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  • John Guastaferro – Wonder Aces

    Wonder Aces - John Guastaferro - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    Fluid. Smooth. Surprising. “Wonder Aces” is just over a minute long, but it is ten years in the’ making. John Guastaferro (whose debut hit collection One Degree remains one of the most acclaimed Vanishing Inc. books in our history) is back with a sensational new download. “Wonder Aces” combines two older pieces with several brand new insights: the result is a silky smooth Ace routine.

    You begin by producing Aces one by one: the first materializes, the second is found reversed in the pack, the third appears in a sandwich, and the fourth is “painted” across your fingers. But then things take off! The pack changes from blue to red, and to conclude, the Aces themselves change from blue to red.

    “Wonder Aces” is within the realm of the intermediate performer, and no special cards are required. John G gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to perform “Wonder Aces,” which features his elegant Ballerina Cut.

    This routine is worthy of your attention, and it can be performed set to music or performed with a narrative. A bargain at the offered price, add “Wonder Aces” to your repertoire today.

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  • Paul Carnazzo – FIT

    FIT (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Carnazzo

    Performed by Chris James

    Imagine borrowing a coin and a ring and asking one of your spectators to push the coin through the ring…they can verify for themselves – the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

    With just a little imagination, the performer defies physics and visually pushes the coin through the ring directly in front of the spectators’ faces!

    This is a stunningly visual penetration of solid metal through solid metal.

    The coin and ring can be immediately returned to the spectator who can again verify that the coin DOES NOT FIT through the ring.

    FIT includes a gimmicked quarter and a gimmicked nickel to fit a variety of finger rings. With these two coins you can use finger rings ranging from women’s size 5 to men’s size 12 1/2.

    Some sleight of hand required to perform as shown in the video.


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  • Bypass by Skymember

    The smartphone has become a very personal item for the average person. It’s the one item people never leave at home. What if you could borrow an iPhone from anyone then visually unlock the iPhone without keying in their pass-code? Did we mention that it’s completely IMPROMPTU? It is and it’s very easy to do.

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  • Jermay’s Mind ( 4 DVD)

    Jermay's Mind - magic

    Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era. He is a virtuoso, and he conveys the illusion of real mindreading better than anyone. When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected it all in one comprehensive, all-encompassing DVD experience…until now.

    • Watch Jermay astound an audience with a thirty-minute no-prop mentalism show.
    • Learn from a one-hour discussion surrounding the Q&A plot.
    • Watch Luke deliver two full lectures.
    • See the full performance and new versions of classic Jermay effects such as “Touching on Hoy”, including a phase where a spectator reads the mind of three other participants.
    • Watch Luke and Michael Weber discuss the theory of mentalism in a candid, thoughtful interview.

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    Videocall is a real miracle! The spectator freely chooses a card from a blue deck and the corresponding card in the red deck has the spectator’s name written on its back! An unexpected ending!
    Whenever I have performed this effect I have always gotten great reactions from the audience.

    You can start building everything with just two normal decks!
    No sleight of hand
    No rough and smooth
    No tape

    Download now!

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  • Rubber Morph by Joe Rindfleisch

    Ever since it appeared on the Rainbow Rubber Band trailer people have been asking for this color change. Now you can learn this visual piece of magic.
    In this download you will learn Hanson Chien’s amazing rubber band color change. Joe Rindfleisch has included two effects that utilize this change. Mind Morph mixes Magic and Mentalism to create an amazing reaction. Color morph is an impromptu routine that allows you to vanish a band and have it change places with another. Great reactions on this one!
    This is a must have if you do any rubber band magic!

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  • Mario Tarasini – CardFlex

    Card Flex by Mario Tarasini | Learn Magic @Ellusionist - YouTube

    Ask people if they’ve seen illusions on TV. Particularly that Zig-zag trick where the magician pulls the girls middle away from her body. It’s that same trick… but close up.

    Tell them you don’t have any big boxes, but you want to show them that trick anyway.

    You thought you could probably use their bill (Yes, you can use ANY BORROWED BILL) and a playing card from your pocket… you’re a magician, you always have playing cards on you.

    The secret is in the precision-made card gimmick. 100% self-contained.

    It’s incredibly durable and constructed to withstand a level 9000 skeptic.

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  • Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis

    Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis

    “Zener Match is hands down the best ESP match effect I have seen! It’s incredibly clever and your spectators never ever see what’s coming!
    It fooled me badly and I know I will be using it for years to come!” Jamie Daws
    From the creator of the best selling CineMental comes Zener Match one of the best version of the ESP match up we have ever seen!
    ESP match up effects are a firm favourite with both magicians and mentalists.Nikolas has taken this plot are turned it on its head. Giving you a brand new take on this classic plot.  Add to this ideas and tips by Peter Nardi, Marc Spelmann, Mick Wilson and Jamie Daws and you know you have a winner.

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  • Blind Flap by PH & Mario Tarasini

    Blind Flap by PH & Mario Tarasini

    There is nothing new when a card visually changes color. The market is flooded with hundreds of visual color changes variations base on a few dozen methods. But what if you can do a visual color change with a coin on top. The same coin on top of a card before and after the card color change. Crazy right? Give yourself a chance and watch the trailer.

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  • 52oz by Cody Nottingham

    52oz by Cody Nottingham - smmagic

    52oz by Cody Nottingham

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