Aaron Fisher Bicycle Thief

There�s something crooked going on here!

Bicycle Thief is Aaron Fisher�s sublime take on cards to pocket. Cards vanish and reappear so fast they�ll think you�re a world-class card cheat. One at a time, cards leave your fingertips in a blink – and then reappear in your pocket! One even makes a side trip to your card case!

Evidently, you�re some type of thief – a bicycle thief!

All that and only one completely covered measly move! Aaron Fisher brilliantly constructed this powerful effect with handling so easy even an amateur can look like a pro.

What You Get


  • A classic plot
  • An unforgettable ending
  • A studio-produced DVD with performance and over-the-shoulder explanations
  • 2 custom-printed Bicycle Poker gaffs.

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