into pieces, declaring it a phony. After the shock has set in the magician reproduces the bill.

Ryan's Dunbury Delight- A spectator selects a card, which is then lost inside the center of the pack. The magician cuts the deck and announces that some helper cards will indicate various information about the card. The first card reveals that it is a high or low card: it is an ace so the magician deals it to the table and moves on, noting that an ace could be either high or low. The second card reveals the suit of the card: it is the spectator’s card (unbeknownst to the magician). The magician deals it to the table on top of the ace. The third card is said to reveal how far down the selection is in the deck. That number of cards are dealt to the table on top of the ace and selection and the third card is revealed to be ... the selection! When the spectators turn over the face-down cards on the table expecting to find the selection among them, they find only the four aces.

Al Leech's Red Hot Mama- A card from a blue deck is fairly chosen, remembered and replaced. The magician slowly spreads through the face-down deck and shows that the one card that has turned red is their selection.
The magician deals the red card face-down on the table. Another selection is made and returned to the deck. He attempts to locate the second chosen card like before, but fails. When he is told the card he says, "No wonder I couldn’t find it, that’s the red hot mama card!" Sure enough, when the magician flips over the red card, it is now the second selection.

Ring, Rope, and Wand Routine- a borrowed ring is tied to a piece of rope. The spectators hold each end of the rope. A wand is also held by each end by the spectators. In an instant the ring shoots from the rope to the wand.

Ryan's Twins- This is Jim's take on a Brother John Hammond routine. Two Kings and two Queens multiply, vanish, transpose, and ultimately become just the four deuces.

10 Card Trick- The magician attempts to perform a trick with ten cards, but he always has nine no matter how many he adds to his packet. Eventually the tenth car is found in the spectator's hand.

Cups and Balls- Jim's routine that he perfected over decades of performances. You will learn a new take on some tips, techniques, and strategies. This ending will kill you!

Bits and Pieces- A few quick fun bits that can be done anywhere.
Ghost Catcher- catch a ghost in a dinner napkin
Oops, Broke the Band- a quick broken and restored rubber band effect
Good Night George!- A “goofy little rubberband thing” that Jim had lots of fun       with.
Cathy's Screw Finger Bit- A strange little phenomenon.

BONUS-"This Will Kill You!" is a 40 page PDF that contains most of the James Ryan effects listed above.

Who is he?

Magic Performer, Lecturer, Demonstrator, Lifelong Student of the Art, Chicago Guy, Tom Dobrowolski has been studying and performing magic for over 40 years and these days can be found most Saturdays demonstrating magic at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, Illinois. A long-time Chicago area resident, Tom was exposed early on to great magic and was fortunate to have mentors like Tommy Edwards, Jim Ryan and Jay Marshall.

His many years of experience include performances as diverse as cruise ships and Hawaiian resorts, birthday parties and illusion shows walk around close up and TV appearances. Tom has been an active participant on the Chicago magic scene for many years. His friends include magicians from around the world and his unique brand of magic reflects their creativity as well as his own. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of magic, enables Tom to find innovative solutions when developing new and reworking classic magic effects.

His “In The Hands Wild Card” DVD and “OiATER” (oil and water) manuscript have become best sellers and recognized as standards in the world of magic. His more recent series of highly acclaimed lectures/lecture notes bring together his own magic along with some of his favorite magic from his friends like Jack Carpenter, Jeff Prace, Curtis Kam, John Carey, Ed Oschmann, Trent James, Jeremiah Zuo, Richard Hucko, Joe Cole, Benny Lau, David Kuraya and Patrick Flanagan. Tom’s goal in every item he releases is to provide strong fun magic that you will learn and perform.

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Opticks by Harapan Ong(VIP)

An incredible collection of 26 innovative effects from the wildly-creative mind of Harapan Ong who, along with Vanishing Inc., brings you the highly-anticipated sequel to *Principia*.

When Vanishing Inc. released *Principia*, the magic community was introduced to the creative genius of Harapan Ong. The magician from Singapore had already been an underground sensation, but this bestselling book cemented his place as one of the most innovative card magicians in the world. It continues to be one of Vanishing Inc.'s bestselling books of all time.

Now, Harapan is back with "Opticks", a new digital video release featuring the same style of entertaining and inventive card magic you loved from *Principia*. But, this time, instead of a book, you'll get access to full video performances and explanations. This format enables you to better appreciate how innovative Harapan's card magic really is.

You'll gain access to a video featuring 26 entertaining and powerful magic tricks that test the limits of creative card magic. There are tons of new effects, updated handlings for forgotten early underground material, as well as new performances and recordings for a few old favorites.

"Opticks" features something for all skill levels. There is everything from complete routines to snappy color changes and moves. This practical material is explained in full detail and accompanied by full performances.

Each download access code comes in an awesome, middle-split box that opens up to reveal a custom deck of cards designed by Stefan Eriksson and inspired by Sir Isaac Newton (a nod to Harapan's passion for physics). You'll also find a packet containing all the necessary gimmick cards for the routines that require them.

What you Receive:

  • Video explanations and full performances for 26 effects
  • Limited edition deck of Newton Playing Cards printed on crushed stock by USPCC
  • Gaff cards (both red and blue Bicycle backs)
  • One-of-a-kind, mechanical collector's case and display case

"Opticks" is a must-own for any fan of *Principia* or truly unique card magic.

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Joseph B-Kill With a Single Shoot(VIP)

KILL WITH A SINGLE SHOOT by Joseph B Instant Download

This effect is a killer as you can see from the title.
You can borrow the deck from your spectator and the most important thing is that you can do it completely impromptu.
The magician finds the spectator chosen card under impossible conditions, in one shoot, using a lucky card.
As always it is a Fooler, also for fellow magicians.


Download now.

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Fiery Predictions By Joseph B(VIP)

Fiery Predictions By Joseph B

Absolutely a must have impossible prediction routine. An ingenious, fascinating and diabolical method

Fiery Predictions is a great effect for both layman and magicians. You will absolutely leave your audience speechless. An infallible multiple predictions with an incredible climax. For several years in Joseph B's repertoire, this effect has always had a great big impact on the audience.

Normal deck!

Download now!

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Keynote by Seth Race(VIP)

Keynote (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Seth Race

From the creative mind of Seth Race, creator of such effects as W.M.D, Bankript, and Coinnect comes a new object through bill concept that goes to a whole new level!

Keynote is a key through bill which can work with most borrowed keys and visually melt and pierce through a borrowed, signed bill right in front of your spectators' eyes!

  • Ready to use out of the box, no DIY arts and crafts
  • No magnets
  • Bill can be borrowed and signed
  • Hand the key and bill out for examination immediately after
  • Works with most borrowed keys
  • Easy to do
  • Works with any bill whether paper or plastic

Keynote is a visual that you'll want to perform over and over whether it's for close-up performance or on Zoom and social media, it's fun, easy to do and small enough to carry with you everywhere you go!

"Keynote is frigging awesome such a clever idea, I carry mine everywhere I go ready to perform."
Jimmy Strange

"Borrowed and examinable.... genius!"
Bennie Chickering

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Keymaster By Craig Petty(VIP)

Keymaster by Craig Petty

As used by DYNAMO on his hit TV show, Magician Impossible.

"W.T.F. When is that out? I need this!" - Alan Rorrison

"A great solution to the moving hole plot. Brilliant!!" - Tom Elderfied

"This looks brilliant and the final phase was totally unexpected. Two strong moments of magic that happen right in the hands of the spectator!" - Marc Oberon

"That is definitely a worker!" - Brendan Rodrigues

"Wow I need that now!" - Julius Dein

"Well done on producing a MONSTER close-up effect. I saw you dem this in Blackpool. It's a knockout. The way you manipulated the hole was magnificent. I was shocked when you pulled it off in front of my eyes. I was even more amazed when you slid the hole down the shaft. You handed me your key to examine and although I thoroughly examined both the head and shaft I could find nothing untoward. I will be pulling this out to perform at every opportunity. Nice one Craig." - Andi Peters - Magic Cafe Review

Imagine being able to carry a fifteen-minute set of hyper-visual magic on your key chain. The original stunned audiences and lived in the pockets of magicians around the world. Now it’s back with new routines, a new gimmick, and now it’s fully customizable. This is Craig Petty’s Keymaster.

Here’s what happens:

The magician removes their house keys from a keychain. One of the keys is put into the spectator’s hand for safekeeping. The magician then plucks the hole right off the key they are holding. When the spectator opens their hand, the key they are holding now has two holes! The magician then visibly removes the second hole from the key that the spectator is holding and transplants it to the stem of the original key. The best part is that everything can be examined.

Keymaster comes with four specially gimmicked key blanks that are ready to go right out of the box. In addition to the original three gimmicks, you now receive an additional fourth gimmick that allows you to show the entire key with no hole in it. These keys have even been crafted as blanks using a common lock type, so you can take Keymaster down to the hardware store and get the keys cut to fit the lock on most locksets for your front door. Owners of the original will love the updated routines. Keymaster comes with ten full routines that can be linked together to create a full set of magic. There are even bonus routines that incorporate business cards, ring on string, and many other incredible effects. The sleights are easy to perform, and Craig breaks all of the moves down so magicians of any skill level can add this to their repertoire. You never leave the house without your keys, and now you’ll never leave the house without a miracle when you perform Keymaster by Craig Petty.

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The Ghost Card By Alex Soza(VIP)

The Ghost Card By Alex Soza Instant Download

The Ghost Card (TCG) is a tool that can bring up a card chosen by a spectator and shuffled by the spectator out of the deck of cards.
It is very visual, easy and simple to do. The best part is that when you know the secret, you will fall in love with the idea and use it for many more routines.

-Card chosen freely, signed by the spectator and mixed by the same.
- Examinationable inside and out.

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DOUBLE VANISHING DECKS by Juan Pablo & Quique Marduk(VIP)

DOUBLE VANISHING DECKS by Juan Pablo & Quique Marduk

Double Vanishing Decks created by Juan Pablo and Quique Marduk

Imagine you have a case with two decks of playing cards, one red and blue.

Take out the red deck and perform any trick with it.

Place the deck into the case again and announce that it will vanish.

Immediately, open the case and the red deck is no more there!, and reappears into your jacket pocket .

Take the blue deck out of the case and explain that you will repeat the experience with this deck.

Place the deck into the case again clearly and after a magical gesture, open the case and the blue deck disappears too, and magically, it appears into your pocket again.

It is an excellent effect to finish a card routine, great for restaurant magic, super easy to do, reset in a few seconds.

On the explanation video included in English and Spanish, you will find several routines and ideas to perform, even with different objects, such as ropes, cigarettes, bills, silks, etc.

The case is specially made in strong plastic.

You can use your own regular Bicycle decks.

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Chop by Craig Petty(VIP)

Chop by Craig Petty

"Holy cow.. I just got a my dvd of CHOP.. wow.. what a routine.. so well thought out.. a tour de force if there ever was one....Huzzah Mr Petty.. This is a gem." - Doc Eason

"Creative, Real World, Amazing, Inventive, and Great, But Hey, that is just Craig!!" - Ben Williams

"My magic has to be EDC friendly. Chop is the BEST chop cup EVER created because for the finally I can perform this time tested powerhouse piece of magic, anywhere, any time, with anything. It’s breathtaking." - Lloyd Barnes

Make a signed bill vanish from underneath any cup, and then reappear at your command. Just when your audience thinks you’re out of tricks, a lemon appears inside the cup, and inside the lemon is the signed bill. This is a real worker that gets huge reactions. This is Chop by Craig Petty.

Here’s what happens:

A bill is borrowed, signed, and scrunched into a small ball. An ordinary coffee cup is examined by your spectators. The bill vanishes from the cup, only to reappear with a snap of your fingers. The bill is put back in the cup, and it vanishes again. The cup is placed on the spectator’s hands and impossibly reappears at your command, or the command of your spectator. The bill vanishes again, and when the cup is lifted, a lemon is found underneath the cup. The lemon can be examined and shown to be ordinary. You then cut open the lemon, and inside is the signed bill.

Chop comes with a very special gimmick that allows you to turn any cup and any bill into an instant Chop Cup routine. The Chop routine can be done with any cup, even a paper coffee cup. This has been a worker for Craig Petty for years and is his go-to closer when he really wants to impress an audience. The gimmick has been updated to hide in plain sight and work better than ever. In addition to the killer bill in lemon ending, Craig has also updated the instructions with incredible new moves that make it incredibly deceptive. Plus, you’ll learn additional routine ideas with cards, coins, sponge balls, and other ways to use the Chop gimmick that will truly fry your audience. Craig even teaches some amazing material using the Chop gimmick with a clear glass. Workers will love how practical this gimmick is, and beginners will love how easy this trick is to perform. Once this is in your hands, you’ll never want to leave the house without Chop by Craig Petty.

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