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Joseph B – Fate

Do as I Do under impossible conditions. It looks very fair

An impossible coincidence, a powerful mental effect.
Two regular and shuffled decks! Really simple and fun to do.
The spectator takes any card from one deck and the magician does the same from the other deck. The amazing thing is that the magician and the spectator surprisingly took the same card!
A vatiation “Do as I do” with an interesting and fascinating technique!

Two Normal Decks
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Dara McGrath – The Card to Phone Trilogy

phone for magic trick - Buy phone for magic trick with free shipping on  AliExpressDVD Sulap 2020: Dara McGrath - The Card to Phone Trilogy | Shopee Indonesia

“Card to wallet is a classic of magic that’s rightly adored by magicians around the world. It’s astonishing magic that packs a visceral punch. But the world is changing. The number of people who carry traditional wallets is declining, and let’s face it; most women never did.”

It makes sense to be able to perform magic with items that you carry with you every day. With The Card to Phone Trilogy, you’ll always be ready to perform a miracle with your very own mobile phone!

The Card to Phone Trilogy includes:

• Three impromptu card to wallet style effects which use your own personal book-style phone case, no more expensive gimmicked wallets.

• Three easy to perform methods; no palming or complex sleight of hand techniques required.

• A brand new, easy to perform, and devilishly clever card folding technique that happens right under the spectator’s nose!

• Over 70 minutes of in-depth instruction and explanation.

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Jerome Sauloup – C-LIFE

C-LIFE by Jerome Sauloup

Jérôme Sauloup, the creator of the Best-Sellers “Choice ” and ” Switch Cup “, returns with a poetic, visual and very easy to do trick. Magic Dream is proud to present “C-Life” exclusively.

Goldfish appearances have always been a magical and memorable moment for spectators. However, a number of parameters make them complicated to set up: a gimmick to have with you, fish in a very small space, often with little water and probably a few seconds or minutes of waiting much too long for your little helper!

Jérôme Sauloup thought about all his constraints and C-LIFE was born! His genius was put at the service of the comfort of execution as much for the magician as for the fish! The performance is so easy that you will only focus on the presentation and aesthetics of the ride.

Imagine, a glass is shown empty on the table, you slip a scarf over it and in a fraction of a second, a fish is now in the glass. Even louder, the glass can be given to spectators to verify that there is nothing but the fish! You show your empty hands every time and grab a totally normal prop. A real miracle!

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Matthew Garrett – Garrett’s Impossible Rings

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Imagine the ability to link 2 or 3 rings, hand them out for examination, then immediately unlink them and hand them out again with no switches, magnets, or hidden switches or hinges. The rings are all 100% examinable. Anytime you like you can pause and let the spectator have a look at what is going on! IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL NOW!

Matthew Garrett brings the same high quality ring sets he is known for to the table featuring an all new gimmick! Magicians Brian Hoseth and Mike Hill join in as well offering a look at their own techniques and ideas using GiR. Over 2 hours of explanation going into extreme detail on how to perform the perfect ring routine.

*DISCLAIMER* The effect of linking with GiR uses a no key method, that is to say there is no form of locking mechanism, the rings are solid. In order to use the expansion set (GIR BASIC) you must specifically own Matthew Garrett’s 4 Linking Ring set, which measures precisely 4.5″ external diameter. Please measure them prior to ordering. The rings are precision made and other sets will most probably not work with this expansion set.

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Javi Benitez – Scrambled Cards

Creators :: Javier Benitez :: Scrambled Cards | DVD-STREAM - Javier Benitez

JAVI BENÍTEZ is one of the most creative and recognizable magicians in the Spanish magic community. He was born in Sevilla and began learning magic at the age of 11. When he was 19, he moved to Madrid to study the structural conception of magic with the masters Arturo de Ascanio and Juan Tamariz. For many years, Benítez has been performing and lecturing in countries around the world including Germany, China, Spain, Japan, India, and in the USA at the world famous Magic Castle.

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Nathan Kranzo – Voodoo 2.0

Howdy! Nathan Kranzo here with one of his worker tricks that is consistently the most requested from his audiences. Use the power of voodoo to make playing cards fold inside the boxes and business cards burn in your audience’s hands. Do that hoodoo that the Kranzilla does so well with Voodoo 2.0.

Here’s what happens:
A freely selected playing card is signed, lost in the deck, and then put back in the box on the table. The magician introduces one of their business cards, and writes the name of the spectator on it forging a connection between the business card and the selection. To prove they are connected the magician folds the playing card into a small bundle. The audience can open the box and discover their signed card folded in exactly the same way in the middle of the deck. The kicker ending comes when the business card is held tightly in the audience member’s fist. The playing card is set on fire, and when the audience member opens their hand they discover the business card has been torched in the same way.

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Cameron Francis – Numbered

A killer predicted card at any number effect


A deck of cards is introduced. The magician claims that there is a prediction in the deck which he will reveal in a moment. The spectator then names any number between 1 and 52. Say the number is 34. The magician deals down to that number and out-jogs the card. As the magician points out that any number could have been named, other cards are shown with totally normal backs. The selected card is then removed from the deck and turned over. Drawn on the back of the card is the number 34.

Simple. Direct. Powerful.

This is a knockout routine that is so easy to do, it’s almost embarrassing. Can be done in the hands or on a table. Perfect for virtual performances or live performances.

Instant reset.
Perfect for walkaround and strolling.
One time prep. Make it up with a normal deck of cards and a Sharpie.
No sleight of hand. Totally self working.
Can be a different number and card every time.

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Bruno Copin – It Was You


Signed postcard travels to a sealed envelope.

An original palming-free-card-to-wallet style effect with a romantic French touch.

Includes: Instructional DVD, 32 postcards, 2 envelopes, special box and Copin’s I.T

Postcard Dimensions Approximately 3 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ (9cm x 5.75cm)

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Adam Cooper – Darkwave ESP

A beautiful, custom printed ESP Deck on robust resilient stock, each Darkwave ESP card features a traditional ESP symbol (in Red or Black), a random word and a baroque image. The design was conceived to emulate a genuine scientific testing tool – something that an organisation bent on testing for extra sensory perception would genuinely use.

And hidden away in plain site on the back of each card is a brilliantly camouflaged marking system. This will allow you, in a fraction of a second, to divine both the symbol printed on the card and it’s colour. But that’s only the beginning… armed with this knowledge you can then employ Adam’s devious secondary system to go on to reveal both the word AND the picture. Each phase is more impossible than the last, and it’s all made possible with one quick glance.

These extra features allow for a huge amount of effect to be wrung from just a single selection. This is an entire act squeezed into one special deck.

What’s more, this is EASY TO DO! Adam’s innovative design means that you DON’T EVEN NEED to memorize anything – everything is printed on the card box. And it can be left in plain view – hidden in plain sight! The deck really does the majority of the work for you

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Andrea Rizzolini – Mental Epic Envelopes

“Mental Epic Envelopes” is Andrea Rizzolini’s take on the classic effect known to the magic community as “Mental Epic”.

Three envelopes are shown to be blank on the back side while on the front are numbered from one to three.
A spectator is asked to make three random choices (the throw of an immaginary coin, the selection of a number from 1 to 50, etc. etc.) and before each one of them the performer writes a prediction and inserts it into the corresponding envelope.
In the end each one of the predictions is 100% correct.

Things to keep in mind:
• The patterns to create your own envelopes are included;
• A non-force method is explained;
• Everything fits in your pocket;
• Can be performed both in close up and parlor situations.

“Although I usually don’t like routines that include the use of gimmicks, Andrew has found a solution that makes the classic effect known as “Mental Epic” natural and fluid in the management of the order.
In fact in this case the purpose of the gimmick, that you can build and customize as you like, is to improve the credibility of the effect. So… Bravo!”

– Alex Le Fanu author of “NINE”

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