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Kainoa Harbottle – Masterclass – Week One(VIP)

Hawaii’s Kainoa Harbottle is regarded as ‏‏‎ ‎of the world’s finest coin magicians, and what we like best about him is that he’s the “complete” coin magician. That is, his skill is world-class, and he does all sorts of unusual, beautiful moves with grace and precision. But Kainoa is also wildly clever, and he has created a mountain of tremendous coin material. Finally, Kainoa is a relaxed, funny performer, and his presentations are often the best part of his magic. We’re delighted to welcome Kainoa as a Masterclass Live Instructor, and he will focus on a mixture of new and published routines, as well as material that will challenge experts, and other things that will be achievable for those who have never done a coin trick in their lives.

Week One: (November 7th 2021, 4pm ET) – Curriculum TBA
Take a masterclass with one of the world’s finest coin magicians.

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David Copperfield’s History of Magic(VIP)

A captivating and enlightening exploration of the history of magic, illusion and conjuring.

Despite being one of most influential, if not THE most influential, magicians to ever live, David Copperfield has never lost sight of the fact that magic is an art that stands on the shoulders of giants. His passion for the history of magic and ensuring each new generation recognizes the greats who came before us makes him the perfect captain for this journey through the fascinating world of deception.

With help from fellow magicians Richard Wiseman and David Britland, Copperfield chronicles 28 different groundbreaking magicians that helped transform magic from simple feats of trickery into a beloved and respected form of entertainment. From Reginald Scot introducing the world to conjuring with The Discoverie of Witchcraft to Dai Vernon (a.k.a “The Man Who Fooled Houdini”) revolutionizing the possibilities of close-up magic to the woman who proved magic is not just a man’s world by levitating and catching bullets between her teeth, David Copperfield’s “History of Magic” is an exciting look back at the remarkable evolution of magic.

Like many magicians, each of these conjurers shared similar stories of using magic to escape the limitations of their culture or socioeconomic status. By learning how to leverage the inner workings of the human mind and embracing the latest technological and scientific discoveries, these magicians were able to drive social change and transform magic from a secret underground art into a relevant part of mainstream pop culture.

These remarkable tales are complemented by more than 100 never-before-seen photographs from David Copperfield’s illustrious Museum of Magic in Las Vegas, including a 16th century treatise on sleight of hand moves, Houdini’s straightjackets, handcuffs and water torture chamber, Alexander’s high-tech turban that enabled him to read minds as “The Man who Knows”, Dante’s famous sawing-in-half apparatus and even some coins that were believed to have once been held by America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln.

David Copperfield’s “History of Magic” is a gorgeous hardback book with full-color photos that will anchor any library or collection. It is sure to inspire you and leave you filled with the same passion for magic that has driven him to become one of the most successful entertainers in the world.

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Clement Di natale – Pure Toss Project(VIP)

Clément Di natale is magician specialized in coin manipulation. Pure toss is his second project, in which he will teach you one of the most visual and gimmick-free disappearances! With the principle used, Clément offers you several routines and variations that will be feasible in real conditions. With this lenient project will try to show you pure and visual magic.

“When done well, this looks like CGI but in REAL LIFE!”

-Eric Jones

“If you can learn this well, you’ll have a piece of real magic!”


“This will take practice, but when mastered, you’ll have a KILLER vanish on your hands!”

– Kim Andersen

‘I really wish after practice, I can do this as well. What’s in this project is just too good.’

-Jeffrey Wang

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Ryukapi by Ryu Ka(VIP)

Ryukapi by RYU-KA - DVD

This is an omnibus collection DVD by Ryu-ka, who is Japan's leading young magician. It includes selected 4 card tricks, 3 coin tricks and one more. These will surprise and delight magicians all over the world.

Ryu-ka is a master of coin tricks and has extremely outstanding ideas. His first DVD, "Emperor," published on 2013, was highly regarded. He participated in FISM ASIA 2014 and 2017, representing Japan.

He performs highly visual tricks with a versatile imagination and sophisticated techniques. You might think he uses gimmicked coins, but that's not the case. His tricks can be performed in the real world.

He shows a lot of visual effects. These are not camera tricks -- you can actually perform them! Although they are not easy to learn, we can assure you that they will be worth your practice to generate a powerful performance.

The explanations are easy to understand with video angles from many sides.

You can learn the motion and the purpose steadily and surely.

# Coin

- Ryukapi!ece: Short one-coin routine with Ryu-ka's original technique. This is very simple and unique.

- ATLANTIS: Simple and clean 3 Coins Across. You will be fooled!

- yu | bi | wa: One of the most skillful Spellbound effects with a coin and finger ring.

- Standing Wild: Wild Coin variation -- includes secret menu on "Emperor". Many famous magicians have said, "This is a gimmick."

# Card

- Stella over sand: Cool sandwich effect. It fooled many cardicians.

- Clear over sand: Simple and quick sandwich effect.

- USJ: Rhythmical collector. It has a unique move.

# Other

- R!ngo: Very simple finger ring vanish idea.

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Adrian Lacroix – Penguin Live Lecture(VIP)

“I met Adrian on a trip to Argentina and was very impressed by his incredible passion for magic and mentalism! He is not only a unique thinker with great ideas, but also a worker out there performing for audiences day in, day out. Excited to see what he teaches in his Penguin lecture!”- Oz Pearlman

“Adrian will pleasantly surprise you with his clever ideas.”- Gregory Wilson

“Adrian Lacroix is an amazing magician! When I saw him bend a spoon I was astonished! His method looks real! Could it be that he is using the power of his mind? Even I don’t know! Adrian’s performances are entertaining and brings real magic into your reality. I highly recommend his show!”- Uri Geller

What will he teach?

ESP- A mentalism routine with numbers where the performer seemed to know exactly how the spectator thinks and what number he will choose each time.

DB Poker Hand- A poker hand prediction.

Rubicon- A matching cube routine with a “hands free” handling where 2 spectators turn 2 Rubik’s cubes at the same time and as soon as they finish, both cubes match.
Bonus- How to perform a matching cube routine over zoom.

Passcode- A pin code revelation that can be performed over zoom.

Virtual Triumph 2– A new handling and subtleties for the Virtual Triumph.

Who is he?

Adrian Lacroix is an illusionist and inventor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His interest in magic began at the age of 8, after watching David Copperfield performing on TV. Being self-taught, he spent his youth and teen years, immersed in that world. At 17, he was already performing in restaurants and private events doing “close-up magic”. For the last 10 years he has been performing in some of the most prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires.

At his private events he usually performs for politicians, celebrities and companies CEOs. In 2020 he did an intimate performance for the President of Argentina and his family.

During lockdown, he has invented and marketed four best-selling routines for magicians to use on video chat; one of which was featured by Penn & Teller on national television. He revolutionized the way magic can be performed online. All the big names in the industry of magic recognize Adrian’s creations as the best magic effects than can be performed over zoom. He was called by David Copperfield, David Blane and Penn & Teller to perform privately for them.

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Abstract Effects – I am ARRR(VIP)

I am ARRR (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Abstract Effects

"It's absolutely brilliant! Both the premise and the method"

From the creative minds of The Other Brothers comes an effect that is five years in the making - one of the very first concepts ever developed by the imaginative duo. Produced by Abstract Effects, "I AM ARRR" is a unique and surprising pendulum which provides you an opportunity to perform incredible mentalism with a shocking reveal!

For years, pendulums have been used by mentalists and psychics to create real magic, but now there is one that will not only allow you to tap into the power of the pendulum, but with this clever secret the spectator can actually find their own selected card. If that's not powerful enough, the pendulum will reveal their selection in its shadow!

The Other Brothers teach you a mentalism effect using the materials provided in "I AM ARRR" that will send shivers through your spectators and it all ends with a reveal like none other.

"I AM ARR" is perfect for intimate, small group settings and can be done impromptu as it is a simple, yet powerful tool. Prove once and for all to your friends and families that magic is real with "I AM ARRR!"

"Killer. Insane method and so CLEAN. Love this"
-Justin Flom

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Two classic themes intertwine in this effect: the impossible location and Any Card at any Number. The magician will first be able to find one of the two cards under impossible conditions and pull it out face down.
While the second can be found incredibly at the number nominated by the spectator.
An effect that fool even fellow magicians without a doubt.
Impressive routine !
Really simple to do!

Download Now!

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