Alex Pandrea – 5 Week Card Magic Course – VIP

My BEST Card Magic - 5 Weeks Of Magic & Tutorials - YouTube

Week 1 – The Basics
The first week is dedicated to all the basic sleights that I use on a day-to-day basis and learn the way I perform them. It is in these videos that we will learn the correct formula of card magic.
There are over FIFTY (50) sleights. We will learn the correct way to get breaks, steps, crimps, controls, false cuts, false shuffles, peeks, forces, palms, replacements, double lifts, switches, color changes and put all that together to learn our first 3 effects that anyone can do. These are 3 of the most powerful effects that I always perform.

Week 2 – My BEST Sleights
This week I’ll teach you my favorite and most used sleights. A lot of these have never been taught as well as updated versions of classic pandrea techniques.
13 different sleights, variations, and techniques are taught in this section

Week 3 – Hard Hitting Effects
After building our foundation with the previous 2 weeks, we will now move into my best and hardest hitting effects. Some of these are my take on the classics of magic, where I rebuild famous tricks to make them more interesting and powerful.
You’ll learn TEN (10) magic effects and variations including ideas of how to build your own effects and expand what is taught.

Week 4 – Full Performance Routines
Our next step is to learn more full routines that we can present to our audience. In this week I’ll teach you my most powerful routines that I have performed for years.
You will learn FIVE (5) full magic routines but more importantly, you will learn the performance psychology behind the routines, and how we can use them to effectively.

Week 5 – Magic Theory
Your magic isn’t complete until we learn how to think deeply about our performances, learn to present our effects in a more interest way, and turn something simple into something truly powerful. This week we will learn my magic theory and thinking behind what makes magic strong. We will learn multiple techniques that can be applied to our magic and go through many examples of how we can take what we are already doing right now and make it as magical as possible. We will end the course with my favorite card magic effect and learn why it’s important.

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