Alexander Marsh – Hybrid Mentalism

Hybrid Mentalism by Alexander Marsh PDF

With a foreword from Looch (author ofSimple & Direct Mentalism) This book contains fifteen pieces of strong mentalism suitable for stage, close-up and impromptu settings.


Rub-A-Dub DD – Simple, deceptive and impromptu drawing duplication using business cards.

Philtrum * – A simple peek routine for almost anything; words, numbers, drawings, short sentences … using nothing motr than a stack of index cards.

37th Deception – Create a room full of mind readers using a classic psychological force logically.

In Dramatic Fashion – The Sixth Sense Ploy: A visual a dramtic method for revealing a thought.

Deck Head?– A display of subconscious memorisation of a deck of cards You memorise a deck and prove it and then so does a spectator.!

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