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  • Larry Becker – Mental Masterpieces

    Meir Yedid Magic Larry Becker's Mental Masterpieces Volume 2 - DVD

    Larry Becker is considered one of the most creative and respected mentalists in the field. This DVD features Larry performing a 40-minute show in front of a live audience and then explaining the routines, strategies and techniques involved. Although performed on a stage many of the routines are suitable for parlor or close-up work.

    Contains performances and explanations of:
    H.G. Wells’ Time Machine: An audience member thinks of a year in the seventeenth century and writes it on an envelope containing a modern coin. The coin envelope is held by the audience member and remains in full view throughout. Upon opening the envelope an old pirate coin is found to have the thought of date engraved on it. Proving that the coin went back in time to the thought-of year.

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  • Lewis le Val – The Whisper Tapes

    Whisper Tapes by Lewis Le Val Volume 1-12 ( Download) | e-Magic Store

    Perfectly recorded in HD and beautifully edited by Lewis himself, each volume is full of powerful knowledge for the mystery performer.

    The Whisper Tapes have been a complete success, performers from all around the globe are using Lewis’ material each day more and more… his approach to mentalism is so incredibly believable and his methods super easy and completely fool- proof.

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  • López by Mario Lopéz

    LOPEZ by Mario Lopez & GrupoKaps Productions

    Mario Lopez is a FISM winning sleight-of-hand master who makes everything he touches look like real magic.

    In this 3 DVD set, you will learn all of Mario’s cigarette magic. It includes gimmicks! This set will inspire you, and you will learn what makes Mario Lopez one of the most creative artists.

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  • lost and found – daniel bryan

    Lost & Found is a great sandwich effect that seems so impossible it must be Magic …
    Your spectator will visually see the two queens move closer down the deck until they finally find the signed selected card which is now sandwiched between the two queens.

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  • Nikolas Mavresis – Spellebrity

    Spellebrity by Nikolas Mavresis video DOWNLOAD - Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. - Wholesale Magic

    Don’t want to learn complex card moves? The diagonal palm shift got you down? Be magical the easy way, with Spellebrity! A spelling principle that can be easily customized to fit any situation.

    First imagine being able to have a spectator select a random card from a stack of shuffled celebrity names. Then the spectator spells out the celebrity name as they deal down, and to their amazement, they find their selection!

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  • Patricio Teran – Conquest Of The Heart


    Patrick Teran shows us an incredible trick where the drawings come to life in a presentation full of a romantic conquest. This video explains in detail the construction of the gimmick. IT IS VERY COMPLEX TO PERFORM IT REQUIRES MANUAL SKILL. Only if you are excellent in creating gimmick we recommend this work of this craftsman in playing cards.

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  • Steve Forte – Gambling Sleight of Hand

    Gambling Sleight of Hand Forte Years of Research

    Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research is a one-of-a kind research tome for all sleight-of-hand enthusiasts with an interest in gambling moves; The Expert at the Card Table (S. W. Erdnase, 1902); and gambling demonstrations, exposés, and stunts.

    “Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research” is a two-volume set consisting of over 1,100 pages and 1,300 black/white photographs.

    The set details over 1,000 combined gambling moves, stunts, technical considerations, principles, and key observations.

    The research was specifically culled and written for the ‘hobbyist,’ e.g., magicians, cardmen, and cardwomen.

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  • The School of Cool by Gregory Wilson

    The School of Cool by Greg Wilson and Big Blind Media - DVD

    World renowned magician, pickpocket, trickster and all-round scamp Gregory Wilson invites you to attend THE SCHOOL OF COOL! A DVD jam packed with teachings on all those crazy skills you always wanted to learn but didn’t know how.

    Walk a coin down your knuckles… shoot a playing card high into the air… break a pen lid with JUST your little finger… make a coin defy gravity and fall UPWARDS… spin a pen on the back of your fingers… always know if a tossed coin lands heads or tails… Twenty five primo-ace slabs of AWESOMENESS await you.

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  • Valdemar Gestur and Shin Lim – Trigger

    Extended Play (Epic) by Valdemar Gestur

    With no hands, threads or magnets, a deck mysteriously cuts itself to the exact location of a spectator’s card. If that isn’t enough, the magician may then command the card to be pulled from the center by an invisible force. With all eyes on the deck, this moment will leave your audience screaming.

    Created by Valdemar Gestur and performed by Shin Lim. Target offers six variations to suite your performing style, from a ghostly slow-motion version to a whirling flourish we know you’ll love. Also included is an easy method for levitating the cards from the box. You might just never manually remove them again.

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  • Valdemar Gestur and Shin Lim – Click

    Click - Valdemar Gestur - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    A visual color change performed under impossible conditions. A face-up card is secured’ to the top of the deck under a rubber band wrapped tightly around the cards. With a snap of the band down onto the card, it instantly changes. Not only can you see it, you can hear it change too!

    Click is extremely visual with nothing to suspect. Use it as a color change, revelation or ending to an ambitious card routine. The possibilities are up to you.

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