3 Ring Circus

The Ultimate Close-Up Linking Ring Routine!

This marvelous routine features one eye-popping, magic moment after another! And thanks to the inspired structure, the rings can be examined before and after the routine!

Learn “The Shake Off,” “The Edge Link,” “The Crash Link”, “The Blow Off”, and more!


  • Dowsing: Jay’s IMPROMPTU version of the classic Paul Curry effect!
  • Economic Risks: The mentalist puts his money where his mouth is!
  • Hot Date: The coin transpo you can do anytime, anywhere!
  • Sudden Triumph: Think “Dai Vernon as a hired assassin.”
  • Kung Fu Coin Change:A 3-phase routine full of new moves!
  • Collateral Damage: Deadly easy vanish & appearance of a signed bill!
  • Menage a Trois: An ingenious mental sandwich effect!
  • Yes & No: Jay could’ve sold this killer card effect as a separate item!


What You Get

Included are the custom set of rings used in ‘3 Ring Circus.’

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