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  • Penguin Live Lecture – Joe Diamond

    Joe Diamond has grown up in the Chicago Magic Scene. For ten years, he was part of “The Magic Cabaret” with David Parr. It became Chicago’s longest running weekly magic show, and was selected by the Travel Channel as “One of the BEST Magic Shows in America!”
    He got his start at age 17 as a Street Magician at Six Flags Great America, a theme park just North of Chicago. That same year, he was featured on Jay Sankey’s DVD “Underground Jam” and has been a collaborator for many SankeyMagic products!
    In 2010, he broke the WORLD RECORD HOLDER for solving the world’s largest corn maze, BLINDFOLDED. And yes, he’s also done many blindfold drives since then!
    For three years, he hosted “UnReal Radio” a weekly Sunday night radio program where he interviewed not only ghost hunters and UFO experts, but some of the top mystery performers in our industry. Performers like Joshua Jay, Todd Robbins, Sal Piacente, Paul Draper, Christopher Carter, Richard Webster, Jack Kent Tillar, and even Eugene Burger for his final public interview before his passing.

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  • Vince Mendoza – Penguin Live Lecture

    If you google the name “Vince Mendoza” you’ll find that he is a world famous conductor and composer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, however… that’s a completely different guy.

    This, Vincent Mendoza, is a polished performer of nearly three decades whose calm, confident demeanor that will win you over, while his skills will astound and amaze. A member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London with the designation of Associate of The Inner Magic Circle (with Silver Star), he and his magic have become much sought after. Vincent has gained high regard among his peers as an innovative thinker and creator. He has been asked to share his magic at the invitation-only “4F” gathering of the world’s top close-up magicians.

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  • Paul Wilson – Penguin Live Lecture 2

    R. Paul Wilson is a world renowned expert on cheating. He is also an award winning conjuror and magic inventor.

    He has been studying sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since he was eight years old. After twelve years as a computer systems consultant, he became a professional performer and lecturer before moving into the film and television industry.

    Since May 2000 Paul has worked as an actor, presenter, writer, producer and director. He has created, developed and produced television shows for NBC, CBS, A&E, BBC, CANALE 5, RAI 2, Court TV and Tru TV.

    He has advised casinos on cheating and, thanks to his unique talents and expertise, has been keynote speaker for major corporations and institutions around the world including Mastercard and Cambridge University.

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  • Reynold Alexander – Penguin Live Lecture

    Reynold Alexander is mostly a performer. His lecture material comes straight from his show and it has been tested thoroughly. POWERFUL PRACTICAL REAL WORLD TESTED MAGIC!

    Reynold has lectured at the Magic Castle, Fantasma Magic in NY, Spanish Society of Illusionists in Madrid among others including Joshua Jay’s MagiFest in Columbus, Ohio and Murhphy’s At the Table Experience. Reynold Alexander is a seasoned professional, has starred in his own TV Special and collaborated with David Copperfield on a piece of magic for his show.

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  • Brad Addams – MINI Penguin Lecture

    MINI LECTURE by Brad Addams - $2.00 :

    Brad Addams MINI LECTURE

    Three great tricks from one of the cleverest young inventors

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  • Marcelo Insua – Penguin Live Lecture 3

    Marcelo Insúa, also known as Mr. Tango, is a full entertainment magician, creator, lecturer and consultant of magic and mentalism. He won the Invention Award in the FISM 2012.
    He is the founder and owner of the famous Bar Mágico of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he performs every week on close up and parlor stages.
    He is also the founder of the prestigious factory of gaffed coins and magic products Tango Magic.
    As a lecturer, he has traveled around 30 different countries sharing his inventions, the most famous are:
    T.U.C, this coin allowed him to win the FISM prize, considered the best gaffed coin ever.
    Shared Dreams: a modern new way to perform the famous confabulation effect.
    The Unmemorized deck: a great work using a unknowledge Gardner principle.
    Tango A.C.A.A.N: considered one of the best acaans for the Genii reviewers.
    As an artist, he is shooting a TV program around Argentina, showing the most typical places of his country and doing magic.

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  • Hanson Chien – Penguin Live

    Hanson Chien is a full-time performer, creator, and consultant of TV shows, movies and other famous magicians.

    At 19, Hanson released his first magic DVD “Touch”, and has been causing a storm in the magic society. Many of his creations have already been performed on TV, and Hiro Sakai (a.k.a. famous Dr. Leon from Japan) also commented the rubber band magic “Touch” would become one of the classics, like Crazy Man’s Handcuffs.

    He is also the first Taiwanese magician whose product got released by some top magic companies. Therefore, he is considered one of the pioneer creators in Taiwan’s magic society.

    Hanson worked as a consultant for celebrity magician YIF in China. In 2015 he was also featured in YIF’s “Art of Magic” Season 2, and that single episode has more the 10 million views! That video showed his unique way of rubber band magic and stunned every viewers, especially “Band Jumping 4 times (BJ4)” and “Freeze!”. These tricks are so popular that many people shot their own versions and shared them on the internet.

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  • Penguin Live Lecture – Lennart Green

    Lennart Green is one of the most innovative magicians ever. His approach to magic with cards is so unique and surprising that when other magicians first witnessed his performances, they could not even begin to fathom what techniques were at play. In fact, many knowledgeable experts were so baffled, they couldn’t believe that Lennart was using a normal deck of cards!

    By now, you’ve probably heard the story of his erroneous disqualification from the 1988 FISM Card Magic competition, but it bears repetition. Some of the judges thought his effects were so impossible they could only have been accomplished with gimmicked cards or the use of stooges! So, the next time the competition was held, in 1991, Lennart allowed only the judges to handle and shuffle the cards, AND he gave them the deck at the end of the performance. Of course it was a normal deck of cards, so he won First Prize, and a living legend was born!

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  • Colin Mcleod LIVE

    “One of the greatest thought readers of our time.” -Uri Geller

    “How the bloody hell did you do that?” -Simon Cowell

    “There’s a very short list of creators/performers in the magic community that I will sit up and pay close attention to when they speak. Sometimes they speak through their commercial releases and if I’m lucky enough to be their friends, I get to hear from them directly! Colin Mcleod is at the top of that list. If you get the chance to hear, see or read anything from Colin you WILL walk away with a fresh innovative perspective. I guarantee it.” -Bill Abbott

    “One of the most brilliant and creative thinkers in mentalism alive today. His mind should be bronzed and worshiped by any mentalist seeking guidance.” -Marc Salem

    “Colin McLeod has interesting, creative and fun ideas about what mentalism can be, where it can go and how it should be presented. He devises powerful, head-scratching mysteries that take the entertainment value all the way up to 11, all of which he performs well and explains clearly without taking forever to do so. If there’s something else to want from a mentalism lecture, I don’t know what it is. Colin has a terrible haircut and an accent no-one can understand, but apart from that both he and his lectures are a treat. Watch, enjoy, learn and prepare to be fooled in the nicest possible way by a mind so sharp you could slice rocks with it.” –Ian Rowland

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  • Chris Korn LIVE 2

    Globally renowned, Chris Korn has captivated audiences in over 20 foreign countries – from Japan to South Africa – and in over 100 cities in the United States, showcasing his extensive repertoire of ecstatic illusion.

    Since starring in his own series, MONDO MAGIC, on A&E, MONDO MAGIC SINGAPORE, & MAGIC ASIA on AXN (the #1 TV show throughout Asia and Singapore), Chris Korn has come to be known by the show’s 74 million viewers, as not only one of the most talented sleight-of-hand magicians in the world, but as an amazing over all entertainer.

    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, JJ Abrams, Jon Cusack, Alicia Silverstone, Brook Shields, Alec Baldwin, Adam Sandler, and Jeremy Piven are just a few, among many celebrities, who can claim Chris Korn to be the one illusionist they will never forget.

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