Shadow Style by Joe Rindfleisch

If it’s elastic Joe Rindfleisch has flexed, twisted, and stretched it into some of the most impromptu visual magic you can perform. BH Concepts is no exception. Joe is going to teach you a core utility move that you can use to perform some of the most baffling and visual rubber band magic yet. This is Joe Rindfleisch’s BH Concepts


Band Vanish
What if you could do a retention pass with a rubber band? One of the cleanest vanishes of a single rubber band you can do, and thanks to the BH Concept it’s practically self-working. You remove a rubber band from your wrist and very cleanly place it in your waiting hand. Almost immediately the band vanishes without a trace.

The Surreal Switch
A mind-boggling transposition where different colored bands swap hands. It’s so good it can be done in slow motion. Two rubber bands of contrasting colors are wrapped around your hands. A yellow around your left and a blue around your right. The bands are shown to be wrapped around their respective hands on both sides. Then as you slowly move your hands down the
rubber bands visually swap hands. The best part is there are no quick moves or funny noises. The swap is smooth and silent.

The Yellow Band
An Open prediction done with Rubber Bands. The magician has a wrist full of blue rubber bands with one yellow rubber band in the mix. They explain that the yellow rubber band is tied to just one of the blue rubber bands. The audience member is given a free and genuine choice as to which blue rubber band they would like to take. No matter what they choose it is the only blue band tied to the single yellow band.

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