Jokers Love 2.0 with Wallet(VIP)

Finally, we can meet the best packet tricks from Korea again!

Joker's Love is a packet trick that can create impressive performances with a beautiful story using Jokers.

The Jokers in the trump card are trying to win the beauty Joker's heart. They try in many ways, and only one Joker is chosen by the beauty Joker!

So many magicians have loved this trick since Joker's Love was first released 10 years ago. This is because not only is it easy to learn and perform, but it is also fun for everyone to enjoy and watch, and it has a strong effect. Also, it was shown on TV and drew explosive reactions, so more people sought out Joker's Love.

And finally, Joker's Love is back. It's much more upgraded!

You can see the color version instead of the black and white version, and at the end, a cute baby Joker appears. And, the gimmick wallet is upgraded, too.

It's a beautifully completed routine after a lot of trial and error by Lenny.

The set includes:

  • A specially designed set of cards
  • Practical gimmick wallet (all the cards provided can be carried, so you can perform it right away at any time.)
  • A product manual
  • Video tutorial

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