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  • Continuum by Jason Knowles

    Continuum is a custom illusion for video, zoom or social media performances.

    Pass any objects through the void in a completely solid playing card.

    •  Easy to build
    •  Simple to perform
    •  Resets instantly
    •  As visual as it gets

    Jason takes his time to show you the nuances behind Continuum and how to make it invisible. His extra handlings and ideas will teach you how to make any objects pass through the void – pens, fingers, coins, poker chips, other cards… Anything!

    This is not a flap card that snaps shut, this is an ingenious gimmick that floored every single member of our team. One that you can build at home in just a few minutes and with zero gimmicking-experience.

    Continuum is proof that when you take away the limitations of real-world performing when you can control how your audience absorbs the magic, then miracles become possible.

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  • Cigarette Magic Made Easy by Tom Mullica

    Note: ‘vol.12’ Refers to VHS release cigarette magic for the non-smoker, and plenty for those that do! in most of our collective lifetimes there has only been one man, and one act, who over and over again fooled the bejeesus out of magicians and laymen alike: of course, I am talking about tom Mullica and his cigarette-eating act. Tom’S act is so magical and so unique, it has never been duplicated. All of us at one time or another have uttered the now-familiar refrain: “where in the heck did those cigarette go?” and we were fooled over and over again. Murphy’S magic supplies, Inc., Is pleased to announce the release of tom Mullica’s expert cigarette magic.made Easy! on three DVDs (available separately or as 3-dvd set). This remarkable collection contains basic to advanced magic with cigarettes, matches, cigars and anything else related to smoking. Of course, the topper is that on vol. 3 he finally tips the cigarette eating act! answering that age-old question: “where in the heck did those cigarettes go!” as a bonus, vol. 2 also contains tom’s F.I.S.M. Act, and vol. 3 also contains a performance of tom’s world-famous stage act!vol.1 – cigarette magic basic sleights & theory distant light swivel vanish Lorayne vanish cigarette on forehead cigarette gymnastics 4-cig production pantomime cig #1 double-ended cig vanish in hank #1 cig vanish in hank #2 cigarette sneeze Vegas carpet little butt rising cigarette L.L. Move cigarette up nose blown away cigarette dropper smoke ring tonguing running time approximately 1hr 28min.

    Download Link

  • Basement by Takahiro

    Super Visual Card Thru Table Magic! Takahiro, creator of “Explanation” did it again!!

    Courtesy reminder that this is not recommended for beginner-beginner. If you do know the ‘know-how’ of the basics then it will be your real powerful tool.You can also use business card, advertisement card, etc… As long as your card fits within the size of the bicycle card. You can also use it to alternative performance such as ‘Card to Wallet’ with this method.

    You will receive the instructional DVD with 2 different routines. One with using a gimmick and the other one is without the gimmick.It was well-talked about item in Japan even before the been released. It’s worth it.

    Download Link

  • An Underground Legend By Bebel

    1:46am. A small coffee shop in the Pigalle district of Paris, France. An unassuming gentleman sits nursing an espresso, a cane by his side. His fingers turning a single card over and over again in his palm.

    Face up, Face down. Face up, Face down.

    With each subsequent turn the card changes. 6 of Hearts. Ace of Spades. Queen of Diamonds. 3 of Clubs. This single card never goes out of view, and never repeats the same value as it turns over.

    This is the man we’re here to meet. This is our introduction to Bebel.

    In a rare, intimate, after-midnight session where he allowed our cameras to film, underground legend Bebel teaches three utility moves that are as magical and flawless as un-gimmicked card work can get.

    Bebel demonstrates his techniques for both tabled and in-the-hand changes, all of which can be revealed instantly as an effect within themselves, or slipped into existing effects – replacing the over-handling of cards inherent in many routines.

    Download Link

  • Allan Kronzek – Buried Treasure

    “I’ve been a fan of Allan’s work for over 20 years. His methods are always direct and diabolical, and his presentations motivate everything. He’s the real deal, and this trick is another example. Deeply fooling, unique method, practical, and a fun, engaging presentation. Wonderful. I can’t wait to do it!”
    – Will Fern

    “I just added this beauty to my impromptu repertoire—and YOU should, too. Buried Treasure is a great presentational hook to get spectators involved. Deceptively simple and plays VERY strong! BTW, if you don’t have a compass on you (I probably wouldn’t), you can spin an empty bottle, a table spoon, or a pen to determine ‘the direction to go next’. Or get goofy and have
    someone close their eyes and spin around to face a random part of the room, effectively making them a human compass.” – Geoff Williams

    Download Link

  • Alan Rorrison – FLUXED

    Fluxed — AlanRorrison.com

    Magicians have always been infatuated with the appearance of controlling time. Whether it is David Copperfield dramatically turning back the hands on an oversized clock to heal his newly severed body, or a hypnotist waving a watch in front of a drowsy participant’s face to hint at time slowing as they go under. It has been a popular plot in magic since the beginning of time itself.

    Download Link

  • Al Leech – Super Card Man Stuff

    Cover photograph

    Al Leech – Super Card Man Stuff

    Download Link

  • Al Leech – Card Man Stuff

    Cover photograph

    Eleven card tricks (plus a few variations), including Quad Reverse; Eight Card Transposition; Surprise Monte; Quick Theft; Card Case Conjuration; Sandwich Deal and more. 24 pgs, paperback 1953, second print 1970, 3rd 1976, fourth 1980

    Download Link

  • Akira Fujii – The Expert at the Classic Pass


    “For twenty years, Akira has studied the classic pass. The results of his investigations are available on the new DVD, The Expert at the Classic Pass. As the title suggests, Akira is, indeed, an expert at this move. The good news for purchasers is that he clearly and concisely covers all the details that go into a deceptive pass. He also explains the evolution of his handling of the pass, including an excellent method for the cover pass (this by itself would be worth the price of the DVD). His final method for the classic pass is a thing of beauty; it is a sleight that can be performed at a natural, unhurried pace, and which merely appears to be a squaring up of the deck.” – Michael Close

    Download Link

  • Jean Pierre Vallarino – Encyclopedie Des Routines De Cartes Vol 4

    Jean-Pierre Vallarino Encyclopédie des Routines de Cartes

    • DVDs en Français
    • Lot de 4 DVDs
    • Passionnés et Professionnels, ce pack est pour VOUS
    • 70 routines triées, décortiquées, et choisies sur plus de 500 effets bien connus du monde des Magiciens

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