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Color Match by Tony Anverdi | OFFICIAL TRAILER - YouTube

“Anverdi's Color Match” allows you to read minds with unrivalved accuracy and 100% confidence. You can easily duplicate a colored drawing created by a volunteer and so much more. Go beyond the standard color matching effect and explore the true potential of this incredible technology.

Important Crediting and History
This style of effect has been tremendously popular for many years. While there are a variety of different versions available, the original idea is credited to Tony Anverdi. “Anverdi's Color Match” is being offered by Murphy’s Magic—who purchased the rights to all of Anverdi’s material. This is the most advanced version ever and offers way more possibilities than the original Anverdi effect and other similar ideas.

Innovative Technology

The biggest difference this “Anverdi Color Match” set offers is the fact that all the technology is contained in the pens themselves. You no longer need any cup, glass or pencil holder. The spectators can place the pens in their pocket or even lay them on the table—opening up a lot more potential for different routine ideas.

The new multi-directional “Alien” technology allows you perform with complete confidence every time. It works at insanely long distances that blow competitors out of the water. Perform from the back of the audience during your stage and parlor magic show or add a bonafide showstopper to your close up magic or mentalism set.

Failsafe Technology

Gone are the days of false signals throwing off your routine. With “Color Match”, if the audience member picks up a pen and then quickly changes their mind, the receiver will let you know of the change. The original pen also remains active so you can get an alert when it’s picked up again. Ready for the best part though…once a pen is used, it will be deactivated so it can’t accidentally trigger again!

Duel-functioning, multi-directional technology allows you to access these safety features in all performance settings. Low battery alerts also make sure you always know when it’s time to change the batteries.

Personalization Options

Easily tune “Anverdi’s Color Match” to suit your needs. Multiple signal types (vibration, multi-color LED, simultaneous mode) and vibration levels are available. The pens’ smart sensitivity can also be adjusted and you can easily remove the e-Pods for charging and some bonus effects that expand beyond the standard “Color Match” routine. Both ankle and wristband straps are also included.

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