Coins Across and Back by Tommy Wonder presented by Dan Harlan

Tommy Wonder was an incredible performer, well-known for his smooth sleight-of-hand, masterful misdirection, and devious devices. And now, a modern master of magical creativity shares his favorite Tommy Wonder creations with you as Dan Harlan presents “The Best of the Books of Wonder.” Lesson 2 is Tommy’s brilliant Coins Across and Back. This deceptive coin routine is expertly taught by Dan Harlan who takes it off the page and puts it in your hands.

This clever routine delights audiences with precocious coins jumping back-and-forth, penetrating through your hand, vanishing and re-appearing in an unexpected place. Each phase more inexplicable than the previous. And the surprise ending is one of the most beautiful moments of magic ever conceived! In this lesson, Harlan has replaced the old suspicious prop while retaining all the incredible magic. You’ll learn to master every move, as the sleights involved are not knuckle-busters. Plus, you’ll learn the all-important timing and misdirection that makes this routine as much fun to perform as it is to watch! Once you see the reactions you can get, you’ll know you’ve found your favorite coin routine.

Coins Across and Back includes a full routine that you’ll learn all of the sleights for as well as a presentation that makes this routine a real crowd-pleaser. Lesson two takes the brilliance of Tommy Wonder’s magic and with Dan Harlan’s guidance puts this beautiful magic in your grasp. Subscribe to the entire series today and elevate your magic with the best of The Books of Wonder.

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