The Bucket by Inaki Zabaletta(VIP)

The most professional, practical and entertaining Miser's Dream routine.

  • Fifty years of Greco's experience meet the new and fresh approach of Iñaki.
  • This is the dream routine for any professional.
  • Ideal for any conditions and audiences: kids, adults, street, stage or parlor magic.
  • Three full live performances.
  • Step-by-step explanations: the moves, gags, loads, productions, climax and all the details.
  • BONUS EFFECT: The Miser's Dream routine is IMPROMPTU without the bucket!
  • You'll learn the routine that WORKS!

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Veering From Royal Road by Andrew Frost(VIP)

Andrew Frost - Veering from the Royal Road | Paradize Magic

p>When looking at a number of the effects from the Royal Road to Card Magic, I found their construction and handling to feel very dated. I have taken my three favourite effects from the book and reinvented them to make them more direct. using modern sleights and construction ideas.


Contained within the project are detailed explanations of my take on the following effects and sleights.

A Card and A Number - An ACAAN style effect in which the spectators card ends up at a thought of number that additionally allows you to divine the number that they thought of. In this I teach a more chaotic variation of the Miller Table Cut/Control.

Now You See It - A trick in which the magician attempts to guess the spectators card with a shocking transformation of a card under the spectators hand.

Designed for Laughter - The magician reads the poker face of a spectator whist trying to divine a card which has been shuffled into the deck (by the participant). You are not only able to divine the card in a magical fashion but have an undetectable kicker ending.

Reviews of Veering From the Royal Road

Andrew's modern and efficient versions of these three classic card tricks will make even the most advanced card magician revisit the Royal Road to Card Magic. Brilliant stuff. - Harapan Ong @harapanong

“Andrew takes what might normally be ignored as antiquated and turns it into something relevant, interesting and worthy of study” - Jeremy Griffith @lost_angelus

“A first class debut. A thoroughly enjoyable project. Great work” - Ollie Mealing @olliemealing

“It’s great to have someone this talented bring a fresh perspective and thoughtfulness to the classics. I’d definitely veer from the Royal Road any time!” - Ricky Smith @diagonalpalmshift

“‘The Royal Road To Card Magic’ is great an’ all, but who the hell uses the glide anymore? It’s such a treat to see smart, modernised handlings for great - yet overlooked - routines. Highly recommended.” - Stephen Long @hectorchadwick

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Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva(VIP)

It's not a stripper deck. It's not a Svengali deck. It doesn't use rough smooth, or short cards, or thick cards. The secret is virtually indetectable, and the best part is, you can use this as your everyday pack of cards!

Locator Deck allows you to quickly and easily identify any card or cards freely selected by your audience. This is an underground system that gamblers have taken advantage of for decades to crush their opponents, and now it can be yours.

Locator Deck comes ready to go right out of the box. You’ll also receive an instructional video from Gogo Cuerva, who has been using this incredible system to fool magicians and lay audiences across the country. You’ll learn three different effects where a card is selected, lost in the deck, and then revealed under impossible conditions. Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company and printed on Bicycle Rider Back stock, these cards are a dream to handle. You’ll be finding selected cards like you had a tracking device installed in them when you perform with The Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva.

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Genii Magazine May 2023(VIP)



MAY 2023


Paul Gertner: Man of Steel by Dustin Stinett
Mystique Dining by Doc Docherty


Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman
The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong
Exhumations Clean Sweep Thought Penetration by Jon Racherbaumer
Chamber of Secrets Topper Martyn’s Cup and Ball Automaton by John Gaughan
Thoughts … Elements of an Effect, Part Two by Rafael Benatar
Cardopolis The Ghost Count by David Britland
Artifices Ninty-One by Roberto Mansilla
Expert at the Kids’ Table The No Reason Magic Show by David Kaye
Magicana by Chris Beason

  • “Phish” by Josh Janousky
  • “Push Thru” by Josh Janousky
  • “Flutter” by Josh Janousky

The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Shawn McMaster
  • Now Appearing at The Magic Castle


Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

  • “Nepomuk” by Benjamin Chickering
  • “Countdown Coins” by Rocco Silano
  • “Instant Coffee” by Martin Lewis
  • “Miracle One” by Christian Grace

Books Reviewed by Francis Menotti

  • Hocus Pocus Practice Focus-The Making of a Magician by Amy Kimlat
  • Masters of Magic Series by Gary Ouellet
  • Death and the Conjuror by Tom Mead
  • The Yankee Magic Collector No. 20 by New England Magic Collectors Association

Videos Reviewed by Jonathan Levit

  • Dani DaOrtiz Fool Us Act by Dani DaOrtiz
  • Mark Zacharia Live by Mark Zacharia

Subscription Information/Advertiser Index

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Exhale by Steven Palmer(VIP)

Exhale by Steven Palmer

Exhale is a utility technique / force that enables the performer to force a card on a spectator as the spectator shuffles and cuts the deck. It is a combination of ideas and techniques from the literature that have been streamlined and added to. Included are several routines I have used the technique with. The exhale technique is essentially self-working and seems impossible to the spectator as the spectator does all the work.

1st edition 2020, PDF 21 pages.

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Wayne Fox – Light Heavy Project(VIP)

LIGHT/HEAVY By Wayne Fox - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Merchant of Magic

Welcome to the world of Light/Heavy where any object on the table becomes too heavy to lift.

The Light/Heavy Project is a teaching system which allows you to perform a ‘stuck to the table’ effect with any object at any moment, without the need of any pre-show work.
Over the last five years I have been relentlessly, piecing together a teaching technique which will allow you to understand not just how it works, but why it works.
If you appreciate more on ‘the why’ it works, you’ll get a much quicker understanding and feel for it’s importance, and in turn you’ll learn the technique within days instead of weeks.
You’ve seen me performing this on social media, maybe on the stand at Blackpool, or perhaps at your magic club. In this instant download, I teach you how to get exactly the same reactions and results as I do, giving you the most powerful piece of theatre you could ever wish to possess.

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Appearing Glass by Steve Thompson(VIP)

Appearing Glass - magic

With a variety of all-time best sellers under his belt like “Glance”, “Flite” and Video Chat Magic, Steve Thompson is one of the most innovative and respected creators in the industry. But “Appearing Glass” may be the closest he’s ever come to “real” magic.

A Brand-New Method

You’ve seen the basic idea before, but never in a way as fair and incredible as “Appearing Glass”. This is the key to finally taking that extra step from “amazing” into the realm of “truly impossible.”

Other marketed effects follow a similar pattern: you remove a bag from your pocket, unfold it and produce a glass of liquid. Many of them even allow you to show the bag is completely empty first. However, before you can make the production happen, a fishy move needs to occur for the glass to somehow get pre-loaded in the bag.

This typically requires you to either ruin the flow of the routine by creating an offbeat at a critical juncture or find a seemingly viable excuse to justify your actions—which, unfortunately, can sometimes transform into a giant arrow pointing directly at the method when the audience recaps the effect.

“Appearing Glass” by Steve Thompson solves this problem.

You can show the bag empty and even have a participant place their hand inside to verify nothing is there. Then, instantly, without ever putting your hand inside the bag, you make a glass appear with a visible and audible thud. They can immediately reach in and take it out themselves.

Don’t want to produce a glass? You can also use the bag to produce phones, cubes, decks of cards, or any other similar object.

This modern take on a popular effect is visual, fast, safe, and simple. The premium props are a joy to use and make “Appearing Glass” practical enough for every performing situation from stage to close-up.

The Perfect Gimmick

The centerpiece of “Appearing Glass” is the custom-made, wildly-clever gimmicked bag that is about as close to perfect as possible. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you see how clever it is.

The best part is that it’s been designed to be easily operated with one hand. This greatly simplifies the handling while simultaneously amplifying the fairness. Let them examine it and then instantly make the glass appear like real magic.

Constructed from durable Tyvek™, this bag is built to last countless performances. It’s resistant to tears and water, making it especially useful when making a tall glass of liquid seemingly drop out of thin air.

The Perfect Glass

Careful consideration was also given to the custom-made, high-gloss glass. It looks just like a real glass, but is constructed of durable acrylic that is not only light and easy to steal, but won’t break if you drop it. The custom-designed lid keeps the liquids from spilling until you’re ready. It can then be quickly, quietly and discreetly removed with one hand right before you load the glass into the gimmick.

The Perfect Steal

Ok, so this part is technically not new. But, the way Steve pairs a slight modification on a classic holdout with a totally justified and simple steal is unrivaled. Every movement is motivated perfectly to make it completely invisible. With a little practice, you’ll be fooling yourself in the mirror. All you need is a belt and some type of coat, hoodie, cardigan or similar.

Oh, and once you’re loaded, the glass is ready to appear instantly whenever you’d like. And you don’t have to rush anything. In the loaded position, you have 220-degree working angles that enable you to confidently show the bag empty one more time immediately before the appearance. This is a true game-changer.

From the Stage to the Table

While “Appearing Glass” is clearly a showstopper for any stage magic or parlor magic show, it was also designed with close-up magic workers in mind. Very generous angles and a quick reset time make it great for walkaround magic and street magic.

Don’t want to use it as an opener? The custom-made props allow you to safely perform this amazing effect at any point in your set.

“Appearing Glass” by Steve Thompson is perfect for any magician that wants a surefire way to truly astonish every audience. You’ll perform it for a lifetime, and the premium props will last just as long.

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Cesaral Mental Frisbee by PITATA(VIP)

We finally made it.

The Cesaral Mental Frisbee is now ready!

We believe that it is truly innovative and shining work. We have spent countless efforts to build and refine it, and finally simplified and now present it to you in the form of an Ordinary-Looking frisbee. Hope you will enjoy it.

What is the Cesaral Mental Frisbee?

The Cesaral Mental Frisbee (CMF) is a Magic & Tech device with an integrated accelerometer and ultra-long range wireless transmitter. It can transmit the audience member's selection to the receiver so that the performer obtains the information in real-time.

This is an unprecedented device that may completely change the way you open your show.

Using a frisbee to select a random audience member is a familiar procedure for magicians and mentalists, but the frisbee itself is usually purposeless apart from being tossed to the audience member. With the CMF, the frisbee itself is used to perform a formal and professional level mind-reading effect, transforming the most uneventful and time-consuming audience selection process into a highlight of your show.


1. Highly customizable:

The sticker on the surface of the frisbee can be replaced with any symbol selection of choices you want. Numbers, ESP symbols, zodiac signs, animals, locations, fruits, characters, brands...even the product line of your corporate clients.

2. Powerful routines provided

We included powerful routines for the Cesaral Mental Frisbee;

Here are some routines ideas, all of which are quite strong:

Classic Mind-Reading: Reveal the audience member's selected symbol directly, or leave it as a follow-up reveal or call back.

Color Matching: Perform a brushless and highly interactive color match routine with the included colored stickers.

Bonus - Triple Mind Reading: Use two extra colored Frisbees to perform a magical three-person mind reading, and at the end, you can also give away the colored Frisbees.

3. Highly realistic appearance

The outer shell is exactly that of an actual frisbee. As far as your audience can tell, it is a real frisbee. A real Frisbee weighs 200g, and the CMF weighs 280g.

4. Unprecedented transmission range:

The CMF's signal uses 433 MHz and can travel up to 100 meters, allowing it to be performed across almost any stage.

5. Well-designed receiver:

The receiver has dual means of a display screen plus vibration haptic feedback. The vibration pulse is coded similarly to Roman numerals. No matter what the number is, it can be obtained in seconds.

6. Switchable performance modes:

The performance mode settings on the frisbee can be switched between 6 or 12 zones to suit your performance needs.

7. Tested for durability:

The Frisbee has been drop-tested vigorously on concrete floors. Even if the audience misses catching it during your performance, there is no need to worry.


  • The gimmick Frisbee X 1
  • The receiver X 1
  • Wireless charger X 1
  • Charging cable X 1
  • Stickers for color match (6 colors/20 each)
  • Zodiac sticker X 1
  • Animal sticker X 1
  • Fruit sticker X 1


  • Size: Frisbee 30mm X 280mm,
    Receiver 16mm X 25mm X 46mm,
    Round sticker 195mm.
  • Weight: Frisbee 280g, receiver 14g.
  • Standby time: Frisbee 8 hours, receiver 5 hours.
  • Maximum signal range: ~100 m


If you are not sure about your skill of throwing a frisbee or the audience is really too far away. You could give it to someone in the first row and pass the frisbee to the others until they want to stop.


PITATA products are professionally produced with expert quality control.

PITATA tests each item individually before shipping to ensure perfect functionality. But in case something may be damaged during shipping or an item may arrive defective, we will exchange the item for a new one.

Enjoy and get yours now!

Signal Range Test and the Violence Test:

For the signal range test and the violence test/drop test videos of the Cesaral Mental Frisbee. You can contact [email protected] for videos. The result is far better than our expectations and you will be amazed.

"It's incredible. It's Impossible."
- Wizard Magic Review! (David- 95%, Wayne - 95%, Paul - 94%)

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Thought of Card Across by Morgan & West(VIP)

Thought Of Cards Across - Morgan & West - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Morgan & West have created probably the cleanest approach to the Card Across Plot imaginable! It looks like real magic, and there isn't a moment where you even THINK that something sneaky could be going on. It is SOOOOO clean that it completely defies explanation. This is the very definition of a show stopper.

Oh - and after teaching you the solo magician version of this killer routine, Morgan & West ALSO show you their renowned 'two performer' variation which makes for a jawdropping stage piece!

Ten black and ten red cards are shown. The spectator mentally selects any of the black cards.

Without ANY fancy moves, the chosen card vanishes from the pack of black cards and shows up amongst the other pack of red cards as the only black card there.

Comes with beautifully made custom Large Index Phoenix cards (red backs), and download video instructions.


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