BLINDED by Mickael Chatelain(VIP)

Blinded by Mickael Chatelain

Conceived in 2016 by Mickael, BLINDED will seem like trick photography!

But imagine presenting this illusion LIVE, in front of your spectators and just a few centimeters from their eyes...

BLINDED will fool everyone who sees it!

Here is the exact description of the routine:

Take a blank card, the card of invisibility, out of your pocket.

This card has an enormous keyhole cut in its center allowing everyone to see through it.

Under this keyhole, the word "VISIBLE" is written.

Aside from this card, you don't need anything else...

Invite your spectator to freely choose a card from your deck.

In one hand you hold the invisibility card and in the other hand you hold the spectator's card. Slowly place the spectator's card behind the invisibility card. Thanks to the keyhole, the spectator's card is "VISIBLE." Nothing could be more normal!

Explain that this is normal because the word VISIBLE is written under the keyhole.

Your spectators don't understand where you are going with this, because everything is reasonable, there is nothing magical at this point.

Now take the card from your spectator and show the other side of the invisibility card!

This time, your spectator can read under the keyhole the word "INVISIBLE".

Place your spectator's card again behind the invisibility card and there, in front of his eyes, his card is now INVISIBLE!

Yes, you read that right! You hold the invisibility card between thumb and forefinger and your spectator sees perfectly through the card thanks to the huge keyhole!

No optical illusion or the like! The spectator's card is truly INVISIBLE!

Is your spectator incredulous?

Then slowly remove the invisibility card to make the chosen card appear again!

You've got to see it to believe it! Repeat this incredible experiment again and again! Each time the spectator's card will become INVISIBLE.

From the magician's vantage point, it is impossible to describe this situation; it's just that odd!

At the end of this experiment, give the card back to your spectator so that he can examine it at his leisure! It is an ORDINARY card!

Remember this:

No forcing.
No manipulation.
No black art!
The keyhole is huge and your spectators will easily see that nothing can hide behind it!
Reset immediately!
The illusion is insane! You're going to fool yourself!

A new mechanism for this kind of effect is at the root of this diabolical secret, you'll love it! Nothing to hide in your hands or anywhere else. You hold the invisibility card between thumb and index finger, and that's it!

Delivered complete, ready to be presented.

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Christian Grace – Scribe(VIP)

SCRIBE by Christian Grace and Ellusionist Leading Online Magic Shop





Thumb-writing is sloppy, illegible and unconvincing - it's why most magicians don't use it.

The outcome usually looks like hieroglyphs and you need to convince your audience that you actually predict their free choice.

That is, until now.

SCRIBE by Christian Grace is a full system, two gimmicks that connect seamlessly to put thumb-writing on the table for the first time in history.

No more hiding the dirty work, SCRIBE happens right under their nose, in full view at pure fingertips.

Predict numbers, pin codes, words, shapes... anything.

Scribe is a universal tool for street & stage.

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David Ginn- Colorful Magic(VIP)

Colorful Magic on Stage by David Ginn - DVD

Colorful Magic on Stage!

As I considered a final reprint of my first book, Colorful Magic, I realized that much of that material has never seen the light of video. I spent an hour going through the pages and decided this was my one chance to make that happen. So I started gathering materials, including doves, tricks I have not owned in 35 years, and even the Dragon Box (Thayer Tea Chest) Illusion I sold 15 years ago. The result is a BRAND NEW DVD - Colorful Magic on Stage!

What will you find in this 95 min DVD?

Check out this list:

  • Instant Rabbit from Hat!
  • Parfait Coke Production
  • Sponges in My Hat (stage routine)
  • A Big Bundle of Color silk production
  • John Booth Hank Roll explained
  • Carl Lohrey Triple Flag Spray
  • My 1965 first TV Dove Act appearance
  • One Hand Dove Production
  • Carnival Ribbons
  • Dove Holder
  • Assistant Dove Steal
  • Tissue Paper Dove
  • Dove Balloon Cage
  • Big Silk Quick Appearance
  • 20th Century Silks/Cane
  • Multiplying Candles with Big Silk Ending
  • One Hand Fantasio Candle Vanish
  • Triple Tubes Silk Routine
  • Cagey Canister
  • Square Circle Discovery
  • Abbott's Tear Apart Dove Vanish
  • Doves to Rabbit
  • Multiplying Bean Cans
  • Dragon Box Illusion (Thayer Tea Chest)
  • Bonus: Thayer's Phantom White Cargo 1930s Illusion (performance only).
  • And maybe a few surprises more.
    Important: Most of the material on this DVD has never appeared on any video or DVD. I explain virtually everything on the DVD, but if you own the Colorful Magic book you will understand things even better. Included on the DVD are seven live show clips from 1965-1982; it's amazing that they even exist!

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Stratis by Michal Kociolek & Roman Slomka(VIP)

Yes, you read that correctly. A bill is borrowed, signed and vanished before re-appearing inside a playing card. The only way to retrieve it is to tear off the top of the playing card like a bag of snacks and reach in-between the layers of paper that come together to create the card.

This is the “object to impossible location” plot on steroids. It's a mind-blowing moment with an equally brain-breaking visual. They can immediately take their bill back, instantly transforming it into an unforgettable souvenir that will remind them of the unbelievable experience you gave them every time they look at it.

Ingenious Gimmick

All of this is possible thanks to “Stratis”, an ingenious gimmick from Michal Kociolek and Roman Slomka that enables you to quickly and covertly load a signed bill inside a playing card. It hides in plain sight in your card box, allowing you to perform this miracle-level effect wherever you go. Imagine a card to wallet type setup, but with a card box and playing card.

No dummy signatures or weird switches are required. Their bill genuinely ends up between the layers of the card. Both the card and bill are totally examinable at the end.

"Stratis" is not limited to bills. Load any flat or foldable object such as coins, predictions, receipts, and more. (This is particularly helpful for countries that use polymer currency, because these bills can sometimes be more difficult to crease and fold.)

Practical, Simple, and a Ton of Fun

You’ll learn a complete powerhouse routine that takes full advantage of “Stratis”. It is way more practical than you might imagine too. Yes, you will need to split cards. But don't worry if you've never done it before. It’s super easy and expertly taught in complete detail.

The best part is you can prepare cards in large batches. As long as you have a pre-prepared card available, you can reset "Stratis" in under 60 seconds. This is perfect for walkaround performers that want to perform the effect multiple times in one night.

“Stratis” comes with the materials needed to quickly integrate it into a red or blue deck of Mandolin Playing Cards. Less than a minute of one-time prep is all that's needed to get going. It can also be easily customized to work with any poker-sized deck of cards.

Pairing an imaginative gimmick with a showstopping commercial routine, “Stratis” checks all the boxes for professionals and hobbyists alike. Get yours today

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From a shuffled and borrowed deck the spectator takes two packets, shuffles them and looks at the card on the bottom of each. The magician never touches the deck.
The spectator puts the packets back on top of the rest of the deck.
Under truly impossible conditions the magician is able to divine in which positions the chosen cards are.

Impromptu! With a borrowed shuffled deck!
A magician fooler!

Download now!

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PredictOSong by Sachin.K.M(VIP)

A random Spectator puts on a headphone and plays his favourite song on youtube.
The Mentalist not only gets it right but also pulls a prediction with the name of the random spectator and the song he would play from inside his shoes.
No Assistant needed.
No Apps needed.
Works with a android phone. Not tested on ios.
Super easy to perform.
Watch the full uncut performance.
Note: Additional supplies will be needed to perform this effect.
Download & learn this stunning effect.

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Lewis Le Val – Mentalism For Beginners(VIP)

Mentalism for Beginners by Lewis Le Val - YouTube

In this exclusive video course, Lewis Le Val will guide you step by step in learning how to begin performing the mysterious art of mentalism.

Mentalism is a performance art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities…

You can do this too!

Starting with the absolute basics, you will learn how to seemingly read minds, influence the decisions of others and even predict the outcome of future events, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

All you’ll need is a standard deck of playing cards, a pen and some blank business cards available from any stationary supply store, as well as some extra household items you probably already own. Combined with expert teaching from Le Val, you will be fully equipped to begin ‘reading minds’ in no time!

After purchase, you will receive instructions on how to access the video course, which includes 10 (actually, 12) step by step video lessons teaching you everything you need to know to begin performing this incredible, unique and unforgettable form of entertainment.

“This is the course I wish I had when I was first learning mentalism” - Lewis Le Val.

Start learning today with the ultimate beginner’s guide to mentalism.

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