Scott Alexander Velocity

Velocity Scott Alexander This is originals Velocity by Scott Alexander by Bob Kohler Magic listing for $795. The DVD and Paint ball gun are both in Mint condition, the gun was fired twice in a non performance setting. Velocity is Scott’s brilliant answer for the classic effect “The Bullet Catch”. Once again, he’s taken all of the danger out and has delivered another killer (pun intended). Velocity is the world’s first Bullet Catch using a paintball gun. The gun we supply is extremely threatening Bob Kohler Magic has modified the gun in an extremely cleaver way so that the gun does most of the work for you! Velocity is a truly impossible mystery. First, the gun fires a “practice round” to prove that it is in fact a working gun. Second, a spectator signs a paintball. The gun is fired…Scott managed to catch the paintball with his teeth. Loads of mystery, loads of fun…and danger!

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