Promotion By Kyle Purnell and Mystique Factory

Remove a normal five dollar bill from your wallet, or even borrow one from a spectator. Have it signed. VISUALLY CHANGE IT INTO A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL! A moment later, hand the just changed twenty out to be examined…THEIR SIGNATURE STILL ACROSS THE BILL!

Promotion is all about heightening the impossibility of the bill change. When you do magic with a perfectly unique (signed) and even borrowed object, it will stick with your audiences for a long time. SIGNATURE STILL ACROSS THE BILL!

Keep in mind:

  • The bill can be borrowed and signed! (American Currency or any bill that have similar colors)
  • The gimmick does most of the work for you!
  • Reuse the same bill after multiple performances!
  • Immediately examinable!
  • Takes up minimal pocket space

The DVD includes detailed instructions on making the gimmick and how to use it in performance, as well as materials to construct your own gimmick in minutes.

Routines you can find on the DVD:

  • Promotion- which is Kyle’s signature effect where a signed Five Dollar Bill changes to a Twenty Dollar Bill while the signature stays on the Twenty Dollar Bill!
  • An ultimate transposition type of effect -the spectator visually see the card change without any cover.
  • Bill to card change/Card to bill change.
  • Change a bill to your business card.
  • A Bill Switch with any type of currency.

Keypoints to remember:

  • The bill is borrowed in both versions.
  • Everything can be examined before and after.
  • In every version you start and end clean.
  • Easy to do.
  • Reset in seconds.
  • Use the same gimmick over and over again.
  • Endless possibilities.
  • You can use any size bills.

“Clean and visual I love it!” -Dan Hauss

“F#&@°%G Brilliant!” -Rus Andrews

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Rain Maker by Karl Hein

Update July 16, 2018: Checkout demo #2 to see Karl performing live for Pete Holmes and find out how BIG this effect can get!

Here’s what happens:

1. Show a few one-dollar bills.
2. Instantly turn them into A HEAPING PILE OF CASH.

Think about it.. if you REALLY had magic powers, this is the EXACT trick you’d be doing. Over, and over, and over again.

The reactions you’re going to get with “Rainmaker” will SURPRISE YOU. Going from “a little” to “a lot” of ANYTHING is an awesome trick — but when it’s money.. it’s pure FIREWORKS.

PROFESSIONALS: This is a BIG trick. Eye-popping big. And it’s a worker too! But perhaps the best part, is that you’re showing people what they secretly hope being a magician is all about. You’re showing them exactly what they would do if they had your powers.

PS: My favorite way to perform Rainmaker is to give out a couple bills when I’m done. A dollar here and there is a small price to pay to convince crowds that you genuinely did produce money from thin air. Instead of “needing them back”. If I can produce more, why do I care?

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Emran Riaz – Shinobi Control

Emran Riaz presents a deceptive card control from his personal repertoire – submitted to theory11 just a few weeks ago. Learn to control any selection to the top of the deck in a fair, natural manner. Emran also teaches a unique force and a sandwich routine utilizing the Shinobi concept.

A few weeks ago, we received a webcam video of Emran demonstrating the control. The video went directly to Dan White on theory11’s creative team, to Jonathan Bayme, to Chris Kenner, to Michael Weber, to Jason England.

Shinobi is a novel, deceptive card control that can also be utilized as a force. Unique in it’s mechanics, it fools everyone that Emran has shown it to. And the reviews, to say the least, have agreed. Learn it now.

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Past Present Future by Rick Lax

“The most powerful trick I’ve ever created” – Rick Lax

“This is a killer routine.” – Oz Pearlman

“People will believe this is something you can really do.” – Justin Flom

“This is a beautiful effect. Evocative. Intimate. Clear. Powerful.” – Chris Philpott

“If you are a magician who is interested in adding a Tarot Card effect to your set, then you absolutely need PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE. The effect is super strong and the updated cards look absolutely amazing!” – Cody Fisher

“A wonderful, engaging and memorable effect with a stunning custom tarot deck. Highly recommended!” – David Jonathan

“Big fan of Past Present Future! Thank you for putting it out again my first edition deck is beat to hell because I’ve used it so much! This is a great routine that builds to a high impactful finale which requires minimal to no sleights and skill – plus you can get a lot of time out of it! I freaking love this routine – I do it all the time! Releasing this has been long overdue! it’s the perfect not card trick card trick!” – Dan Sperry

“Rick’s Past, Present, Future gives the every day magician the ability to harness the intrigue and power of the tarot, while retaining a structured routine that is guaranteed to get great reactions from any audience. I used the original PPF in my set. Now, thanks to the new design, you don’t have to be dowsed in black clothing to pull it off! The artwork within not only improves the visibility of the predictions, but the modernisation of the imagery means that this will work for any style of performer!” – Dee Christopher

Tell their fortune while controlling their actions with one of Rick Lax’s most powerful effects. Now printed with beautiful full-color art on tarot-sized cards, this one is a reputation maker. Your audience can make completely free choices, but no matter what they select, you will be able to reveal that they were always destined to choose their Past Present Future by Rick Lax.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces the Major Arcana from a deck of tarot cards and shows that on three of the cards, a single word is written. One card reads Past, another Present, and the third reads future. The cards are given a mix, and then the faces are shown, while the performer describes that the cards all represent something important in a person’s life. The performer asks the spectator to choose one card to represent their past, another to represent their present, and the last card to represent their future. The audience can freely name any card they wish. Those cards are clearly laid out on the table, and the performer gives the audience a short tarot reading before turning the selected cards over to reveal that the audience mysteriously managed to perfectly select the cards with the words, Past, Present, and Future written on the backs of the cards they selected for their reading.

Past Present Future is an incredible effect that injects meaning and structure into an amazing prediction effect where the audience has completely free choices. The very special deck of cards you receive has been engineered by the Penguin Magic team to do all of the work for you and function more smoothly than ever before. In addition to the high-quality gimmicked tarot deck, you also receive video instructions taught by Nick Locapo as well as a crash course in tarot readings so your performance can have maximum impact. Rick Lax has stated that this is the most powerful trick he has ever created, and it’s easy to see that the effect this has on audiences makes it a real reputation maker. Deliver a powerhouse performance with Past Present Future by Rick Lax.

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Rick Maue – Mental Deceptions magic

Despite over four decades of magic and mentalism experience, Rick Maue has always managed to remain a bit elusive…until now! On this DVD set, Rick presents a number of his signature pieces, as well as several unreleased items, with many of the effects coming from his working repertoire.

Mental Deceptions is loaded with strong mentalism for stand-up or close-up performances and remarkably, none of the effects require expensive gimmicks or props – just everyday items such as envelopes, poker chips, paper, playing cards, etc. (It’s why Michael Weber dubbed Rick “OfficeMax Maven.”)

What’s more, no sleight of hand is required. Rick calls it VdM Magic – material that’s so technically easy that the Venus De Milo could perform it! In other words, everything is well within the technical reach of every performer.

You’ll also be able to step inside the mind of Rick Maue during informative interview segments conducted by magician Francis Menotti. You’ll see for yourself why Marc DeSouza once asked Rick, “Why is it that when I see you lecture, I feel like I am watching a mad scientist at work?”

Volume 1 features:

Heads & Tales– Rick’s opener…but much more than a simple coin toss. this is the way that Rick has set the tone for his stage show for more than a decade.
Group Dynamic– A versatile routine that plays as strong in a living room as it does in a large theater.
Reverse roulette– Rick’s closer for many years, a poison roulette routine with an unusual twist.
The hole card– a simple and quick poker-themed piece for platform or stage.
Mixed Emotions– A strong effect that also teaches a powerful way to read minds from across the room without ever having to touch anything!
Body Language– An anytime/ anywhere chair routine, and everything that you need fits in your pocket (except the chairs, of course).
Focused thoughts/ Dichotomy– A couple of basic card effects that are used to illustrate several versatile, yet simple, techniques.
Fate?– A strong effect involving four audience members and a number of powerful payoffs. One of Rick’s most popular creations.
Interviews (with Francis Menotti)
Bonus feature: Seeds– The hand-out force; the classic pass false cut; Ashes from the palm.

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Blindsided By Oz Pearlman

From the mind of Oz Pearlman comes one of the most shocking FULL-DECK color changes ever invented. This is not a camera trick. This is not an impractical once-in-your-lifetime effect.

Blindsided was born for restaurant and party gigs. It’s a highly-practical, visually stunning effect that’s well motivated and fun to perform.

  • Great opener
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Perfect for restaurant and party gigs

Download Blindsided today. Once the deck has changed colors before their eyes… your spectators will never look at pick-a-card tricks the same way again!

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Daniel Madison – The Advocate

The Advocate allows you to reveal ANY thought of playing card from anywhere within your limits at ANY given moment. The effects achievable with such a concept are only limited by your imagination.

With this video you will Master the Advocate concept and learn many effects – predictions, impossible locations and other miracles.

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On the Cherry Control – Explanation

Tony Chang explores the possibilities of a modern classic of sleight of hand, Ricky Smith’s Cherry Control. Not only does Tony walk you through the control, he also elucidates a wonderful progressive Inversion routine and a beautiful trick inspired by Roy Walton. During these explanations, Tony gives you his preferred methods for the DMB Spread Control, the elusive Ambitious Riser, and the Wondereverse.

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Tony Chang – DVR (T11)

Any card is selected by a spectator and left protruding face down from the center of the deck. A different card – in this case, the Joker – is turned face up so it rests clearly on top of the pack.

In the blink of an eye, the top card visually changes into the original selection.

The face down card in the center is then removed to show that it has changed into what was originally the top card of the deck. Tony’s unique transposition effect – revealed for the first time. Tried, tested, and developed over hundreds of real world performances.

You will learn the complete routine – along with an extremely deceptive control and a visual color change – in 20 minutes of high definition, detailed instruction by the man himself. DVR will quickly become your go-to card trick in EVERY performance. Quick, visual, and powerful.

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The Way Of Shinobi by Emran Riaz Featuring Tony Chang

Many top card magicians throughout history have advised there are only three essential card sleights you would ever need… a good control (or force), a double lift, and a palm. The Shinobi Control is THE answer to the control. This incredibly versatile technique is one you will USE in your card magic for the rest of your life…anytime you need a practical and amazing control, a stunning phase for your favorite Ambitious Card routine, or a convincing force the Shinobi Control is there for you. The Shinobi Control was created by Emran Riaz and refined with the help of Tony Chang.

In this DVD you will find the Shinobi Control explained in detail like never before. You will learn new points, tips, and handlings of this versatile move. You will be taken step by step making learning this technique a snap. You will see the many possibilities with the Shinobi Control including effects such as:

Shinobi Fusion: Emran’s handling of the classic Anniversary Waltz by Doc Eason. This is a sure fire fooler for laymen as well as magicians. Smooth and elegant.

Shinobi Transpo: A selected card in two places at once…or is it? A sweet multi-phase transposition with a backfire ending!

S.K.S. (soup kitchen sandwich): Tony Chang makes a special guest appearance here with his hilarious a super visual sandwich plot using the Shinobi Concept!

Running Time: Approximately 38mins

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