All In by Jack Carpenter – VIP

“Jack Carpenter is dauntingly creative, has world-class technical skill, and understands what types of effects hit audiences hard. This is a great collection of material that will convince anyone that you can do anything with a deck of cards.” -Darwin Ortiz

“Jack Carpenter is one of a half dozen guys whose material I always recommend to people who are serious about great card magic. Jack never disappoints, and this new DVD kicks ass.” -Andrew Wimhurst

“If you want to fool and entertain people, get this DVD! Discover why Jack’s material is used by the finest cardmen in the world. Find out for yourself how Jack fools the hell out of magicians and laymen alike. His clever methods and innovative solutions will take your work to a new level.” -Steve Ehlers

Jack Carpenter is the real deal. In this DVD set, you’ll learn all the tricks and techniques he’s used over the years to build his legendary reputation.

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