David Jonathan – Precise Premonition

Precise Premonition draws inspiration from Eddie Joseph’s staple Premonition effect, but packs in many new magical moments that crescendo with an incredible firework finale! Best of all, its super practical, very easy to perform and consistently delivers great reactions!

The Effect:
A spectator is handed a RED deck that contains your prediction. A BLUE deck is now shuffled and used by the participant to create both a playing card and a number. Let’s say they settle on the number 10 and the Queen of Hearts. The participant looks through the deck to retrieve their card, except for one thing… its NOT IN THE DECK! Only 51 cards are present – where did it go!? The RED deck is retrieved, uncased and the cards are counted face down. At the 10th position is the ONLY BLUE CARD IN THE RED DECK! This card is turned over and its the missing Queen of Hearts from the other deck! For the surprising finale, the entire red deck is now spread face up and the cards are all BLANK (and examinable!).

Precise Premonition uses a simple and elegant solution to deliver multiple powerful moments. Download now to learn and add this stunning effect to your repertoire!

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