Jamie Daws – Deceased (VIP)

Deceased By Jamie Daws

An exploration of what is humanly possible. A separation of the living and the dead.

A chance for your spectators to experience something they have not nor will ever experience again.

At 8PM 10 people sat down to dinner, by 10PM 8 of them were dead.

Each guest murdered by two sadistic serial killers in one of the most disturbing cases of cannibalism ever reported.

As you explain this horrific story, an envelope is handed to your spectator to hold. Next, 10 photos are introduced. It is explained that the killers are lost amongst the victims and it is down to your spectator to separate the living from the dead. 5 photos are handed to your spectator and 5 are kept by the performer. The spectator is instructed to hold the photos behind their back and slide one photo from the top to the bottom. They must keep doing this until they get a feeling, whatever feeling that may be.

Once they are satisfied, they are to remove the top photo and hold it behind their back being sure never to let go of it. The performer does the exact same behind his back. The remaining photos are exchanged between the performer and spectator. She is then instructed to place her photo in so that it is faced the opposite way to the other pictures and to mix them. Again, the performer also does this. Both stacks of photos are brought out and both the performer and spectator have one single photo turned, sight unseen the other way.

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Heavy – Utterly Convincing Demonstrations Of Supernatural Powers – VIP

Please note: Jermay “Pro-Line” products will not be available anywhere else, ever.


Heavy is the first in the “Pro-Line” series of releases. It is a collection of 3 professional performance pieces as well as a utilitarian theatrical framing to performing in close up settings that transforms the experinece into a miracle for your audience and a special bonus item!

The manuscript focuses on demonstrations that produce an utterly convincing experience of a bold supernatural claims. This is material that could be used to create a following of true believers. In the wrong hands it could be the beginning of a psychic cult. This is material is artistically and ethically challenging in its themes and premises but paradoxically simple and straight forward in mechanism and execution.

When we say heavy we mean heavy…Heavy like having a spectator actually feel the exact location of a negative thought inside their own mind and then feel it being literally pulled from the inside to the outside allowing them to move forward free from the painful memory of their past. This is a demonstration that can be presented in platform setting but is best used as a one on one experience for a special participant.

Heavy like presenting an utterly convincing demonstration of healing your audience members emotional and psychical pains and illnesses with nothing but the power of your mind. This is a totally prop free platform demonstration in which three people are instantly cured of pain and illness in a staggeringly direct fashion. It uses no pre-show work, no stooging of any kind and requires only three chairs and your voice.

Heavy like demonstrating your supernatural power to cause your body temperature to rise to a staggering high, proven with a miraculous and straightforward test of your power. This is suitable for close up performance as well as platform performance and is a visual and psychological powerhouse.

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Simon Lovell – Toolbox – VIP

A 6 DVD set of ultimate card moves. Simon Lovell’s Toolbox Collection puts together over 170 moves from the beginner to the middle magician to the expert! Whether you’re just starting out to find new techniques for maneuvering cards or are an experienced magician brushing up on ideas, this is the right set of DVDs for you!


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Julio Montoro – Everyday Magic Kit – VIP

EVERYDAY MAGIC KIT (Gimmicks und online Anleitung) von Julio Montoro – JCM  STORE

Are you looking for the best magic for your social media? This is your new Everyday Magic Kit!

Julio Montoro is well known for posting amazing visual videos on his social media. Now he is releasing his versions of some of his most famous effects from his Instagram and TikTok. You will receive 6 amazing effects that will allow you to have a lot of new content for your followers.

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Build Your Own Illusions – (6 DVD Set) VIP

First TIME in MAGIC history!
No professional builder has ever shared his SECRET techniques…

This 6 DVD set is a complete course in Illusion Building.
Everything is explained in detail from expert Illusion builder Gerry Frenette!

ALL of the information you need to know in order to build your own Illusions and box effects!

  • How to do everything from driving a screw to advanced building techniques in mechanics and engineering
  • How to get a great paint finish without spray equipment
  • How to build illusions right in your home (in a small space)
  • Complete video instructions building 3 illusion projects
  • Dozens of tips, ideas and techniques using proven, stage-tested measurements
  • What materials and tools to use
  • How to make your illusion as deceptive as possible
  • Everything you need to make SMALL stage props as well

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Marc Spelmann – What Am I Thinking – VIP

What am I thinking? by Marc Spelmann Instant Download

Marc Spelmann knows A LOT. How to read minds, construct spine-tingling routines backed up with bullet-proof methods. But most importantly, he knows how to FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT.

“What Am I Thinking” is full of powerful tricks that convince people you have SUPERNATURAL POWERS.

Learn material that Marc performs every time he has a show. Don’t worry if you don’t perform for celebrities, they work on regular people too!

“Mark Spelmann knows how to create a stunning piece of mentalism” -Banachek

“BRILLIANT.” -Richard Osterlind

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Super Shuffle System by Mark Calabrese – VIP

Super Shuffle System by Mark Calabrese

“Totally fried some of the most seasoned pros I know…TWICE!” –Bobby Motta

“Looks unbelievably fair. Why practice for years when this does all the work for you? Smart!” –Angelo Carbone

“Super Shuffle will revolutionize your card handling. It is a deceptively simple gimmick that allows you to perform effects and techniques that are simply impossible with skill alone. If you do ANY card magic at all, you owe it to yourself to buy this.” –Mark Elsdon

Imagine having the ability to handle cards in a super sloppy way, dropping and sliding them all over the table, yet maintaining control over the order of the cards you need. It opens a lot of doors. One of the holy grails of card magic is presenting the illusion of chaos, while the truth is meticulous precision.

This is why pros are so excited about Super Shuffle, and why it’s a must-have gimmick for anyone who does card tricks that involve a setup. You can’t POSSIBLY have control over the cards… but somehow you do!

In the nearly 2-hour accompanying instructional video you’ll learn magic tricks, and maybe more importantly, all of Mark Calabrese’s tips and touches to get the most out of his powerful secret weapon.

PROFESSIONALS: You’ll IMMEDIATELY see why Super Shuffle fools everyone. It allows you to handle a deck fairly, and even performing casino-style washing shuffles (the most fair shuffle possible) while maintaining control over the cards.

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Cyril Thomas – Space Bander – VIP

A collection of 9 beautiful rubber band tricks all the way from France. Created by psychologist Dr. Cyril Thomas with contribution by Calvin Liew. Cyril is an underground rubber band talented magician who has received a lot of compliments from Dan Harlan, Joe Rindfleisch and Hanson Chien.

After years of hard work, we at Skymember Presents are finally able to share this project with you. Psychobands, a debut and the best of Dr. Cyril in rubber band magic.

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Silence by Alexander Marsh – VIP

“A superb technique… every mentalist needs to know this” – Marc Paul

“You reach a point in your studies when you have a method to achieve pretty much every conceivable effect. That’s an important knowledge base, but audiences shouldn’t perceive methods – the only thing they should appreciate is the PRESENTATION, the “magic” of your performance. Alexander’s “Sixth Sense Ploy” is a simple idea that allows you to squeeze a great deal of drama from any information that you have to reveal. I have used it in EVERY single one of my professional shows for the last four years. “Silence” is a Masterclass that elevates and stretches the basic concept in new and exciting directions!” – Drew Backenstoss

“A full in depth explanation where Alex shares a fantastic way to make your reveals visual! And not only that, you will also learn multiple routines and methods from his professional repertoire that you can use with the Sixth Sense Method.” – Luca Volpe

A system that will make your performances unforgettable.

Revealing thoughts are easy. Making mind reading believable is probably the most difficult feat in mentalism. Silence does both. It provides an easy way to make your performances believable and REALLY stand out.

Most mind reading presentations are similar. The spectator has a thought in mind and you tell them what they are thinking. Whether you reveal it in ashes, on a billboard or even just tell them what they are thinking in many ways it is all the same. Where silence is different is its visual approach to revealing thoughts. Not only are you able to reveal to reveal thoughts visually but Alex teaches mind control/PK touch style effects and even close up presentations.

Silence is entertaining, it demands the audience’s attention and it can play as a very serious demonstration of skill and ability. This download is packed with never before released material straight from Alex’s worldwide theater tour.

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Virtual Rising by Adrian Lacroix – VIP

During the last months Adrian Lacroix has been creating cutting-edge magic for online platforms.
Magicians like David Copperfield and Penn and Teller called Adrian to watch him perform those tricks.
Now he is releasing something that no one thought it was even possible: a Virtual Rising Card that happens in the spectators hand.

You will learn an underground principle that was hidden in full view for many years that will allow you to perform this miracle over a video call or in a live in person performance.
He will cover every detail in this 20 min download.

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