Andreas Dante – Stealth

Your spectator freely selects any playing card from a shuffled deck without looking at it. Then, she checks the photo gallery on your phone with hundreds of photos of different sets of playing cards, and selects any of the photos. Then she selects in her mind any playing card from the selected photo. To randomize her choice you ask her to move left or right and up and down to another random card. Surprisingly this card exactly matches the card she randomly selected from the deck before.

What’s great:
– Extremely easy to perform – like reading the clock!
– Always with you, ready to be performed!
– Instant reset
– Every time a different outcome
– Ideal for table-hopping
– Can be performed fully surrounded
– Can be performed with a borrowed deck (two alternative routines)
– You start and end clean!
– Ideal for street, parlour and stage
– Start within minutes after watching the download
– Works with Apple and Android phones and tablets

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