Mentalismo Light – Aage Darling

Magia Mental

Un libro de Mentalismo, pero de efectos fáciles de hacer. Contiene 5 Book test, Predicciones, magia con cartas, Predicción de la suma, Mentalismo con dibujos, y una maravillosa triple predicción, siempre con el estilo ameno y claro a que nos tiene acostumbrados Marko. 32 páginas.

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Guaranteed Jackpot by Mark Elsdon

The odd’s of winning the lottery is 14,000,000 to 1 but against all odds you beat the system. GUARANTEED JACKPOT is the final word for a lottery prediction magic effect. Leave nothing to chance.. this routine can be performed quickly or slowly depending on your revelation choice and performance style and it’s ALWAYS 100% ACCURATE!

Everyone dreams to win the lottery and with Mark Elsdon’s latest effect you lead the spectator through a wonderful experience and then leave them with a memorable souvenir.

Comes with gimmicks, wallet and specially printed marked number deck.


The spectator shuffles a regular number deck and after a thorough mix a letter ticket is presented from inside the supplied red lottery holder and placed face-down on the table.

The shuffled cards are dealt into 6 piles like the numbers being filtered down through the lottery machine. The top 6 random cards are put aside and the numbers one at a time are shown to MATCH THE LOTTERY TICKET EXACTLY!

You then proceed to hand out the lottery ticket as a souvenir.

  • No Sleight Of Hand
  • Automatic Handling
  • Includes Special Number Deck
  • Easy Reset

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el falso pulgar segunda ediccion el gran henry

A complete treatise, full of surprises and secrets never before revealed about the most popular, practical, and useful accessory among amateur and professional magicians: the fake thumb. The straightforward language in this work, as well as the 320 illustrations accompanying the text, allow the reader to learn the basic manipulations, the most used techniques, and more than fifty powerful and highly entertaining tricks in a short time. It also provides a complete review of the best magic tricks as well as a special section with the most eye-catching fake-thumb routines. The Great Henry, through the pages of this book, offers us his best secrets, so we can trick and entertain our friends with the routines described herein.

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Magia con alimentos

Magia con alimentos

Learn 28 magic tricks that require nothing but food! Some are updated versions of classic tricks and others were invented by the author himself, but each and every one includes step-by-step instructions and performance tips.

En este manual se recogen 28 juegos de magia inéditos en los que se utilizan exclusivamente alimentos, para que el lector haga los primeros pasos en el arte del imposible y sorprenda a sus espectadores. Algunos de los trucos son creaciones propias del Mag Gerard, y otros, versiones adaptadas a la actualidad. Se detallan los materiales necesarios, una descripción del juego, los efectos mágicos, los pasos a seguir y otros recomendaciones para la puesta en escena. ¡El libro que convertirá a sus lectores en unos expertos de la magia con alimentos!

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Harapan Ong – Spellcheck

Spellcheck by Harapan Ong

What if I told you that there was an amazing card trick hidden in plain sight … printed on the box of your favourite deck of cards? Henry Christ’s “Tally-Ho!” is a unique and fun spelling trick like no other. By spelling the words found on a Tally-Ho card box in an order determined by the spectator, you are able to produce the four Nines – matching the “No. 9” printed on the box.

In this ebook, I will be teaching Roy Walton’s variation of “Tally-Ho!” (permission granted by Roy Walton), along with my presentation for the trick. I will then present to you methods to perform this simple and self-working spelling trick with ten popular and common brands of decks out there.

I will also be sharing the history of the plot and my thoughts on the Tally-Ho Plot, including how to make it play well for an audience. You’ll be producing four Aces and Royal Flushes in no time, all without any sleight-of-hand. All you need is a deck of cards and the card box it already comes in.

Thank you for your support. If you have any issues with the tricks, please drop me a message on my Instagram page @harapanong, where you can find more of my magic.

R.I.P. Roy Walton, thank you for giving permission to teach your trick. Your generosity and kindness will be missed.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Tally-Ho! à la Walton
  • History of the Tally-Ho Plot
  • Discussion about the Tally-Ho Plot
  • BEE!
  • 310!
  • COPAG!
  • STUD!
  • NEO!
  • HOYLE!
  • Final Note

1st edition 2020, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 5048 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text

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Joshua Grist – Open Up

The mentalist asks if they can borrow any random spectator’s iPhone (almost any phone can be used, it does not have to be an iPhone) and successfully unlocks it in a matter of seconds.

Naturally, there are many PIN code and phone code divinations on sale within the mentalism world, but this is unique in that there is no fishing, nothing said by the spectator, no hot-reading, and it’s extremely simple. The spectator says absolutely nothing throughout this process, and if you chose to perform this without patter it would take around 5 seconds.

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John D. Lippy Jr. – Chemical Magic

1960 is aprox publish date. This is a book about how to make magic by mixing various chemicals, to create an illusion or reaction. Like how to make luminous ink with Phosphorus and cinnamon oil etc. ****The money from this purchase goes to help children with cancer in Russia. Thank you for your business and support.

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Victory Carton Illusions

Few people consider paper, cardboard and carton high-tech products, but they are. Go visit any paper factory and you will find out that some of the largest and most complex manufacturing machines in operation today are paper machines.

Since my father worked for many years for a paper manufacturer, I have learned to respect paper from a very early age. This is part of the reason why I am so excited about this e-book. It describes 12 stage illusions which you can build entirely from carton. Carton is inexpensive, easy to work with, light weight, pretty durable and packs flat. These are characteristics great for the beginner as well as the advanced performer. Who wants to carry around heavy equipment? Who wants to travel with a trailer rather than fit everything in a car? With very little money you can build illusions that would normally run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Here is a bit of information you will thank me for. The strength of cardboard is rated by the so called ‘edge crush test’ or short ECT. Typical boxes are ECT 32. Make sure to build your illusions from cardboard rated ECT 44 or better. This makes all the difference. And there is no reason to stop at cardboard. I encourage you to experiment with other inexpensive materials such as various kinds of foam boards or corrugated plastic a.s.o.

And once you have replicated some of U. F. Grant’s designs and incorporated his advice, you can let your imagination run wild and take pretty much any illusion or illusion plan and rework it to use cardboard.

31 pages
word count: 5864 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

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DesTROYers (Troy Hooser) (

“Destroyers is filled with killer magic that is both audience tested and practical. Learning Troy’s material is well worth your time and investment”
– Bob Kohler

An immediate sensation when it debuted ten years ago, Destroyers remains relevant, innovative and “highly recommended” (Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine). Acclaimed author Joshua Jay takes you on a whirlwind tour of over forty routines and sleights, each one explained with thoughtful prose and distinctive illustrations. You will learn over a dozen coin routines that require no table, how to levitate a small mask, how to produce a bottle from nowhere, and how to produce a padlock from two rubber bands. This updated and expanded edition of Destroyers features over seven routines not originally included, as well as additional commentary and dozens of new illustrations.

The name Troy Hooser has always been associated with the underground magic scene. For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Hooser has quietly developed a repertoire of material that amazes laymen. Hooser’s material has also captured the imaginations of the magic industry’s thought leaders-Troy Hooser is, perhaps, your favorite magician’s favorite magician. In his first collection, he tips a lifetime of secrets and the theory behind them. These tricks wreak havoc on the logic of spectators. These tricks are Destroyers.

“Highly recommended for the serious student…Top notch and well thought out…Destroyers is the reason that the flipper coin has become so popular.”
– Dr. Michael Rubenstein, Coin Magic Seminar

“Destroyers has been instrumental in my own magical development. Any serious student of magic would benefit from careful study of Troy’s entire body of work.”
Eric JonesAudio and An Extension of Me

Pages: 189 – Hardcover – Black and White Illustrations

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Bajo el Sombrero Carlos Adriano

Bajo el sombrero. Apuntes desde mis zapatos - Carlos Adriano - Libro

The new book by Carlos Adriano is here: «Under the Hat. Notes from my shoes»! A tour of his magical philosophy and his personal vision of working with children. A work that deeply explores the magician without neglecting magic. Thoughts, experiences, routines, reflections… in 160 full color pages. What is hidden under the hat? The magician, the character, the clown, the entertainer, the artist, the one who goes on stage, the one who entertains the public… I watch him intrigued, attentive, expectant, taking notes from my shoes. In the talk-presentation, the author will have some mates –and you can have some tea– while he tells us how he has managed to create this magical project and how his professional career is consolidating and making his way internationally. On October 28, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in Parenthesis of oblivion. Magic and Tea, at Calle Sombrerería 24, (SOMBRERERÍA!!! I couldn’t find a more suitable place), Lavapiés, Madrid. Forewords by Kayto, Luis Albornoz and Daniel Garber. Illustrations by Juan Luis Rubiales.

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