Alexander Kolle – Limbo

Alexander Kolle - Limbo @ DDFans Magic World :: 隨意窩Xuite日誌

Have you always dreamed of an extra phase for the crazy mens handcuffs? How about an extremely visual and mindblowing rubber band sequence? The the wait is over… LIMBO by Alexander Kölle is a highly visual rubber band penetration where one strand will penetrate 2 strands at the same time. It cannot get any more visual that this. And the best part is you can reverse the penetration and it is simpler than any other version of this effect out there.
You do not need any gaffs or extra gimmicks, it is completely impromtu, you just need two ordinary rubberbands and you can amaze your crowed. You can perform this almost 360° and it is easy to learn. SO don’t wait any longer and get one of the most visual rubberband penetrations out there..

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