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TCC Magic On-off Box by Classicho(VIP)

ON-OFF Box by Classicho

A wooden switch box with high collection value.

Authorized by Conan Liu.

In the world of magic, some props are crucial yet designed to be subtly present. The key is to minimize their appearance in the audience's view and memory. These are often referred to as auxiliary or utility accessories, with the switching box being one of the most representative. We are excited to introduce a wooden switch box with high collection value—the ON-OFF Box.

The ON-OFF Box is sized for close-up interactions and parlor performances. It is designed for single-handed use, appearing visually compact yet offering ample space. The box measures 70mm x 95mm, with an interior space of 9mm, making it suitable for playing cards, tissues, keys, coins, sugar grains, salt grains, tea leaves, flower petals, and other everyday items.

Crafted from high-quality Cambodian Rosewood, the ON-OFF Box boasts durability and rich collection value. The wood is finished to resemble black ebony, giving it a luxurious texture. It includes a magnetic locking feature, allowing the box to be displayed from various angles after use, making it perfect for performance, collection, and display.


  • Authorized by Conan Liu
  • Material: High-quality Cambodian Rosewood
  • Color: Black Ebony Finish

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Level Up by Craig Petty(VIP)

“With less and less people carrying coins and cash it’s great to see classic plots and moves given a new lease of life. Level Up doesn’t just change the game… it switches it completely” - MATTHEW WRIGHT

“If you love gaming then SWITCH up your traditional coin magic for Craig Petty’s new trick LEVEL UP. You’ll love it so much I doubt you will be asking for a wiifund… It’s incredible" - IAIN BAILEY

“What a brilliant organic way to do coin style miracles with objects everyone knows. Couple that with the sparcity of coins in pockets and this is a no brainer." - ALAN RORRISON

“I love when classic plots are modernized for today’s audiences and Level Up does just that. As an avid gamer, I’m excited at the possibilities this set offers to power up your magic!" - DAVID JONATHAN

“Level Up just smashed its way to the Top of the leader board when it comes to magic with relatable objects. These specially designed game cartridges are your cheat code to performing incredible magic. I can’t wait to get my set!” - PETER NARDI

“Who doesn’t love video games and Magic?!Level Up is quite literally game over for EDC. Craig has created what I believe to be the highest level of an everyday carry. Triple A magic.” - CHRIS JAMES

“You can now do some of your favourite coin routines with objects that mean something to all audiences regardless of age! What a great idea Craig!! I wish I had thought of it!” - CHRIS CONGREAVE

Take your close-up magic to the next level when you perform incredible in the hands magic with game cartridges!

Transpositions, transformations, and more are all possible with these specially designed-props, which bring some of the best close-up magic into the modern era. Power up your close-up magic with Level Up by Craig Petty.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a set of game cartriges in a carrying case. You select a couple of cartridges and proceed to perform a mind-bending flurry of transpositions and teleportations in the spectator's hands. At the end, you can even hand the cartridges out to be examined!

You receive specially designed cartridges that allow you to perform amazing interactive effects. The cartridges are cleverly constructed making the sleight of hand minimal and easy to do. You'll be taking this everywhere you go with the custom hard-sided case. This EDC case protects your props and makes them easy to carry.

Everything is included ready to go out of the box including an instructional video with Craig Petty that teaches multiple easy-to-perform routines.

Level Up gives you the cheat codes to create memorable interactive magic moments for your audiences! Be the boss when you perform Level Up by Craig Petty.

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The Inversion Holder by David Penn & TCC Magic(VIP)

The Inversion Holder by David Penn & TCC Magic

Producing a piece of fruit is considered one of the best ways to end a stand-up Cups and Balls routine. However, carrying the fruit in a jacket pocket can be bulky and obvious, especially for magicians who wear slim-fit suits.

Here comes the Inversion Holder - a hidden weapon designed by David Penn, a seasoned expert in performing the Cups and Balls routines in a strolling environment. Ergonomically designed to correspond to the human waistline, it perfectly conceals the fruit or final loads behind your back, remaining completely invisible when worn.

Constructed from high-tensile steel, the Inversion Holder is a stable, durable, and long-lasting accessory. The steel undergoes professional fabrication, bending, hand-welding, grinding, and painting, providing a secure grip on the fruit during performances.

It can be rotated to adjust to different angles and is convenient for both left- and right-handed. Multiple holders can be used together, and it comes with rubber bands to secure fruit or final load of various sizes.

The Inversion Holder allows you to achieve a natural and smooth motion when retrieving the fruit or final loads, making it an ideal solution for magicians, especially those who wear slim-fit suits. It eliminates the bulk typically associated with carrying fruit in a pocket and provides a seamless performance.

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TCC & Chen Yang – The Mobius Rising Card(VIP)

The Mobius Rising Card by TCC Magic & Chen Yang

The Rising Card effect is a century-old mystery. There are different versions of Rising Cards on the market, and many masters have their own variations. Today, we are working together with Chen Yang to present an improved and refined version of a classic method – The Mobius Rising Card!

Imagine that from a normal deck, the audience freely chooses one, or even multiple playing cards. The cards are then shuffled, and the selected cards rise from the center of the deck one by one. The deck can be placed into the card box or a wine glass held by the audience.

While many versions of the Rising Card on the market require more or less complex setups, the Mobius Rising Card is unlike any version you’ve seen before. It uses a gravity-structured gimmick to automate the effect, allowing the rising effect to be done multiple times in one routine. The most important thing is that the thickness of the gimmick is only 6 cards thick. With the gimmick placed in the center of the deck, it won’t arouse any suspicion when you fan the cards.

Specially designed for close-up performance, it is more mini and portable, making it very suitable for placing in the card box for performance anytime and anywhere. Each set of the gimmick is hand-assembled by Chen Yang, with strict control of details for comfortable performance.

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Peter Nardi – Jokerz(VIP)


Jokerz, the brainchild of Peter Nardi, puts an exciting spin on the legendary Wild Card routine by Peter Kane.

Picture this: eight jokers sourced from eight different Las Vegas casinos teaming up with a solitary random card. What unfolds is pure visual magic—watch as each joker undergoes a stunning transformation, morphing into a flawless duplicate of the random card!

The package comes complete with special cards, a handy wallet, and an instructional video led by Peter Nardi himself. Expect a tutorial that leaves no page unturned, guiding you through the routine with precision and expertise.

Here's the kicker: Jokerz isn’t just a standalone wonder; it seamlessly integrates with Alakazam's What Happens In Vegas Deck & Casino Con! It's the ultimate addition to amplify your magical arsenal, offering a perfect accompaniment to enhance your Vegas-themed tricks.

Get ready to embark on a visual journey that blurs the lines between illusion and reality. Jokerz is your ticket to a spectacular performance that'll have your audience gasping in disbelief.

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Instant Paper to Money By Miguel Pizarro (VIP)

Instant Paper to Money - magic

The idea of turning paper into money is one of the most popular magic tricks in the world. It's a concept that everyone can relate to and enjoys.

Spanish Magician Miguel Pizarro is and underground magician and master gimmick creator. His "Instant Paper to Money" is the perfect version of this effect for every magician from beginners to pros!

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Highly visual
  • Instant reset
  • Perfect for close up or parlor
  • High-quality gimmicks come ready to go
  • Available in Dollar or Euro versions

The gimmicks come accompanied by complete instructions containing a variety of handlings from great Spanish magicians: Pipo Villanueva, Alberto de Figueiredo, Alberto Ruano, Fernando Figueras, David Redondo and others.

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PITATA Sharpie Pen(VIP)

Here is the PITATA Sharpie, many of our PITATA Smart Whiteboard & MemoPad owners have been eagerly awaiting.

We haven't simply incorporated our technology into an existing Sharpie; we're creating an entirely new marker that mimics the appearance and feel of a standard Sharpie pen.

This achievement is remarkable from a technical perspective. We've even concealed the charging port in a way that renders it nearly invisible.

The PITATA Sharpie Pen works seamlessly with all PITATA Impression Pads, including PITATA Smart Whiteboard & Memopad, and any future devices. Witness the PITATA Sharpie in action in this test:

  • It comes with a cap that neatly attaches to the rear of the pen.
  • Compatible with all PITATA's impression board devices, including the PITATA Smart Memopad & Smart Whiteboard, and any future devices.
  • Capable of covering an entire A4-sized page on a single ink refill.
  • Impressive 10-hour battery life on a single full charge.
  • Includes mini pen nib storage container. Pen nibs can be installed within seconds. Inked tips kept inside this container will last for months.

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Reclose By Tybbe Master(VIP)

RECLOSE is a visual effect where the magician opens the lid of the card box and instantly closes itself
And it closes neatly as before..
No flap
No magnet
No thread
No elastic
No pulls or rolls
Reset inseconds
Simple & practical
Very easy to do and suitable for opening for your card trick routine
And everything is examinable..
Learn now!!

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