Papel Clip By Howard Hamburg

”Diabolical card work.” -Max Maven

“Howard is one of the best card men in the world you never heard of.” -Doc Eason

“Card table aficionado and raconteur pretty much sums up Howard Hamburg.” -Dan & Dave Buck

What will he teach?

Howard will be presenting and expanding upon a lecture that earned him the Lecturer of the Year award from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

He’ll begin with an effect he created for Dai Vernon’s birthday which starts like a standard oil and water but takes a very surprising twist at the end.

Then, four kings and four queens get involved in some action and, as the plot thickens, the queens suddenly go missing… leaving the aces in their places.

Howard will then go in-depth into the underused yet versatile Veeser Concept which can be used for a multitude of applications.

He’ll also perform a “You Do As I Do” effect using two decks of cards where he’ll match a randomly selected card simply by repeating the spectator’s actions.

Next, five one-dollar bills are mixed face-up and face-down, then, with a gesture, all the bills instantly turn face-up.

Howard will use a ordinary paperclip to find a selected card and cause one card to change into another between the spectator’s palms.

There’s more…

He’ll also do some amazing things with four aces. One where they appear in a mysterious manner, and manage to trap a selected card at the same time. And another where the four aces magically turn face-down one-at-a-time, then suddenly change into the ace, two, three, and four of clubs.

Now the real treat, besides the impressive magic you’ll learn, is that Howard will share stories of his experiences with some of the greats of magic. Legends like Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Frances Carlyle, Jimmy Grippo, Larry Jennings, Martin Nash, Jerry Andrus, and others.

Howard was friends with everybody who was anybody and he’ll share his thoughts regarding the presentation of magic as he learned it from them.

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