Alexandra Duvivier Penguin Live(VIP)

"I have always been a big fan in secret for years and years. She is the best female sleight of hand artist of all time. I don't know a huge amount about anything, but one thing I know a lot about is sleight of hand. And I know I'm not wrong." -Chris Kenner

"With the Penn&Teller Fool Us Fooler award, multiple other trophies and solo shows to her credit, she has built a resume that any magician would envy. But most importantly, she has been referenced by countless men and women, proving the immense impact she has had and continues to have, breaking down barriers for the next generation." -Vanishing Inc

"Alexandra's magic exudes incredible emotion, through impeccable technique and in spiritual vigilance finds the way to the hearts. Thank you for these intense, touching and lively moments."- Norbert Ferré

"Presentation, tempo, everything is perfect. Top!" -David Stone

What will she teach?

Splash- Alexandra teaches you how to take a prop that many magicians use for bottle productions and not only make it a more personal presentation and a lot more fun. The performer walks out onto the stage, and in the process of introducing herself, her shoe disappears, only to reappear with the pop of a balloon.

Sweets- Introducing a little bit of herself, as well as a smorgasbord of french confections, this excellent routine is instantly relatable to audiences of all ages. The magician offers a bag of sweets to the audience: toffee, chocolates, bubble gum, and even coca cola flavored licorice. After confirming that they are real sweets and the licorice go into the bag, and then with a magical gesture, the licorice is withdrawn from the bag, and all of the sweets are found to be threaded onto the licorice. This is an engaging take on the same type of effect as the razor blade swallow or needles on a thread, but safe and nothing goes in your mouth except a bit of chocolate.

Transmitter- A mind-reading effect that is both humorous and astonishing. A spectator is brought onto the stage and adorned with a fantastical hat made from balloons. The spectator secretly selects a card from the deck, and astonishingly the audience reads the spectator’s mind as they all shout the selected card at once.

Sense of Touch - This can be presented as a piece of mind reading or a feat of skill. A large bag of balloons is presented, and with unerring accuracy, the magician is, even blindfolded, able to select the correct color balloon from a bag filled with hundreds of options.

Transcendental Force- A coins across routine created by Dominique Duvivier in 1984 and subsequently refined over decades by Alexandra into a powerhouse routine. This has prominently featured in Alexandra’s act for the last ten years and is great on stage as well as for walk around and table hopping.

Impromptu Wild Card- Created by Dominique Duvivier, this wild card starts off looking like a game of find the lady, but with far too many cards. When asked to find the money card, in a shocking twist, what was surely the money card before is the only loser. The remaining cards have all transformed into queens. This incredible take on Wild Card uses no gaffs and only ordinary playing cards. It’s completely examinable, and your audiences will go crazy for it.

Amelie Poulain- A signature piece for Alexandra Duvivier in which she can deftly cut the silhouette of butterflies out of tissue paper and then make them dance about the stage aloft on only the breeze produced by waving a vinyl record. The stage is then filled with hundreds of brightly colored tissue paper butterflies. This piece is not only poignant but also an excellent way to fill an entire theater with magic.

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