Davide Tizzano – The Fade Change

Davide Tizzano presents the Fade Change. A playing card is shown and – in the action of dropping the deck from one hand to the other – it instantly and visually changes…and it is not finish,the card than change again.

It is completely impromptu and yes….finish with a single!

Whether that’s to practice something new, master a difficult sleight, expand your skill set, or just want a double change that’s freakin’ fun to play with in front of your audience. With detailed explanation, I cover every detail. Shot in full HD, with multiple performances, variations and tips.

Welcome to the Fade Change.

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CRE-A-TIVE by Dalton Wayne

Within this package you’ll find four concepts. The effects are not fully formed effects, but rather the building blocks upon which you can create any number of ground breaking magic tricks. This package is designed to cultivate you’re own creative flow, unlocking heretofore unknown personal potential.

Effect 1
Show off your marksmanship. Take the cap off of a glue stick, and instantly throw it back on with 100% accuracy!

Effect 2
Frighten children and small animals with your eerie elongating finger. Grow your finger to twice it’s normal lengths, and then revert it back to it’s original size.

Effect 3
An old school effect brought back in a brand new light! Vanish any small object from the palm of your hand.

Effect 4
Feeling lucky? If not, make your own luck with this amazing shuffle that keeps all cards in the deck in the exact same order!

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Crazy Little Flourish By Marc Decoux

Crazy Little Flourish by Marc Decoux

This underground card production was first published in a really private set of lecture notes sold directly by Marc in 1993 ( you’ll soon understand how ahead of his time he was back then) .

The MS team first saw this incredible flourish live in 2004 and has thought about  releasing it to the magic community ever since.

Finally, in 2013, we’ve met with Marc to film this little gem … and more.

In this download you’ll finally be able to learn :

  • The original 4 aces production
  • A one card production
  • 2 tricks

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REF4M by Blake Vogt – Theory11

It all begins with one card. It is freely selected. It is chosen. It is signed.

It is never switched, and there are no duplicates. Show your spectators the front and back. You have nothing to hide. The card is torn once, twice, again. The pieces, now destroyed, are shown.

The damage has been done. What was once one is now four.

Piece by piece, part by part, you press the edges together. As they touch, they restore. It looks like real magic. It feels like real magic. It might BE real magic (Editor’s Note: it isn’t).

You are completely surrounded. There is NOTHING else in your hands.

Once complete, the card is shown front and back. All illusions must end. The card is torn, and the pieces are handed back to the spectator to keep. Forever.

As Blake’s debut release, REF4M offers a fresh, new concept to the Torn and Restored plot. It is 100% impromptu, the card can be signed, it only uses one card, and there are no duplicates. Did we mention you can perform this effect surrounded?

A ready-to-go Torn & Restored card routine at a moment’s notice.

When your friend offers you a deck on the spot and tells you to perform a trick, you can instantly do REF4M – and leave them something to remember you by forever.

Learn this impromptu card miracle in 38 minutes of unrivaled instruction by Blake Vogt.

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The Blue Crown by Magick Balay

Powerful & Direct

CIA is a versatile utility device that allows you to read the thoughts of your spectator and gain hidden information. The brainchild of Magick Balay, CIA includes custom-made gimmicks that can be used for a variety of powerful effects.

DVD + Custom Gimmicks

Magick will teach you 3 stunning routines that can be used with CIA – a card divination, a book test, and a red/black card separation. He also covers 3 bonus effects and several tips and tricks to apply the principles taught in CIA to your real-world performances.


The special CIA gimmicks are so practical that you can carry them with you every day! The effects possible with CIA are perfect for walk-around, table-hopping, at school, in the office, and at your professional gigs.

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Stacks by SansMinds

Have you been looking for the perfect ending effect for your card routine?

What about that perfect transitional effect between your card routine and your money routine?

Look no further because “Stacks” is the perfect solution to both questions.

Stacks is an extremely practical and commercial way to make money appear from a deck of cards.

Imagine having a deck of cards in your hand and it visually changes to a stack of money.

Single hand operation and super easy to do. It comes with everything you need inside the box.

You have to check out the trailer to see it for yourself.

*Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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Nathan Kranzo – ANTI-GRAVITY


Why does ANTI-GRAVITY fool magicians?

Because there’s always a missing piece of the puzzle. “If you’re not using threads, how do you make the bill float?” and “if you’re not hooked up to it, how do you make it fall on command?”

I’ve seen first-hand how fooling this is. Nathan fooled the crap out of me with it at lunch a few months ago (I’ll admit it! I had no clue).

Will this be your favorite way to levitate? YES. Why? Because you can do it everywhere! It’s so practical! No thread means zero stress.

ANTI-GRAVITY is actually 2 tricks in one.

The levitation: Gently, you remove your hand from below a balancing BORROWED bill and it stays in place, hovering in mid-air.

It falls on your command: Without touching it, you cause the bill to drop like a dead-weight.

And with Nathan’s pro tips on how to always be ready to go, you’ll be LOVING this trick every day.

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Hypnotrick By Ben Williams

Now it is possible to make people believe you are a master of suggestion/hypnosis techniques without having to learn the detailed ins and outs of this advanced skill!

Imagine dividing your audience into two groups, the first you influence with an hypnotic suggestion, and the second remain unaltered by your powers!


With HYPNOTRICK a spectator can select a card from a deck and show it to everyone in his group before signing it. The performer then shows the second group the selection and they see a totally different card, despite there being only one card and it being signed across it’s face!

The performer can release the spectators from their hypnotic state at any time, to show the true identity of the card. Oh, and the card can then be immediately inspected!

Now you can do all these things with Hypnotrick, a brand new effect from the creative mind of Ben Williams. With this knowledge and detailed photo illustrated routine you will be able to perform a whole range of effects from convincing people you are a master of suggestion techniques to doing a signed colour change using just one card and your bare hands. This effect could also be translated onto stage for a larger performance maybe in a mentalism act.

This is visual magic at it’s best, not just ‘another card trick’; this can be as powerful as you want it to be.


Can the spectator really sign the card?
Yes! Although it is not necessary, the spectator can sign the FACE OF THE CARD before it changes. There are no duplicate signatures used. The signature can be in full view the whole time whether the ‘hypnotised’ group or the ‘unhypnotised’ group are seeing the card.

Can the spectators inspect the card?
Yes, after the trick is done the card is 100% examinable and can be kept as a souvenir, something I would encourage. In fact because of the nature of the effect the card can also be fully inspected as it is selected.

Do you need to be highly skilled with cards to perform this effect?
No, not at all. In fact all you need to know is one sleight that is not hard to execute and 95% of people reading this will probably know how to do it. The handling has also been refined so that there is no knucklebusting sleight of hand required, allowing you to concentrate fully on your performance.

Do you need to know any hypnosis or suggestion techniques?
No you don’t. Although to gain full credability for what this effect can achieve you should be able to act the part of a mentalist or somebody who can influence a persons mind using suggestion, such as when you read a spectators mind to tell them what card they have.

Is it suitable for ‘real-world’ working conditions?
YES! Here’s a few reasons why :-

  • No difficult angles and unrealistic ‘moves’
  • Quick reset
  • Fast and entertaining for your audience
  • Adaptable to your current performing style or card effects
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • Works one2one with a spectator or plays to a whole group
  • You can put your business details on the back of the card


“Nice One!!! I’ve been playing with this for the past few weeks and I LOVE IT!” – Dan Makings

“I purchased this on the strengh of your other ‘own’ items which I have found to be excellent. Once again I am not disappointed. Keep it up!” – JoJo UK

“I actually made a GUY scream out in shock and amazement with this! It’s a strong bit of magic guys, now moved it to be a card magic closer effect! Thanks” – Mat Cane

“I have my sticky mitts on a copy of Ben Williams’ effect, Hypnotrick. I havebeen eager to see this ever since Ben showed me a video when he was workingon the effect.

Hypnotrick is written with Ben’s friendly and witty style. The instructions areclear, detailed and easy to follow. Ben goes into the minutest detail whendescribing his presentation and handling of this effect, though he pointsout that this is just one presentation, you could easily come up withsomething that fits your own style.

What I particularly like is the depth in which Ben describes the finerpoints of the handling, misdirection and audience management, something thatmany magicians leave out when publishing an effect.

The effect relies on a simple gimmick which is easy to prepare, there aredetailed instructions on how to do this. Due to very clever routining thecard is 100% examinable when selected and at the end of the effect. It canbe signed by the spectator if you wish, and can be handed out as a keepsake.You end totally clean.

This is a very clever routine with the potential for you to inject your ownpersonality into it, though Ben’s style fits it perfectly and he givesdetailed instructions on how to achieve this. It’s a routine which willamaze your spectators and have them thinking you truly do have hypnoticpowers. For the spectators that is the only possible explanation.

I am now busy practising my hypnotic stare, and unnerving all around me Imight add! I have tried this out on my family who are used to being my magic guinea pigs, but this really freaked my sister out, tee hee! I willdefinitely be adding this one to my new repertoire of effects this year andI highly recommend it.” – Stephen Morrison

Pages 8 – Saddle Stitched

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Justin Miller – The Sick Control Trilogy

The SICK Control is a utility move that can be used as a control, a change or a steal, that has the advantage of being as subtle or flashy as you want it to be.

A card is selected and clearly placed into the center of the pack. In that move, it has instantly been controlled to the bottom.

As a change, it works even better – a random card selected by the performer changes into the spectators’ card in a fluid motion. A visual color change that seems to happen simply by blowing on the card.

Justin’s practical advice concerning angles, performance tips and visual enhancements will have you performing this move in minutes. Download it Now.

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