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"Boy, have you got a future in magic. You are SO GOOD!" -Penn Jillette

" 👍" -Teller

"Amanda is a talented young magician with a cool creative approach to our art. Her magic is fun, clever, visual and refreshing. You're in for a treat!" -Boris Wild

"I've watched Amanda's creativity blossom for some time now, her ideas are fresh, captivating and inspiring! Check out her lecture and see for yourself! 😎👍💯" -Magick Balay

"I have seen Amanda wow crowds as both a walk around performer and on stage. I'm always blown away by her fresh takes and understanding well beyond her years!" -Carisa Hendrix

"She's inspiring, upbeat, articulate and CLEVER. She's the future." -Connie Boyd

What will she teach?

Amanda shares her innovative approach to creating magic with Fun! Unusual! Visual! Effects – all have really cool, practical methods that can be used for in-person and social medial performances.

Cork Trick – A great impromptu trick that will make it appear like you can do magic on the fly with anything, anywhere.

Pixel Pop – A Minecraft pixel magically pops out of a phone. Apply this broad concept to tailor your own effects.

Appearing Cup & Toilet Paper – Make a cup appear out of nowhere or take an empty roll of toilet paper and have it instantly become a full roll.

Card Mentalism Principle – A spectator selects a card, and it is placed back into the deck wherever they choose. Even if they shuffle it, the magician can determine what card the spectator has chosen. This can be done with any deck of cards. No gimmicks needed.

Un-Forking-Believable – My most viewed Instagram video! First you make an apple float. Then you reveal that there was a fork behind the apple the entire time. Next you take the fork out and present the same feat again. You reveal that there is yet another fork in the apple. The second fork is removed from the apple. Somehow, you make the apple float yet again! At this point the spectators know how the apple is floating, but where are the forks coming from!

Morphing M&Ms – This trick is really sweet. You transform a mini M&M tube into a box of M&Ms very simple but a great visual effect with candy.

T&R – Tear a signed card in half and place the two pieces on the card box. Rub your hand on the deck and brush your finger across the tear. The card is restored. This has a great method and is perfect for walk around/close up magic.

Diamond Cutter – a spectator picks a card. let's say it's the 3 of diamonds, and places it into the middle of the deck. After a bit of shuffling, you find their card...but you got it wrong. It's a 5 of diamonds. No problem. You tell the spectator you are going to change the card into their selected card right in front of their eyes. You rip off the bottom 2 diamonds from the playing card and say "there, now it has 3 diamonds." This gets a good laugh from the spectators. But the pip still shows a 5 of diamonds. You give the pip a quick rub and the 5 turns into a 3 right in front of their eyes, allowing you to leave them with this impossible 3 of diamonds.

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