Daniel Chard – Delete

Delete By Daniel Chard Instant Download

“Very slick. Your sleight of hand is soft and undetectable. Huzzah.” – Doc Eason

“A truly beautiful piece of card magic that you will just love adding to your repertoire!” – John Carey

“A really practical handing of the vanishing plot!” – Ben Train

“I’m a big fan of Daniels work and when he showed me his 4 ace trick my eyes nearly popped out of my head! It’s a brilliant routine and beautifully executed. A real piece of eye candy for your spectators.” – Peter Nardi

“Best handling of this plot I have ever seen.” – Ryan Schlutz

“A beautifully executed vanish and reproduction of 4 cards that will have audiences scratching their heads in amazement. Great work Daniel.” – Robert Moreland

“Good Idea… Good Effect. I love it!” –Dani Daortiz

Daniel Chard is an underground card worker with some serious moves. Not only does he combine gorgeous sleight of hand with innovative thinking, but the effects he produces are also practical miracles that you can perform in the real world. He can make aces vanish from a deck one at a time, and in a manner so clean you’ll think trick photography is involved. This is Delete.

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