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TraperíaDeKlaus se trata de la primera librería en La Rioja y la segunda en España que vende libros al peso, en concreto a 10?/KILO. El resto de libros que no están en nuestra tienda los puedes encontrar en los diversos sitios web de TraperíaDeKlaus, en especial en su página web y en canales como Unilíber. En la mayoría de los casos, los libros que ofrece TraperíaDeKlaus, son libros de segunda mano y que se encuentran en un estado de conservación correcto. Podrás encontrar libros de las más diversas temáticas que te puedas imaginar, muchos de ellos descatalogados. TraperíaDeKlaus no es una librería cualquiera, frecuentemente decimos que nuestros clientes no vienen a buscar, si no que vienen a encontrar entre los miles y miles de libros que disponemos… ¿te lo vas a perder? Te esperamos en TraperíaDeKlaus, tanto en nuestra tienda física como en nuestras tiendas virtuales. No te arrepentirás.

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Robert Watkins – Shadowplay

In this PDF Download, you will find the ‘outside the box’ secrets, plots, and techniques Watkins has become known for. Focusing this time on Billets, and the ‘behind the scenes’ tactics Watkins uses throughout his Close Up sets, The material in this book has been performed and tested in front of audiences and magic clubs all across the USA. What started as a collection of ‘lecture notes’ for the tour eventually turned into a full treatise on methods that take place in the shadows of performance. If you enjoyed “Jhana” and “Positive/Negative” you will already know the kind of thinking you’re in for with “Shadowplay”

Here are a few of the things you will find within these pages:

An ‘About the Author’ by Kent Axell

“Calendar on the Wall”- A guided explanation on exactly how Watkins handles billets, and their justification in performance. A participant writes down the name of someone close to them. The performer then reveals the name as well as the participant’s birthdate.

“Failed Psychometry”- a way to justify billet switches, center tears and peeks

“Instant Preshow”- One of the most deceptive ways of gaining secret information in the midst of a Mentalistm set, with this strategy you will do your pre-show in the middle of your act! The Performer has a participant write down a name of someone close to them. Without ever touching the billet the Performer reveals the name as well as the participants date of birth and more..

“CT Memory Divination” – A lesson on getting as much as you can out of as little information as possible. Learn how to reveal secret details about a participant’s memory using nothing but a Center Tear

“Thought Switching”- This mind-bending strategy will set you so far ahead of your audience’s thought process, the method becomes invisible. With this you will learn how to turn any peeked information into a ‘Spectator as Mind Reader’ effect

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Paul Carnazzo – Dreamweaver

The Dreamweaver lists sixteen common dream symbols, and looks like something you may have picked up at a “New Age” bookstore. Your participant is instructed to focus on a particular dream symbol that they can relate to, and to imagine that they are actually dreaming about that symbol. With no questions asked and with no fishing, you begin to describe details of their dream. You can then give them a reading based on their dream, and reveal the exact dream symbol they were merely thinking of!

The card can be presented in a variety of ways, such as a tool used to help the participant direct their dreams to pleasant topic, or to avoid negative dreams they may be having, or as an exercise in “dream walking”.

You’ll receive a 100% plastic, full color, credit card sized card and 16 page instruction manual.

The following is true about Dreamweaver:

  • No Force
  • Different dream symbol every time
  • Nothing is written down
  • No questions are asked
  • No progressive anagrams
  • No fishing
  • No “instant stooges” or “dual reality”
  • Compact! The card fits neatly in your wallet!
  • The card is un-gimmicked and is handled by the spectator freely
  • Card is durable and will last a long time!

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Ken Dyne – Bairn

“The routines and ideas are solid and feature a fresh, unique approach. It was one of the few books I’ve read this year that, after finishing it, I had to put on my list to read again. I can guarantee you’ll, at least, find quite a few ideas to get you really excited, if not entire routines that you can adapt to your style and put right into your act.” -Jheff

“The Most Important Book Since Maximum Entertainment.” -Atlas Brookings

“Wow… fantastic… not one, not two but a whole book on remarkable ideas and effects. These effects will smack your audience in the face. You can tell that these are not pipe dreams, they are the work of a professional who has sorted out each and every little nuance to get the most bang from the presentations. I love the fact that unlike most routines that have a set conclusion, Kennedy has worked hard to give us a surprise ending, a smack in the face that will bring the most skeptical person to their feet. I love this thinking and will be adding some of these ideas to my own mentalism tool box.” -Banachek

I’ve been working on this book for literally 3 years. It contains pretty much every complete routine that I have created and performed since my very first mentalism release back in 2005. A lot can happen in 9 years, especially when your clients keep expecting you to turn up each year with a new show.

Inside Bairn you will find material I’ve used at corporate events, at public shows in theatres, castles and restaurants, and for the first time I’m opening up the floodgates to all of my informal, social close-up pieces too.

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Applesauce by Patrick Redford – Patrick Redford

applesauce por Patrick G Redford libro

Applesauce is a brilliant offering from the creative mind of Patrick Redford that will teach you to be the master with a deck of cards with effects such as ‘Any Thought of Card at Any Thought of Number’ and more.

If you’re a fan of the Any Card at Any Number plot, Open Prediction or simple hard-hitting card magic, this book is for you. Containing material from 15 plus years of Patrick Redford’s life, with some of the best commercial, real-world workable material. Everything between these covers is real world useable material that has been developed in front of live audiences of both magicians and laymen.

Featuring methods such as the ability to seemingly memorise a deck of cards in 30 seconds, proving that you know every single card AND pass this ability on to a spectator. Featuring no memory work and with a borrowed, shuffled, unprepared deck of cards. Also features a condensed version of Patrick’s routine ‘Storm’, which allows you to perform the same kind of routine in just 2 or 3 seconds. You’ll also learn a technique for revealing a thought of card, (not taken or pulled out of a pack – just thought of), with seemingly no fishing whatsoever. And the title routine of the book, Applesauce, is a thought of card at thought of number where you never know what the card or number is until the deck is out of your hands. Howard Hamburg touted this effect as one of the most astounding effects he’s ever seen performed, and that’s saying something!

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Greg Chapman – Faro Fundamentals

Faro Fundamentals - magic

This booklet covers a broad range of faro techniques, theory and applications. It includes descriptions of the all-in-the-hands and tabled faro shuffle. You’ll also find sections on the in-faro, out-faro, straddle faro, 51-card faro, eight-faro cycle, six faro belts, splitting perfect halves, correcting mistakes, stack and memorized deck applications, card controls, as well as more advanced concepts.

For those new to the faro and serious students alike, whether you’re looking to learn the faro, improve or consolidate your current handling or understanding, broaden your knowledge of essential faro concepts, or explore its many applications, you need this booklet. It goes beyond basics in several areas, and there are a few nuggets buried inside that might appeal to more experienced cardicians and faro workers. Of the routines taught, one uses a regular deck and the other is a memorized deck routine.

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Michael Murray – The Solution

“When I first heard about ‘The Solution’ from Michael Murray I knew I had to have it. The moment I heard the method I knew it was GOLD and I needed to add it to my Show ASAP. ‘The Solution’ is one of my favourite Rubik’s Cube routines that has ever been created!!” – Steven Brundage (Cube3)

“Michael Murray’s solution is one of the best things I have ever seen. The scripting is pure poetry and the revelation is staggering! When he shared with me the workings I was grinning from ear to ear!” – Peter Turner

“The Solution is an incredible effect with a diabolically clever yet simple method that is perfect as a stand-alone piece or an an addition to just about any Rubik’s Cube routine.” – Karl Hein (CubeFX)

“More Murray brilliance. Perfect scripting, invisible method and staggering revelation. I guess you could say I like it!!” – Mark Elsdon (Rubik Remembered)

“It’s one of those where you read it and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Then when you take the time to appreciate the power and subtlety of the scripting you realise that only Michael Murray could’ve come up with this. Thank you for my new closer!” – Roddy McGhie

“If you want a five star Miracle for pro, you can do no better. I love it, it’s magic, a wonder and even with a twist real mentalism.” – Marc Salem

“The Solution is GOLD to the working pro…” – Marc Spelmann

“This is good, VERY good, This man is a genius!” – Lior Manor

“You sneaky [email protected]$****! Damn, this is great.” – Joshua Quinn

“I love it!!! You are a genius, my friend.” – Haim Goldenberg

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Lewis Ganson – Magia de cerca 2

Lewis Ganson escribió una segunda parte de ‘Close up Art Magic’, en el que se recogen excelentes trucos de magia de mesa sin cartas. Al terminar de leer el primer volumen podía parecer imposible una segunda obra cuyo contenido y valor mágico pudiera, tan sólo compararse a dicho primer tomo. Concluida la lectura de este segundo volumen no se hecha en falta la existencia del primer tomo. Es el mejor elogio. Lewis Ganson nos embebe con la descripción de los efectos de tal modo que parece que los estamos viendo. Sus amplios conocimientos mágicos. Su amistad con los mejores magos mundiales y sus excepcionales dotes de escritor-mago han hecho posible la obra que presentamos. La magia que contiene es excelente, de una efectividad tremenda y de ejecución simple. En el primer tomo predominó la técnica. Aquí, la efectividad. Buena magia, excelente magia, y bien descrita.

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Lewis Ganson – Magia de cerca 1

Primer libro editado por esta editorial. Se eligió el ‘Close up Art Magic’ por ser el mejor. Por su autor y por su contenido. Una maravilla entre las maravillas. Lewis Ganson, el más claro escritor en el mundo de la magia vertió aquí los mejores efectos de magia de cerca existentes. Magia sin cartas, pero sí con los adminículos que pueden transportarse en cualquier bolsillo, y realizarse cerca, muy cerca, de los espectadores. Además, tiene un capítulo inicial sobre la presentación de este tipo de magia que no tiene desperdicio: un verdadero vademecum para todo el que quiere practicar la magia en serio (no sólo como profesional, sino también como buen aficionado). Además, desde entonces se conoce como ‘magia de cerca’ la que antes se denominaba ‘magia close up’.

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