Which Hand? Overlooked by Arthur

Overlooked is a unique take on the ‘which hand?’ plot. You can leave your expensive gadgets at home and there is no need for any difficult to remember logic puzzles.
Everything is simple to do and you can perform this anytime, anywhere.

Not only will you know which hand an object is in four times in a row, you can predict the entire outcome from the start. Along the journey you will also reveal a piece of information kept secret by your spectator.

The method to this effect has been kept secret by some of the worlds leading mentalists since 2014. It’s secret can now be yours.

The effect has received nothing but positive reviews on well known magic forums and you can be out performing it today, it’s so easy to do.

Do not hesitate, think about it, or debate with yourself… Get this! – Wravyn

There is some amazing work in Overlooked which should be in your arsenal of tools for this genre – Tom Cutts

I think this is a great download and I highly recommend it – Manos Kartsakis

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