Black Rabbit Vol 1 Ancient Totem by Lewis Le Val(VIP)


Lewis Le Val is back with another exclusive series for E-Mentalism!

His previous series, The Whisper Tapes, was extremely well received, gaining five star reviews again and again with each and every episode.

In the Black Rabbit series, Le Val will be sharing and discussing his slightly darker and more serious works of mentalism, ranging from poetic and engaging to profoundly moving and disturbing.

For centuries the white rabbit has been an iconic symbol for magic, but what of the shadow? The black rabbit? According to folklore, the black rabbit symbolises fear, anxieties and the darker sides of our lives.

The idea of presenting mentalism as the real deal may cause some performers to feel uncomfortable, essentially, coming face to face with the aforementioned black rabbit. However, he who dares embrace the rabbit’s wisdom shall be rewarded, and his words shall create worlds. All of the material taught in the series is also flexible enough to be adjusted to your preferred performance style. Gone are the conjuring tricks. Now it is time for real magic, and the transformational power of mentalism. 

This, is Black Rabbit.

In Volume 1, Le Val teaches his signature routine, ‘Ancestral Totem’.

In this 1.5 hour long video download, you will learn:

  • The main routine
  • Multiple handlings
  • Method variations
  • Extended versions
  • Bonus ideas
  • The Bold Intuition Approach
  • Extra tips and advice
  • Scripting and subtleties
  • Alternative Presentations

And so much more.

Benjamin Francis joins Le Val in a lengthy and informative discussion throughout the download, sharing his own ideas and real world performance advice too.

Welcome, to Black Rabbit.

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