7 Secrets by Dani DaOrtiz

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We met Dani in a ‘knock-off’ Starbucks in a dusty corner of a Vegas Casino 4 months ago. Our cups said Java Vegas on the side, but we didn’t notice.
Our eyes were fixated on Dani, his hands, his movement, his words.
Dani is like a wind-up toy for magic. Once he’s fully primed to go, nothing can stop him. You just have to sit back, turn off the part of your brain that tries not to get fooled… and go with it.

We’ve worked with Dani on a project before, but by the time we’d finished our ‘Java Vegas’ coffee we were all best friends. He invited us to stay with him at his villa in Malaga, Spain and got 3 of his most creative friends to join the party.
For the next few days we hit RECORD and never pressed ‘stop’.
7 Secrets is every unpublished miracle that was captured.

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