52 B’Wave by Iñaki Zabaletta (VERNET)

52B Wave by Vernet - Trick - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. - Wholesale Magic

This is a terrific stand-up mentalism routine that can be used as part of an act or as part of your Emceeing repertoire. Can be done live or as a virtual performance.

It basically combines the effects and part of the methods of the Brainwave Deck and Max Maven’s B’Wave.

You introduce a blue backed jumbo boxed deck which is in view the entire time. A spectator or group of spectators are instructed to select a color, a suite, and a value of a card.

The deck is removed from the box and shown to have one card face up… it is the spectator’s selection.

The selection is then reversed to show that it is the only card with a red back.

As a finale the rest of the cards in the deck are shown to all be blank.

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