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Catch The X Light By Kingsley Xu(VIP)

X Light by Kingsley Xu

Picture this: You hold a magic wand and elegantly sweep it through the air, conjuring a soft glow. As the light emerges, a feather materializes within its radiance, hanging suspended in mid-air.

The audience witnesses the feather slowly materializing within the gentle glow. The entire effect resembles a meticulously created video montage, offering your audience a unique and enchanting magical experience in real life.

Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate X Light into numerous stage routines, whether they involve vanishing feathers, disappearing silk scarves, or even color-changing silk scarves.

Key Features

  • Elevated craftsmanship for stage magic
  • Contains fundamental techniques, structured sequences, and professional routines.
  • Effortless operation with a powerful impact
  • Set up in just 38 seconds
  • Adaptable for various performance settings: small theaters, stage acts, or short video recordings

What's Included

  • A sturdy and durable 3D-printed magic wand
  • A white feather
  • Multiple petite feathers
  • A high-quality puller mechanism
  • A white silk

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Dream Drink by TCC Magic, Colin & Heiman(VIP)

Dream Drink by TCC (You Can Make the Gimmick)

Dream Drink by TCC Liu Qian Spring Festival Evening Effect Pour different liquids from the same container, which is one of the oldest magic in the world. Similar effects have been recorded in books and stories from many countries, and it is the oldest so far The records of the ancient times have a history of 2000 years and are full of mystery. There are also many legends about this effect in ancient my country. Among them, the “Yin Yang Two Heart Pot” has been passed down to this day and appears in many film and television works. In 2019, Mr. Liu Qian performed “Magic Pot” by Wolfgang Moser in the FISM runner-up process in the Spring Festival Gala, which became a household name and attracted much attention. The incredible effects and exquisite presentation have fascinated Colin and Heiman for many years. They began to study, hoping to reproduce this ancient magic with their own understanding.

After continuous trial and improvement, they have completed the most practical and magical version, which is dedicated to everyone at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit—Dream Drink

From milk to various beverages First, you show the audience a box of milk and let them taste it, and then you turn the box of milk into milk tea, coffee, cola, orange juice, red wine and other beverages. But please pay attention, here comes the key point, it is the following three points that determine the strength of Dream Drink.

All real drinks can be tasted throughout the whole process without changing the tray, and one box can be used until the end. After the end, the milk carton was torn open for display. In order to let everyone better understand the whole process, Colin and Heiman recorded a one-shot demo for everyone. As you can see, the whole process is as clean as the magician’s ideal effect.

The type of liquid produced by the characteristics of the props can be set freely, from 3 to 5 types, and milk cartons of any brand and size can use one of the oldest effects in the world; a brand new magic pot effect presented in milk cartons ;All drinks are real and drinkable; No need to change the tray during the whole process; You can tear open the milk carton for inspection at the end; Custom liquids are available

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Anca and Lucca – In2ition(VIP)

Anca and Lucca - the current World Champions in Mentalism - bring you a fantastic trick.

From a deck of cards a couple chooses two cards. After the cards are shuffled, the woman and the man manage the impossible: they both find their previously chosen card(s) again.

What must seem like a coincidence is taken to the extreme by the performer: The previously chosen and then recovered cards were the only printed cards in the entire game!

The effect is very easy to perform due to the ingenious trick preparation.

In2Ition comes with red Phoenix Index cards as well as English online video instructions.

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In the world of magic a special place is occupied by tricks with everyday things which are familiar to everyone. With the new props by "Wonder Makers" you can make the sunglasses disappear in the hands of the viewer.

The trick has a powerful wow effect and causes maximum emotions. It is really suitable for showing at all kinds of events, parties, as well as TV shows and different media projects.

The kit includes a special training video that will help you easily demonstrate this trick.


  • Compact.

Props are placed in a case for standard glasses.

  • Ability to demonstrate 360°.

Props allow to show the trick from any angle, possible 360°review. This provides unlimited opportunities for showings.

  • Special case for transportation and storage.

The kit includes a special case for transportation and storage, which is convenient and practical.

  • High-quality, wear-resistant material.

The glasses are made of high-quality, high-strength material, which means you can do an unlimited number of shows without fear of damaging the props.

  • Easy and fast learning.

No special skills required.

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Mark Calabrese – Calabrese on Cards(VIP)

Calabrese on Cards - Mark Calabrese - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Over the last few years, Mark Calabrese has established a name for himself in New York City as a magician who devastates both lay audiences and magicians alike with his otherworldly magic chops and jaw-dropping performances. Few magicians are as passionate about card magic as Mark Calabrese, and you can experience it first-hand with the dozens of ideas, tricks, and anecdotes packed into “Calabrese on Cards.”

From learning tried and tested routines like Mark’s fantastic Any Card at Any Number to gaining the confidence to perform versatile moves like a flawless Bottom Deal, this download offers the perfect blend for all card magicians. This also includes invaluable tips on the double lift, practical pointers for how to make your close-up material play for larger audiences, and even memorization techniques that will ensure you never forget an audience member's name ever again!

No doubt though, the highlight for many of you will be the Super Shuffle. The deck is shuffled in the fairest way possible as both you and your participant haphazardly drop cards on the table. Yet, somehow, you can still produce a full suit of cards. This is a clever and practical routine that will likely end up in the repertoire of many magicians.

What makes “Calabrese on Cards” so enjoyable though is the presentation. This jam-packed download was filmed live during Mark’s highly-regarded workshop at Magifest 2023. He left an entire room of magicians stunned and now you can enjoy all of the amazing content from anywhere in the world. It feels like you’re sitting across the table from Mark during a personal jam session.

While some of the tricks are challenging and the subject matter is advanced at times, you’ll be sure to find plenty of inspiration in this download—no matter what your skill level is. It will have your mind racing with ways to apply what Mark has taught to your own performances.

Download “Calabrese on Cards” today. Only at Vanishing Inc.!

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William Tyrrell – Reconstruct(VIP)

Reconstruct - magic

A hyper-visual torn and restored bill effect.

It looks and feels like real magic as four pieces of a bill are touched together and instantly melt back into a singular bill that can be shown on all sides. “Reconstruct” by William Tyrrell is an incredible, easy-to-do restoration that looks just as good in real life as it does on camera.

Unlike other bill effects, “Reconstruct” works with any currency. In fact, the gimmick is customizable for pretty much any paper object from newspapers to receipts, and everything in between. It’s as easy and fun to make as it is to perform. You can download and jump right in today!

Even magicians who are typically allergic to DIY will be able to put their “Reconstruct” gimmick together in just a few minutes. If you can make a few folds and stick down some tape, you can build this. No complicated thread or elastic work is needed.

No-Hassle Gimmick Kit Available

The few accessories needed to make the “Reconstruct” gimmick work are easily accessible and may already be in the toolbox of DIY magicians. But, you can also make life easier and save all that hassle with our special add-on gimmick kit. Available in limited quantities, each one comes with everything you need to jump right into “Reconstruct”. Just supply your own bill and you’ll be ready to go!

Build in minutes. Perform instantly. Get “Reconstruct” today, only at Vanishing Inc.!

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Toby Hudson – Colour Heckler(VIP)

"There are no knucklebusting sleights involved. These routines are able to be done by each and every one of you without hours of practice. And the best thing about it is the price. $5.50? Are you kidding me? It’s way too cheap. Buy this before Big Blind wakes up and realize what a huge mistake they have made. Obviously, recommended." The Magic Portal

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD - Colour Heckler is that rarity amongst card magic effects - a genuinely funny trick! It’s super engaging, has lots of phases and is the perfect ‘gather round and check this out’ type of routine!

You offer to demonstrate a ‘classic’ of magic, and remove three red cards and three black cards from the deck. Yet when you re-count them out it seems an extra black card was accidentally added. You chuck it away. But when you recount this time an extra red card shows. Arghhh!

Then it keeps happening. Multiple times. And then things get REALLY crazy!

Watch Toby perform this fun routine and you’ll see what we mean!

Like the classic street hustle ‘Six Card Repeat’ this routine builds and builds with the increasingly impossible appearance of extra cards in each phase. But Toby’s routine has a lovely dynamic arc as just when your audience get used to an extra card appearing it jumps to LOADS of cards.

And if you want to perform a turbo-charged version, you can also learn COLOUR HECKLER GONE WILD - an even crazier routine that starts the same but ends with the entire deck appearing, and all the cards being from other decks!!


Colour Heckler Performed
Colour Heckler Explained
Colour Heckler Gone Wild Performed
Colour Heckler Gone Wild Explained

Running Time - 17min

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David Williams and Nathanael Elsey – The Power of Your Mind(VIP)

Is telepathy real? This innocent little pocket book has the power to convince anyone that it IS.

Have your spectator flick to ANY page (no force) and focus on the pictures, playing cards or ESP symbols. Just by reading them out, in ANY order, you'll know INSTANTLY which one is randomly highlighted green. The feat is instantly repeatable with items on the same page, or have them flick to a different page and repeat the test again. No matter how many times they do it - you are always right.

With so many random items to choose from, there's NO WAY you could memorise the entire book... leaving extra sensory perception as the only explanation.

  • Easy to do
  • No memory work required
  • Have them flick to any page - No force
  • Always know the picture, playing card or ESP symbol they are invisibly communicating
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Use one or multiple spectators
  • Fits in your pocket

Once you receive The Power Of Your Mind book you'll be out and about performing it within five minutes of watching the tutorial. The method is criminally simple yet devious - allowing you to focus purely on presentation.

Unlock The Power Of Your Mind now.

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Enso by Eric Chien(VIP)


The audience thinks of a shape. You drip some ink on a blank card and the ink will visually start to move by itself, forming the shape that the spectator is thinking of. The card is then handed out for examination.

This is Enso, one of the most visual moving ink on the market today. Created by Eric Chien and Luo, Enso is only 7mm thick (thickness of 20 cards), you can easily hide the gimmick in a card box or a notebook.

- We have a type c charging port
- 15 minutes of charging can last you a whole day.

Bars, business shows, family gatherings Wherever you are, bring enso, and your audience will experience something they've never experienced before

  • Fully automatic design, suitable for beginners
  • Type-c charging,7mm thickness
  • Easy to carry, suitable for any scenario
  • Multifunctional remote control, can pause and control time
  • Can be performed while surrounded. No bad angles.

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The DTC Cards by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and Paul McCaig(VIP)

The DTC Cards, Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong  and Paul McCaig - Magicbox

The Drawing Test Cards – Probably the easiest to learn memorized stack EVER! These 10 simple designs and images which look as if they have been hastily hand drawn, are actually professionally screen printed onto top quality, flexible, plastic cardstock and subconsciously prove to the spectator that the cards are unmarked and completely opaque.

Long lasting, easy to clean, business card size, stored in a plastic sleeve. Complete with download video where Luca explains his “Double Drawing Duplication” – a fantastic routine that packs flat and plays big! Plus handling tips and extra idea on how to use this powerful tool! Included also a pdf of the symbolic meanings of the DTC images.

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