Bajo el Sombrero Carlos Adriano

Bajo el sombrero. Apuntes desde mis zapatos - Carlos Adriano - Libro

The new book by Carlos Adriano is here: «Under the Hat. Notes from my shoes»! A tour of his magical philosophy and his personal vision of working with children. A work that deeply explores the magician without neglecting magic. Thoughts, experiences, routines, reflections… in 160 full color pages. What is hidden under the hat? The magician, the character, the clown, the entertainer, the artist, the one who goes on stage, the one who entertains the public… I watch him intrigued, attentive, expectant, taking notes from my shoes. In the talk-presentation, the author will have some mates –and you can have some tea– while he tells us how he has managed to create this magical project and how his professional career is consolidating and making his way internationally. On October 28, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Parenthesis of oblivion. Magic and Tea, at Calle Sombrerería 24, (SOMBRERERÍA!!! I couldn’t find a more suitable place), Lavapiés, Madrid. Forewords by Kayto, Luis Albornoz and Daniel Garber. Illustrations by Juan Luis Rubiales.

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