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Tybbe master – Sticky phones(VIP)

This effect is really fun and cool
Imagine we take a small sticky note then we stick it on the back of the cellphone,
Then we can draw, write whatever we want,
After that when we flick our finger suddenly the image or writing changes instantly....
The spectator will definitely be stunned to see this..!!
Then we can peel off the sticky note and give it to the spectator for inspection.
And this is :
No pulls
No magnets
No chemicals
Very visual and practical
Perform anytime & anywhere
Learn now...!!!

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Rings by Ben Williams(VIP)

"I'm using the f*** out of this, it's tremendous!"

Alan Rorrison Creator of... well.. a s**t tonne of magic!
"An unforgettable impossible object, made by magic!"

Christian Grace Creator of Enigma, Switch One and Level One (plus an all round nice guy!)


If you are the type of magician that loves performing magic that is meaningful for your spectators then you may want to read on.

If you are the type of magician that loves performing magic that culminates in creating an impossible object that can be left with your spectators as a keepsake then you too may want to read on.

But if you are the type of magician that loves BOTH of these things then boy do I have a trick for you!

Rings is how I perform a linking card routine where the spectators keep the signed, linked rings as a souvenir. If you see a pair of linked rings you don't even need to see the performance of the effect to see that it is simply impossible, it's like a sealed deck of cards in a glass bottle, it just looks impossible.

"It isn't very common these days for me to get EXCITED about an upcoming release. Everything seems to be derivative of something great that already exists. Rings, however, sparked my excitement in a way that is hard to describe. I felt like I was watching an old school video learning something special. Rings is going right into my corporate strolling set!"

Kyle Purnell Penguin Magic Creator of the Year 2021 and Creator of Lightyear, Pipsleek 2.0 and The Hancock Effect (Also, no one can rock a pair of red glasses like this dude can!)


I have always been fascinated by impossible objects, I absolutely love using magic to create strange things that you can give away. If you know my magic you know effects I have released like Labelled, Linko and OCL are all pieces of magic that end with an impossible object that the spectators can keep that frames that moment for them forever.

I don't like gimmicks that give you a sense of 'is it going to work this time' or 'I hope this doesn't break'. The magic world has changed, that is definitely true, a LOT of magic is viewed through an online platform now, there is market for a whole heap of magic that has terrible real world angles and has no need to be reliable as you can simply re-film the performance.

But that is not how I work, I perform to real people in real life, it's not always ideal situations and you can never just 're-shoot' it. So I aim to create magic that suits my performing needs, magic that is practical, reliable and doable in the real world. I am just not interested in creating the new Instagram or TikTok toy gimmick, I want my creations to be performed and enjoyed by people in real, live situations.

I have to have confidence in what I perform and that is what Rings is for me, a piece of magic I can 100% rely upon.

"Rings is much more than a trick - it's a moment they will never forget. It's practical, engaging and most importantly - memorable. I love it!"

Liam Levanon Creator of Inverto


Let's also talk OCL quickly...

Some of you may be thinking, 'isn't OCL your 'perfect' linking card effect?'

If you've never heard of it then don't worry but OCL is a method for linking cards that I am incredibly proud of. It was however born from a challenge I gave myself which was - How do you take one card, tear two rings from it, have them signed and then linked together so they can be kept in their linked state as a souvenir. And it did EXACTLY that, however as a worker, the method has its drawbacks. It can be fiddly to make if you aren't used to it, the setup also requires a couple of specific glues for it to work, then there is a time limit between when you create the gimmick and when you should perform the effect and finally the performance of the effect could not be surrounded and if you didn't perform it perfectly then you don't end up with a perfect set of linked rings.

Rings eliminates ALL of these issues.

It is super practical not only to perform but also to create. Because you know that at the end of the performance you are guaranteed to be able to leave your spectators with a perfect set of signed, linked rings EVERY time.

"I first saw Ben do RINGS with my parents during a show and was blown away by it. Since learning the trick from Ben I've used it at every wedding I performed at, it is a truly beautiful piece of magic. Get this, you won't regret it!"

Martin Rees - Guiness World Record Magician (5 World Records To Date!)

Forget Anniversary Waltz, there's a new kid in town!

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Peek Box 3 by Tony D’Amico(VIP)

With Peek Box 3, you no longer have to worry about your PeekSmith device being homeless. It's a utility tool that will help you get the most out of your PeekSmith 3. So don't wait, reserve your Peek Box 3 today! If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact Tony.

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Pretty Penny by Michael John(VIP)

“A very clever piece that I’m excited to perform” – David Blaine

“It’s an actual masterpiece. The more time I spend with it, the more I realize what a big step forward this is. Way to go. A brilliant, magnificent piece from a brilliant magician & magic creator – what a mic drop of an entrance into the world of magic creators. This is one of those rare pieces where the method is as amazing as the effect. And the effect is perfect. What an absolute treasure. I’ve been involved in magic for most of my life and I can’t remember being this excited about a trick for a long, long time. Thank you Michael for making this.” – Nate Staniforth

“An incredible coin in bottle. This piece has a lot of value in it. Getting the coin in the bottle with your method is genius, but the other part that is genius is your melting through handling. We are just as excited about it. You’ve replaced the folding coin. This is so good that Michael should have kept this one for himself; I’m glad he didn’t.” – Doug McKenzie

“I’m fooled. I think it’s extraordinary. Really, really special and I think the marketplace will LOVE this. For now, I’ll bask in the glory of just being amazed.” – Joshua Jay

“Mind blowing! The greatest magic trick I think I’ve ever seen.” – Bobby Motta

“It’s been fun to watch the evolution of CIB effects. Michael has taken it to an extraordinary place. This may be the most simple and practical yet visual CIB to date. Killer! Kudos Mike!” – Eric Ross

“Very nice optics! Good work!” – Brad Christian

“Michael this is brilliant! This is real magic, finally a method that checks all the boxes and leaves your audience with an impossible souvenir, amazing discovery!” – Bro Gilbert

“I’ve seen Michael trying to come up with his own contribution to the coin-in-bottle plot he loves for YEARS. Not an easy task with all the versions already out there. When he sent me a video of a coin SLOWLY penetrating a glass bottle, I went “OMG, he finally did it”. Pretty Penny Principle is more than pretty, it’s gorgeous!” – Johannes the Dreamer, the creator of Breakthrough

“Not just an impossibly visual coin in bottle without gimmicks, but multiple methods and presentations to fit any performance style! The time, thought, experience and creativity that Michael John has put into this is abundantly evident. If you have the slightest interest in the coin and bottle effect, Pretty Penny is required learning.” – Karl Hein

“Michael John is a good friend. As you know, I have my own version of a coin in bottle that I have been using for over 50 years. This is totally different and quite extraordinary! Actually, Michael gives you a variety of effects starting with a borrowed penny (marked!) that penetrates into a glass beer bottle! It’s a real unprepared bottle and a real, unprepared penny! This is so cool! He also teaches how you can give away the bottle with the coin still in it as a souvenir! What a great effect! The person can take it home and show it off for years. What a great way to advertise yourself! Plus there is more such as having the coin visibly penetrate into the bottom of the bottle while you hold the top with just one hand! And he also showed me how he pulls out a coin that’s already in the bottle right through the side! I am excited because this is all based on a new principle I have never seen before. When you see it, you will agree and wish you had thought of it first! Even though I will continue to use my version in my own shows, I will also be using Michael’s version for certain other special situations. And that’s what this is – SPECIAL!” – Richard Osterlind

“Aside from the lovely visual penetration, MJ had taken the impossible object/give-away concept and made it the most practical, efficient and cost free version imaginable. You can give these bottles away and it’ll cost you pennies .. literally. Easy to prep and easy to do, this is worker material, just terrific!” – Steve Valentine

“I’ve always loved the coin thru bottle plot and many have intrigued me over the years, but this approach has to be my favorite in terms of method AND visual. I’m not sure if this one can be topped to be honest. Great discoveries!” – Cash Magick

Pretty Penny by Michael John is the greatest coin in bottle of all time because it uses borrowed ordinary objects. You read that right. Borrowed coin, borrowed bottle, it does not get better than this

Imagine this. A penny is placed on your palm, an empty bottle is placed on the coin. Not only do you see the coin melt through the glass bottle but you hand out the bottle for examination. It gets better just wait. Not only can they examine the coin and the bottle but the coin is stuck in the bottle forever unless they break it.

As if that was not enough, Pretty Penny by Michael John includes a total of four methods to perform the coin in bottle.

You’ll learn the
-Optical Rise
-Quarter Penny
-Penny Push
-Penny Slam

Here’s why we love it
-The penetration looks even better in person. The optical rise is a true innovation unlike anything we have ever seen before.
-The coin goes in and the spectator cannot get it out without breaking the bottle.
-All of the props are ordinary and you could perform Pretty Penny with items found at a bar or party you are attending.

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Elasticube by Patricio Teran(VIP)

Just when you thought you had seen it all with a Rubik's cube, Patricio Terán brings us "Elasticube" when stretching one of the ends the cube remains a single color, this impressive effect was specially designed for television and social networks. However, the 27-minute tutorial also explains an adaptation of the system to a "normal" cube and later its examination.
-very easy to do
-no magnets
-no complex patterns

Download now!!!!

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Proudlock’s Sympathetic Silks by Edward Bagshawe(VIP)

Proudlock's Sympathetic Silks by Edward Bagshawe :

Now you, too, can present this award-winning silk routine in your show.

Here is a beautiful routine using two sets of three silk scarves that magically knot and unknot themselves "in sympathy" with each other ... even from across the stage. Best of all, you can do this with your own silks, as they contain no hidden pockets, sewn-together pairs, or similar fekes.

Edward Proudlock's Sympathetic Silks are a joy to behold, no less to the magician than to the uninitiated beholder. That it was a feature of Proudlock's act for 15 years is a testament as to its beauty and strength. Anyone who includes Proudlock's version and working in his act or program can indeed regard himself as a professional of the highest caliber.

38 illustrations and Edward Bagshawe's step-by-step instructions make everything clear. Use silks or scarves. This should be a feature in your act.

"If you do the Sympathetic Silks you must have this book, as it shows you moves you never thought possible." - Max Holden in The Sphinx"Learn to really do this silk classic. This is not a re-hash of the old sympathetic silk trick, but practical, detailed instructions showing just how to turn the effect into a veritable miracle. The instructions are replete with 38 lucid diagrams, showing just how every move is accomplished. If you have ever performed the Sympathetic Silk Trick, or if you ever intend to use it, you must have Proudlock's version." - Floyd Thayer in Genii magazine

"...a logical, simple routine, easily mastered. [T]his booklet receives first recommendation." - Lloyd E. Jones review in Genii magazine

"Without question, this effect would be regarded by any class of audience as Real Magic." - Brunel White

1st edition 1936; PDF 37 pages.
word count: 9116 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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Harapan Ong – Jumping to Conclusions(VIP)

Jumping to Conclusions (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Harapan Ong

A fun, surprising, and easy-to-do prediction effect from Harapan Ong.

Harapan has taken Max Maven's beloved "Drawing Conclusions" concept and evolved it to be more direct and fairer than ever. They'll never see the stunning ending coming and the result is different each time.

You have a pack of abstract images mixed and cut by a volunteer. With your head turned, they start dealing the cards to the table until they decide to stop. It's a completely free choice and they can even change their mind if they want.

Once they look at the image (let's say it's a "door"), it is lost back in with the other images. All of this is done while your head is still turned, so it would be impossible for you to know the image they chose or where it's located in the pack.

Even against these impossibly fair odds, you start searching through the images, removing some potential choices and laying them face-up as you do. Once you have a handful of possibilities selected, you start eliminating them one by one.

You don't say a word until just a few images remain. This is when you decide to finally check with your volunteer to see if you're on the right track. You're confused when they say "no" because you've seemingly eliminated their image. That's when you prove that you were actually right the whole time.

Without any funny moves or awkward switches, you re-arrange the remaining images on the table. They now spell out the word "door" (or any other image they chose).

  • Free choice of where to stop (no forcing)
  • No sleight of hand
  • No marked cards
  • No rough and smooth
  • All of the cards are examinable

"Jumping to Conclusions" comes with two different sets of high-quality, custom-made image cards, each with its own distinct theme. One features modern abstract designs, while the others are modeled after Chinese flash cards. You can choose the one that suits you best or mix and match based on the situation.

You'll be ready to perform this amazing packet trick within minutes of learning it. The fact that the outcome is different each time makes it perfect for everyone from workers to hobbyists. Get your copy of "Jumping to Conclusions" by Harpan Ong today!

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Jon Armstrong – Vanishing Inc Masterclass Week 3(VIP)

Jon Armstrong Masterclass - Jon Armstrong - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

For the bulk of his career, Jon Armstrong made a living as one of the most talented close-up magicians in the world. But, about a decade ago, he decided he wanted to focus more on performing stand-up magic both as a creative challenge and to open up more financial avenues. In this special, Masterclass he’s going to teach you how he made that transition. This includes both complete routines both old and new and all the tips he's picked up over the last ten years.

This three-part session includes two 90-minute lectures followed by a live Q&A on Zoom where you can ask Jon any questions you have. It's available for just $1/£1 for new subscribers of Vanishing Inc. Masterclass!

There is no better way to start 2024 than with the “Jon Armstrong Masterclass”!

Live Q&A - January 28, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

Join Jon live on Zoom as he answers your questions about not only the material taught in the weeks before, but anything related to stand-up magic.

As a SPECIAL BONUS, Jon will also talk about “Odds and Ends”, which are a bunch of simple ideas that you can apply to your shows based on the concepts taught in the previous weeks.

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