Veering From Royal Road by Andrew Frost(VIP)

Andrew Frost - Veering from the Royal Road | Paradize Magic

p>When looking at a number of the effects from the Royal Road to Card Magic, I found their construction and handling to feel very dated. I have taken my three favourite effects from the book and reinvented them to make them more direct. using modern sleights and construction ideas.


Contained within the project are detailed explanations of my take on the following effects and sleights.

A Card and A Number - An ACAAN style effect in which the spectators card ends up at a thought of number that additionally allows you to divine the number that they thought of. In this I teach a more chaotic variation of the Miller Table Cut/Control.

Now You See It - A trick in which the magician attempts to guess the spectators card with a shocking transformation of a card under the spectators hand.

Designed for Laughter - The magician reads the poker face of a spectator whist trying to divine a card which has been shuffled into the deck (by the participant). You are not only able to divine the card in a magical fashion but have an undetectable kicker ending.

Reviews of Veering From the Royal Road

Andrew's modern and efficient versions of these three classic card tricks will make even the most advanced card magician revisit the Royal Road to Card Magic. Brilliant stuff. - Harapan Ong @harapanong

“Andrew takes what might normally be ignored as antiquated and turns it into something relevant, interesting and worthy of study” - Jeremy Griffith @lost_angelus

“A first class debut. A thoroughly enjoyable project. Great work” - Ollie Mealing @olliemealing

“It’s great to have someone this talented bring a fresh perspective and thoughtfulness to the classics. I’d definitely veer from the Royal Road any time!” - Ricky Smith @diagonalpalmshift

“‘The Royal Road To Card Magic’ is great an’ all, but who the hell uses the glide anymore? It’s such a treat to see smart, modernised handlings for great - yet overlooked - routines. Highly recommended.” - Stephen Long @hectorchadwick

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