Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. have taken a classic of magic and completely revamped it for a modern audience. This incredible professional kit gives you everything you need to add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last century into your working set.

John Ramsay's classic "Cylinder and Coins" routine embodies what makes close-up magic so special. Many would argue that it is a rite of passage for magicians in the same vein as the Cups and Balls or an Ace Assembly. However, as it is not as well known and the props have started to feel dated in recent years, it is rarely performed by modern magicians.

It is truly a shame that audiences are being robbed of an effect filled with so many moments of genuine surprise and astonishment. So, Joshua Jay set out to create an innovative and contemporary version of this beloved close up routine.

While the basic idea stays the same, nearly every other aspect has changed. This includes brand new props and a shocking surprise ending that brings the whole routine to a perfect conclusion. Check out the full performance in the trailer above to see it in action before continuing.

Key Details:
Instead of using four coins, Joshua Jay's "Cylinder and Coins" uses just three coins. This helps make the trick less repetitive and eliminates many handling issues. As magic wands and leather cylinders are out-of-place props in modern magic acts, they have been removed as well.

In this version, the cylinder is represented by a rolled-up dollar bill. This feels very fair and doesn't look like a magic prop. You don't have to use an American bill either. Each kit comes with the gimmicks needed to prepare any bill.

The cork that would transpose with the coins in John Ramsay's original routine would often need extra explanation to justify its use. So, Joshua Jay has decided to use a finger ring. It's not only immediately recognizable, but helps make the necessary moves even easier.

When it comes to the coins themselves, Vanishing Inc. is incredibly proud to include custom-made offerings. For the first-time ever, Joshua Jay's "Triad Coins" are available in a replica Morgan Dollar version. This is not only the perfect size for performing "Cylinder and Coins", but makes all the vanishes smooth and easy.

Anyone who has ever performed the original "Cylinder and Coins" routine is also aware that the included stack of coins was generally static. Joshua Jay's "Cylinder and Coins" adds an entirely new dynamic element that drastically increases the fairness and openness of the effect.

This special "Cylinder and Coins" kit has been custom-crafted with the exceptional quality you've come to expect from Vanishing Inc. It offers everything you need to start learning and performing this remarkable routine. That includes the revolutionary stack of coins and dollar-size "Triad Coins" set, as well as the finger rings, bill gimmicks, and the very special something needed for the end of the routine. These professional quality props will last you a lifetime.

Don't wait any longer. Add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last 100 years to your set today.

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Curiosity by raven(VIP)

A deck of cards shuffled by the spectator ...

A mysterious sealed envelope out of the magician's pocket ...

The spectator lays out the deck of cards himself and concentrates on saying where the envelope should be inserted (between which cards).

We now look at which card the spectator decided to place the envelope, he now has a card in mind ...

And after having shuffled himself, the dumbfounded spectator notices that from the beginning inside the envelope is a card that corresponds to the card which freely chose it.

I created this trick in the spirit of bizarre magic, I love the atmosphere of these tricks and I very often use envelopes, it is a common object that everyone knows moreover we know that very often there is something inside, but what?


explanations in videos + PDF

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Amir Mughal – AnyTube(VIP)

AnyTube allows you to make predictions on YOUTUBE (one the most used Social Media platforms across the globe).


Imagine this you ask the spectator to take out their phone and scroll through the YouTube videos and whatever video they stop at; you are able to predict it in advance. Once you have learnt the mechanics of AnyTube, all that limits you to performing miracles is your imagination.

This is a Super direct piece of mentalism that will allow you to predict anything on YouTube i.e. YouTube views, YouTube video, YouTube channel.

• Perform on borrowed spectators’ phones.
• Always ready to perform.
• No duplicate app / custom magic app.
• Perform predictions of anything on YouTube.
• Works on both iPhone and Android Phones.
• Extremely easy to do.

All you need is a spectator with a smartphone (or you can use your own phone) to perform this miracle.

AnyTube requires no duplicate or custom magic app. It is not limited to any operating system meaning that it is both Apple and Android friendly.

Bonus Effect

Make predictions about posts / videos / tweets etc. which your audience is going to choose on Facebook and Twitter Apps.

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The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick(VIP)

A beloved mentalism text is finally available again after being out of print for many years.

"One of the great unsung heroes of original and fooling magic."
- Derren Brown

The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick became an underground sensation when it was first self-released in the late 2000s. Hector's refreshing take on mentalism captivated the entire community. This book quickly sold out and, outside of some "revised additions" years ago, it has been out of print for a long time.

Due to unwavering demand from mentalists and magicians alike, Vanishing Inc. has worked directly with Hector to bring The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick back and make it better than ever. The routines have been updated and rewritten and new material has been added alongside new illustrations. In total, more than 50 pages of amazing tricks and invaluable essays have been included in this "definitive" version of The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick.

This book is written unlike any other mentalism book. It's not dry or dense. You'll find yourself enthralled by the clever thinking and sharp wit. It's no wonder that Derren Brown has entrusted Hector to help him write many of his best theatrical and TV shows. Don't let the light-hearted tone of the writing fool you though. This material is gold.

All of the included effects in this nearly 260-page hardcover book are practical and audience-tested. They're accompanied by fascinating essays that delve into some of mentalism's most important topics. His thoughts on equivoque are worth the price of the book alone. There's even one essay that might be the shortest essay on magic and mentalism ever printed.

Inside The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick you'll find:

  • The Paper Plane Chair Game: A completely open prediction revealing which of four different chairs randomly-selected audience members will sit in.
  • Equivoque À Deux: Using nothing but words and gestures, Hector shares how concrete equivoque language can be and will inspire you to rethink your approach to this classic mentalism technique.
  • Mars & Murrie: Another routine exploring how equivoque can be strengthened by examining and changing the ways in which we eliminate objects.
  • The Windsor Magnet: A gimmickless and propless pseudo-hypnosis routine in which the performer performs causes a person to lose their ability to lift the arm of someone much smaller than them.
  • Hector Chadwick's Tossed Out Q&A: Hector's distinct approach to one of the strongest effects in mentalism
  • And so much more!

What's new in The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick:

  • Two brand new tricks, including a captivating card trick that was previously only released in extremely limited lecture notes and an amazing new impromptu book test that can be performed from across the room
  • Five more essays on essential mentalism topics
  • More than 50 total extra pages
  • Updated Illustrations crafted by Hector himself have been added

It doesn't matter if you're a magician, a mentalist, or a bit of both. The material in The Definitive Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick is worthy of lifelong study.

"Hector's a phenomenon."
- Andy Nyman

"Genuinely the most inspiring, useful, and intelligent mentalism book I have ever purchased."
- Chris Cox

"Hector Chadwick is, in my opinion, the best writer in mentalism. His prose is always full of wisdom (without any pretense or posturing); it is witty, insightful and crystal-clear in meaning and description. When I'm asked what my 5 favorite mentalism books are, 'The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick' is always at the top of my list."
- Tom Baxter

"We had the genuine joy of reading The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick for the first time some eight years after we started performing magic together, and were quite cross that it had not been in our hands much, much earlier. We have no doubts that you will love this book just as much as we do. Which is a lot. A huge amount really."
- Morgan & West

"The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick is a Modern Classic. I perform routines from the book to this day, and reading the essays made me a better magician. It is such an important book to me."
- Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed)

Hardback. 258 pages.

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The Love By Zaw Shinn & Hninn Aye Lwin(VIP)

An arrow and a heart are drawn on the back of a playing card. The arrow travels into the heart visibly and then the red card turns blue!

This effect is inspired by Patricio Teran's (Conquest of the Heart) only using a different method.

Special Thanks to Patricio Teran for helping us release this effect.

Perfect for social media. Download it today!

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TCP Change by Juan Luis Rubiales(VIP)

The TP Change is a new technique that has endless possibilities!

You can change faces and backs, force cards or positions, and much more and all of it without any gimmicks.

Pure sleight of hand.

One of the smartest and cleanest moves you have ever seen.

Download it today.

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This is a coin production like no other. In an instant, make a coin appear in an empty and open hand.

As a bonus, included is a fun and visually interesting retention vanish

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Rubber Things by Dr. Cyril Thomas(VIP)

"Pick up everything Dr. Cyril Thomas creates. His magic is always innovative and this project is no exception!" - Josh Burch

“A freakin instant double selection reveal? Heck yeah, I love it!" - Ryan Schlutz

"I like it! My favorite one is Mind Flayer. It creates a new and very interesting visual, like fishing a card from the deck." - Bacon Fire

After his bestseller Multiverse, Dr. Cyril Thomas is back with the most visual card + rubber band revelations ever invented.

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Benjamin Barnes – Penguin Live Online Lecture(VIP)

What will he teach?

Nous Savons- An unbelievable card location that defies explanation.

Ambitious Card- Everyone knows the effect Benjamin shares a way to perform it so that it is increasingly more impossible as the routine progresses. And it ends in their hands.
Top Change- Eugene Burger's Fabulous Effect Improved. Spectator selects a card, another spectator tries to find it.
Dropsy Diddle- Benjamin's approach To Eddie Field's Wonderful Effect.
The Moving Pencil- A interesting method to find a selected card, but you will find this has a ton of uses.
Rosini Double Reverse- Two chosen cards are reversed in the deck in an amazing demonstration of pure sleight of hand.
The Impossible Force- Is the best force I have ever seen and I have used this force to fool many of the world's top magicians.


Who is he?

Benjamin Barnes is the Entertainment Director of the Chicago Magic Lounge and was the producer and creator of the longest running magic show in Chicago history, Magic Chicago. In addition to his role as Entertainment Director at the Chicago Magic Lounge, he is a renowned performer of close-up magic.  He regularly appears at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Jeff McBride's Wonderground in Las Vegas and at upscale corporate events nationwide.

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