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15 thoughts on “Site News”

  1. hello Admin.
    i supported your site with NitroFlare but not i cant find your links on the new pages since the change, only have the download link for uploadgig.
    please help as i dont want to pay for another year for uploadgig as already supported you on NitroFlare

  2. Hi,

    I supported the site with nitroflare (120 days), but the file I wanted to download is protected with password (virtuoso – topas). Would you please send me the password for the file? Now I have neither money nor video :(.


  3. Hi i already have Nitroflare
    Can you please if you have it can You please post the following dvd please
    Magick Balay -Penguin Live
    How to Be a Magician -Ellusionist
    thank you

  4. “Support us with nitroflare subscription”, now removing nitroflare and brings VIP. What about those who supported the page with a long term subscription? They should just fuck off? I think I’m done with this site. Would not support for VIP, because if it will have another extra money swallowing thing in months. -.-

  5. Hi, this is New and is great, could you please uploaf this Trick? The BM Project (Black Mentalism) by BaKoReMAGIC


  6. Hello , i have uploadgig account and i would like to help if i can to support you, i liked this website very much and i want to support it as well.

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