Penguin Live Lecture – David Williamson

“Most magicians know David Williamson as the funniest performer in the business but they are often not aware of his serious side. Underneath all of the laughter is a very serious student of magic who has developed theories about performing and presentation that are based on thousands of shows. All of us can learn plenty from this master magician.” -Mike Caveney

“David Williamson is simply one of the funniest people on the planet!” -Stan Allen

What will he teach?

  • His famous T&R Transpo
  • His personal rope and ring routine
  • Silver Eagles (Coins Across)
  • His version of Chink-a-Chink
  • 5 Cards and 5 Glasses – Saline Solution (salt trick)
  • His 2 cups and balls, with a flurry of endings
  • The 3 Card Trick
  • Color Stunner
  • Cut the Aces
  • 51 Cards to Pocket
  • Matrix
  • Fortune Telling Fish
  • Funnier Color Stunner
  • And More…

He’ll even touch on Pencil Through Quarter, The Strike Vanish, The Pass, Top Change, Miser’s Dream and The Tenkai Pennies.

David Williamson unpredictable which is why we love him!

We’re going to see stuff from his bestselling book, “Williamson’s Wonders,” and stuff from his wildly popular DVD’s, “Sleight Of Dave,” “Dave 2,” and “Magic Farm”.

David has promised to share many UNPUBLISHED ideas, tricks, and techniques…we’re in for some great surprises.

He’ll also be available to answer all of your questions to make this a truly interactive experience taking the session in unexpected, interesting and fun directions.

Join us here as David Williamson shares his magic, wisdom, and stories from his decades as a professional entertainer.

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