Michael Ammar Penguin Live Act

“For decades, Michael has been the go-to source for work-a-day magicians.” — Outside Magazine

“One of the most influential magicians of the 20th century.” — Magic Magazine

“Michael is a GREAT, world-class, sleight-of-hand artist.” — Johnny Carson

What will he teach?

Bottle Production: Ammar’s wine bottle production opener

Coin in Bottle: Ammar’s handling of the classic coin in bottle effect.

Vanishes: Michael vanishes several items to set up the finale of the act.

Crazy Mans Handcuffs: A stand up handling of a classic rubber band effect.

Snapped: Broken and restored rubber band.

Feats of Magic: A 3 phase card routine for stand up.

Card in Balloon: Ammar’s handling of Derek Dingle’s Card in Balloon

Professor’s Nightmare: Ammar’s handling of this rope classic.

Add a Number: Using a simple post it notepad, numbers added together from the audeince match Michaels prediction

Cups and Balls: Ammar’s stand up presentation for this classic effect.

Bill in Lemon: After the final.

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