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  • Eric Mead-Tangled Web

    Tangled Web - Eric Mead - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    In this first major book by one of the United States’ most respected professionals, Eric Mead covers a wide range of magic and mentalism, drawn completely from his professional repertoire and fine-tuned by performance after performance to its present form.

    Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Strolling Magic, Mentalism, Stage–even two pieces for kids (we’re serious)

    In addition, there are seven instructive and challenging essays, and two chapters devoted to work with a memorized deck and a systematic approach to Vernon’s “Trick That Cannot Be Explained”–a professional approach to these topics that is stunning in its depth, intelligence and originality.

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  • Gerry McCambridge – Performing the Q&A

    Performing the Q&A by Gerry McCambridge - Book

    “This book is your future, a textbook that could give you a successful lifetime career in mentalism.”
    – Banachek

    “Gerry McCambridge is one of the world’s most successful mystery performers. His unique Q&A eminently qualifies him to author a definitive guide.”
    – Ross Johnson
    Most professional mentalists agree, the strongest routine you can perform in a mentalism show is the Question and Answer (the Q&A) act. You seemingly use your abilities not only to read an audience member’s mind and figure out what their questions are, but you also answer the question for them.

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  • Abhinav Bothra – Pigment & Pixel 2.0

    Both the marking systems are based on something that you’ve been seeing since your childhood hence it is almost impossible to forget

    One of the marking systems is small and while the other is big, so you’re covered of either kind of eyesight.

    Note : This download consists of only the marking systems and does not come with any tricks with a marked deck.

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  • Abbott’s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks for Magicians

    If you like to do rope tricks – this book is definitely a must for your library! Stewart James has compiled a fantastic array of every feat imaginable with ropes. Chapters include: Knots, Penetrations, Cut and Restored Card, Miscellaneous Rope Tricks and a special chapter on the famous Hindu Rope Trick. All of the famous magicians have contributed to this great volume. 400 pages, fully illustrated by Sid Lorraine and Howard Melson.

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  • Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager

    Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager Book + PDF Download

    “Goat’s Grimoire contains nine great mentalism effects that will totally fool any audience, but it’s Jose’s outstanding and emotionally transforming scripts that are the real gem…study them carefully.” -Marc Paul

    “I am a fan of Jose’s organic ingenuity. While not as macabre as the title would suggest, Mr. Prager’s new work is full of simple (and what I am sure would be) powerful routines. What I like most is the well composed structure which underlies the combined work of Jose and his friends. There are plenty of jewels to be mined in (and between) these pages.” -Sean Waters

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  • Japan Ingenious

    Japan Ingenious: A Compendium by Steve Cohen

    For many years, Richard Kaufman has been a conduit, bringing amazing Japanese magic to English speaking magicians. His tricks in Genii and books Five Times Five Japan and New Magic of Japan show that many Japanese magicians think differently.

    The magic in these pages is not standard card and coin plots. Instead, these 67 close-up effects use all sorts of objects, not just cards and coins (although there is plenty of amazing card and coin material in there, too!). Japan Ingenious contains twice as much material as any of Richard Kaufman’s previous books on magic from Japan.

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  • Lewis Le Val – Scorpion System IS

    Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val (PDF) – Magicanoz

    The Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val is a clever method for not only secretly discovering your spectator’s star sign, but also to give them a reading without ever having to memorise anything!
    You will be turning 12 of your business cards into an incredibly useful Astrology cards system, loaded with information to inspire content for readings, and with a secret system in place that will allow you to know your spectator’s sign without any effort required!

    No sleight of hand
    No anagrams
    No markings on the backs of the cards

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  • Lewis le val – Ritual

    Lewis Le Val – Ritual (PDF + Video) – erdnasemagicstore

    Mentalism With Greater Purpose

    What if you suddenly found the ability to conduct real magic?
    What if you knew the secrets of the ancients, and could use genuine human connection for a greater purpose?
    The secret sits within the pages of this book.
    Ritual is a genuine performance piece, designed to invoke healing and positive transformation in the minds and lives of your spectators, whilst staying consistent with your current mentalism act and maintaining entertainment value.

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  • Richard Kaufman-David Roth’s-Expert Coin magic

    David Roth's Expert Coin Magic by Richard Kaufman- Book

    Learn Coin Magic from the man Dai Vernon said, “…has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius.”

    Section One – Magic in the Hands
    Chapter 1
    The Retention Vanish
    Fingertip Retention Vanish
    The Shuffle Pass
    Roth Palm Change…..

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  • Steranko On Cards by Jim Steranko

    Steranko On Cards - Jim Steranko - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    “During the preparation of this book careful thought was given as to which routines should be included. The tricks are entertaining, the sleights are latent means to an end result. The articulate manner of text and illustration was due to our enthusiasm to thoroughly acclimate the reader with every minute characteristic of each move. If then, you utilize only a few of these items, the purpose of this book will have been fulfilled.” – Jim Steranko

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