David Kaplan – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Dave Kaplan has a unique style of magic all his own as he demonstrates in this Penguin Live lecture by starting things off with a bang… literally. His magic is designed to contain unexpected “events,” as he calls them, like producing a coat rack from a paper bag in order to hang up his jacket. It’s these whimsical events, and occasional odd devices (like his home-made hypno-glasses), that make him one of my favorite magicians to watch.

Plus, his magic is strong and unexpected too, as you’ll find out when he shows you how to produce any card anybody names from your shoe at any time. Or, pluck a coin from your beard, roll it across your knuckles, balance it at your fingertips, and get it to slowly lay down on your command.

You’ll also love his take on familiar routines like the color-changing knives. I hate to spoil the surprise, but his ends with both knives vanishing. Then, just when you’re getting comfortable, out comes a live fish flopping around on the stage while he tries to catch it and put it back in his case.

He also juggles ping-pong balls with his mouth, leading to a continuous production, ending with a live baby chick. Really? Okay, things aren’t always what they seem with The Great Kaplan. But he’s always entertaining, whether he’s juggling a hat, balancing a cane, burning a borrowed bill, destroying a cigar, or playing a song on a turkey baster. Let this lecture serve as your introduction to this remarkable man.

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