Mene Tekel Miracles by Nathan Kranzo

Review of Mene Tekel Miracles by Nathan Kranzo | Sexy Magic Reviews

This DVD focuses on a little-used gimmicked deck called the Mene Tekel by Friedrich Wilhelm Conradi who created it in 1896. Subsequently, Burling Hull made it popular but in the last 40 – 50 years, it has dropped out of fashion. In fact, when I first got into magic and read “Encyclopedia of Card Tricks” by Jean Hugard, I read about this deck but never saw it sold in any of the magic shops.

This DVD comes with the gimmicked decks necessary to perform a variety of mental and magic effects. You will learn different prediction effects, syncroncity, card locations and divinations. Among the routines that stood out for me were a handling of Tarbell’s Card Stab, a collection of “Impromptu Mene Tekel Effects” and a good “Card in Fly”. Incidentally, Mac King does his version in his highest rated magic show on the Las Vegas Strip.

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