Mentalism 101 Trick by Dennis Loomis

The performer places a sealed envelope in full view, explaining that it contains a prediction of something that has not yet happened. Next, he spreads a deck of cards face up on the table and removes the joker. He gives the deck to a spectator who cuts it several times and then shuffles the deck. After cutting again if they wish, the spectator deals cards off of the top of the deck into a pile on the table. At any point that they wish, they stop dealing. The spectator removes two cards from either the top of the packet of cards on the table, or from the top of the deck remaining in their hand. They then choose just one of the cards. The performer reads their mind successfully and tells them which card they chose. But, that’s not all… the performer then opens the envelope and tips out one playing card. Nothing else remains in the envelope, and the card matches the card the spectator chose!

This incredibly strong effect defies explanation. A powerful combination of 6 different principals of magic and Mentalism is used. Each one is baffling in its own right, but together they create an unfathomable mystery.

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