• Christopher Carter – Penguin Live Lecture – VIP

    For almost 30 years, Christopher has been one of the busiest working mentalists in the United States. He has appeared at over 3500 college campuses and well over 1000 corporate events. He has been awarded Entertainer of the Year, Best Live Novelty Act, Best Performing Artist, and Best Male Artist by Campus Activities Magazine, and was the only performer to ever sweep all of the major awards in a single year. He has been awarded the Milbourne Christopher Award in Mentalism by the Milbourne Christopher Foundation, and the Dunninger Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association.
    His material is noted for being direct, hard-hitting and fun.

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  • All In by Jack Carpenter – VIP

    “Jack Carpenter is dauntingly creative, has world-class technical skill, and understands what types of effects hit audiences hard. This is a great collection of material that will convince anyone that you can do anything with a deck of cards.” -Darwin Ortiz

    “Jack Carpenter is one of a half dozen guys whose material I always recommend to people who are serious about great card magic. Jack never disappoints, and this new DVD kicks ass.” -Andrew Wimhurst

    “If you want to fool and entertain people, get this DVD! Discover why Jack’s material is used by the finest cardmen in the world. Find out for yourself how Jack fools the hell out of magicians and laymen alike. His clever methods and innovative solutions will take your work to a new level.” -Steve Ehlers

    Jack Carpenter is the real deal. In this DVD set, you’ll learn all the tricks and techniques he’s used over the years to build his legendary reputation.

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  • Hewitt – The Modern Mindreader by presented by Richard Osterlind – VIP

    The Modern Mindreader by Hewitt presented by Richard Osterlind ...

    Some of the most direct mind reading possible requires only a few slips of paper and some envelopes. A mainstay in Richard Osterlind’s act for nearly 15 years, Modern Mindreader is a 20-minute act that fits in your pocket and leaves audiences stunned.

    In this piece, the audience is given some business cards, envelopes, and pencils. They write down some secret thoughts, numbers, even drawings, and seal the envelopes up themselves. The performer then collects the envelopes and is able to reveal what is written inside the sealed envelopes in a powerful yet mysterious way.

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  • Picasso Pro App by ProMystic & Ellusionist (Trick+APP) – VIP

    Picasso Pro | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

    In a collaboration between Craig Filcetti’s ProMystic and Ellusionist, this is Picasso Pro.

    A revolutionary new app, that takes a stage mentalism effect and brings it into an app on your phone.

    Walk up to a spectator and hand them a prediction. With your back turned, they then use THEIR phone (That’s right, their own phone) to color in a picture at random.

    Only to have your prediction match perfectly. Picasso is SO clean.

    There are no special props, extra sleight of hand, and it’s practically self-working. Perfect for bars, streets, stages or even perform it on a video call.

    This app is fully customizable and can be done with your own templates, stickmen, and color labels. Giving you the ULTIMATE prediction tool.

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  • Axel Hecklau – Easycube – VIP

    Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau, 2 cubes, gimmick, instructions and ...

    Axel Hecklau is one of my favorite magician, he is a FISM winner and produces only workable and professional routines. I’ve been using his “Just a Cup” for more than 3 years now ! Here is his latest release which is a Rubik’s Cube gimmick which will allow to let people shuffle the cube, put it in a paper bag and solve it instantly, showing all 6 sides and being able to twist the first layer, which adds realism to the whole routine. As usual with Axel, the routines are worked, and meant to be used, but is it worth the price ? Let’s find out !

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  • Tony Clark – Paper Balls And Rings – VIP

    Finally after many years of constant requests this routine is now available! This routine is Tony Clark’s rendition of Slydini’s Paper Balls in box. Tony’s version uses three borrowed finger rings that are wrapped inside tissue paper balls and invisibly travel one by one through the air into an empty cardboard box on the other side of the table. In the mind-blowing surprise ending, the three spectator’s rings disappear from the paper balls and appear inside a locked wooden ring box that magically appears from the same empty cardboard box! Tony has performed this very elegant and powerful routine all over the world including his show in Lake Tahoe and the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. This will be one they’ll always remember. Special Note Tony’s version involves No Lapping or difficult transfers. You can perform it without a tablecloth. From the moment you begin, you’re literally three steps ahead of the audience. Tony takes you through this incredible routine step-by-step explaining every detail, move and subtlety.
    *Bonus Material: Vintage footage of Slydini performing the original Paper Balls in Box. Tony Teaches you moves from the original Version.

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    Welcome to the world of Light/Heavy where any object on the table becomes too heavy to lift.

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  • 2019 Clipid by Magic Stuff – VIP

    Imagine creating miracles with ordinary paperclips. Clipid is an easy-to-perform routine that brings the classic linking paperclips effect to another level. Two paperclips will not only link to each other, but they also melt into a multi-colored HEART right in of your spectator’s eyes. Clipid can also be used a souvenir for your spectators.

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  • Jeff Mcbride – The Show Doctor – VIP

    The Show Doctor is the first full-length book of magic from Jeff McBride, one of the great magicians of our time.

    The Show Doctor includes:

    • Eleven of Jeff’s previously unpublished routines, including stage illusions, stand-up routines, manipulation, close-up magic, cards, and mentalism.
    • Revised versions of Jeff’s celebrated advice column published in MAGIC Magazine.
    • Many interviews and additional writings that extend Jeff’s thoughts on how magicians can improve their performances and have more successful careers.
    • Access to a website with over 30 minutes of new videos that supplement the book.

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  • Michael Kaminskas LIVE – VIP

    For Michael, magic is not just an occupation; it’s a way of life! Internationally recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today, Michael Kaminskas is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic. The author of several books, as well as creator of numerous effects and instructional DVDs for the professional magician, Michael’s work has been featured in nearly every trade publication – including a coveted Cover and feature story in MUM the trade periodical of the oldest magic organization in the world.

    Michael earned his Doctorate degree in Magic at 4F, a prestigious invitation-only gathering of 200 of the best close-up magicians on the planet. He belongs to several magic organizations, including the Magic Circle in London, England where he was admitted with Silver Star. While Michael has performed and lectured at venues large and small, being a regular headliner at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California remains a personal favorite.

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  • Etienne Pradier LIVE – VIP

    “Etienne speaks English much better than I can speak French. I’ve seen him conjuring for British royalty — and the fact that he understands even them is the most impressive feat in his repertoire.” – Teller

    “Certainly not a household name here in the States but I had heard his name. I was delighted to see that Etienne and I were on the same bill at Blackpool. His wry delivery and hysterical presentation won me over immediately. Clearly, here was a working pro who had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Just because you may not recognize his name, you should tune into this lecture and then, maybe, he’ll be more of a household name over here. Enjoy, I know I will.” – Doc Eson

    “Etienne is a great thinker, creator and performer — and his French accent makes it all sound better!” – Gregory Wilson

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  • Ryan Bliss – Horizon – VIP

    Horizon by Ryan Bliss | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

    Are you a Magician? Or are you someone who does tricks?

    There’a a big difference. We’ll explain…

    Anyone can learn the 21 card trick, or a single coin vanish from some bootleg youtube video.

    But a Magician is someone who dedicates themselves to their chosen art. They constantly punch the envelope into the stratosphere by practicing and perfecting the untapped well of magic the community has created… making themselves a more confident performer along the way.

    Ryan Bliss defines Magician. The things he can do with a coin are so sensational that an involuntary “HOLY ****” leaped out of our mouths while filming.

    In Horizon you’ll learn:
    • A beautiful bare-handed production of a coin.
    • A little-known vanish of a coin where both sides of your hand are shown empty. NO SLEEVES.
    • A sudden change of a coin.
    • A double change of a coin… AND
    • A one-handed, palm up, no cover, triple change of a coin.

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