A Different Side of Me by Joshua Jay

This is a special compilation of six of Joshua Jay’s downloads that are also available separately on Penguin. When you buy the tricks as a set you save over $ 20.

    1. Cornered – An ingenious new concept that allows you to reveal a borrowed bill virtually anywhere! Borrow a dollar from a spectator, tear off a corner, and hand the little piece to him as a souvenir. The bill disappears. Ask him to remove his wallet. Ask him to reach inside. He’ll find his bill–complete with missing corner–and it matches! Absolutely no stooging or pre-show work.


    1. Elevation – This is the classic Elevator card trick reworked. Virtually no sleight of hand and a brand new ending nobody will expect!


    1. Big Deal – A card revelation with a fireworks ending. A card is selected and shuffled back into a deck. With a demonstration of cheating, the performer locates the selection… but he also manages to find a perfect blackjack hand, a Royal Flush, AND a perfect Bridge hand (all thirteen Hearts!).


    1. Credit Cash – Remove a credit card from you wallet and ask, “Do you guys prefer credit…or cash?” As you talk, the credit card between your hands visibly melts into a twenty-dollar bill.


    1. Impossible Three – A spectator cuts a borrowed, shuffled deck into three piles. She looks at the face card of one pile. Your back is turned throughout the process. In merely assembling the deck, you’ll ascertain the identity of the chosen card. This impossible card trick will fool even the most knowledgeable magicians.

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