Old Magic Trick’s


TOTEMS by Barbu Nitelea (Instant Download) Everybody needs a totem to keep track of the reality. Here are 3 of them.

“You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream. And they fill it with their subconscious. Dreams… they feel real while we’re in them, right? It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange… Let me ask you a question, you never really remember the beginning of a dream, do you? You always wind up right in the middle of what’s going on… So how did we end up here? Think about it… How did you get here? Where are you right now?” – Cobb (Inception)

Everybody needs a totem to keep track of the reality. Here are 3 of them.

The ET Levitation: The ring is floating instead of falling to the ground. This is a one handed floating ring with a quick set-up. This is great as an oppener, because it’s quick, visual and get’s people intrigued.

Inception Bend: The coin looks like it’s bending. There is also a double coin bend routine, with one coin bending in your hand and the other one in the spectators hand, which is pretty difficult for the spectator to backtrack.

Chainsaw Rubber Band: This is a pretty weird illusion, the elastic band is staying stretched instead of snapping back to its original form.

All objects can be immediately handed out for examination after the effects. There are gimmicks involved that are easily found at most magic dealers. But the objects that you are doing the effects with can also be borrowed, if they meet the requirements for the effects.

As a bonus there is also a brief explanation of the spinning card behind the back from the trailer.

Welcome to the Totems!

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Rewind – Mickael Chatelain

Mickael spent almost an entire year working on REWIND. The result is unbelievable, yet easily doable by anyone.

A spectator selects a card from your deck; you fold the card in quarters and have the spectator sign its face. Once the card is signed, you tear it into two, then four pieces. The pieces are clearly separate from each other. You place two of the pieces between your lips and hold the other two at your fingertips. With no possible funny business, you restore the two pieces you were holding in your hands, leaving nothing to hide or add! Take the third piece at your fingertips, and as impossible as it seems, it becomes fused with the rest of the card as you simply hold it in place — an impossible and very visual restoration. Now bring the card with the missing corner to your lips and the spectators will see the last piece melt into place in full view! Show your hands empty, which they really are, and don’t forget to return the card to the spectator, who will confirm that the card is indeed the one he signed.


  • Very east to do.
  • Very visual, the restoration takes no manipulation
  • An English/French DVD explains everything — the gimmick takes care of the rest.
  • REWIND is made to last.
  • A new method for this great classic.
  • DVD and gimmick included.

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RC Deck by Robby Constantine

The RC Deck is the ultimate solid through solid illusion! Penetrate your cellphone visually and perfectly through the card box. The think it is just an empty box but then comes the surprise.. after the penetration you dump out a full deck of 52 playing cards that can be examined. It is impossible!

Penetrate cell phones, cards, money and so much more.

Easy to do and instant reset!

Download it today.

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My Assistant by Anthony Stan

Imagine being able to toss any small object INTO a playing card. It’s now possible with My Assistant!

My Asstistant is a stunning, multi-phase card routine that you will love to perform.

A card is freely chosen and signed by the spectator and then lost in the middle of the deck.

A random card is inserted in the deck but remains visible. You introduce a small ladybug as your assistant to find the selected card. The ladybug is thrown and visually penetrates the card to be printed on it.

Then the ladybug moves onto a card in the middle of the deck. This is the selected and signed card!

Before giving the card as a souvenir, you will extract the ladybug from the card held by the spectator.

My Assistant can be customized with other small objects : die, coin, bill, figurine, etc. (not included).

Once you have learned the method, your imagination will be your only limit !

  • Visual
  • Custom-made props
  • USPCC Bicycle cards
  • In-depth online instructions

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Asmadi – Color Gum

The color change is so fast that the viewer’s eyes can’t blink, this is Color Gum. This effect is perfect for viewing on social media and the stage.

Gimmick Construction: Intermediate
Viewing angle: 180

Buy now and create miracles !

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Abhay Sharma – Card Catch

Card catch by abhay sharma Instant Download



In This Effect- Spectator can see any card, They have a card in their mind, You give the deck to spectator, Spectator themselves spring the card towards you and you catches one card in front of their eyes and that card is the Spectator’s card!!


•NO PALMING (you can clearly show your EMPTY hands.)

Additional Supplies May Need To Be Purchased To Perform This Effect.

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303, Anthony Blake Penguin Live Online Lecture

All Penguin Live Lectures + ACTs ( 2012 - 2020) (435 Lectures, 500 GB)

“I’ve always felt that my good friend Anthony Blake ranks among the finest mentalists in the world. If you have a chance to see him, take it.” – Bob Cassidy

“Anthony Blake is the Juan Tamariz of mentalism.” – Dani DaOrtiz

“When you look at Anthony Blake, you see an image of the real mentalist. He has charisma. He has a presence. He has a personality. Anthony is a friend of mine for 20 years and I really admire him for his genius. He has a vast knowledge. Anthony has invented dozens of special routines and strong. His technique is always perfect. His nail writing skills are amazing Anthony is the perfect combination of everything you need as a mentalist. It is an honor to listen and learn from one of the true artists of our time.” – Lior Manor

“Anthony Blake cannot walk the streets of Spain without crowds calling out “BLAKE….BLAKE!” He is not only a brilliant creator and artist, but understand what we can call the science of Mentalism. And to see his show or appearances is illuminating and in its presentation –earth shattering. To learn from him is to have your eyes reopened.” – Mark Salem

“Anthony Blake is a master showman. He is a huge stage and TV star in Europe
and South America because he knows how to touch people deeply with his magic
and mentalism. He rarely shares his ideas, so this is a special opportunity
to learn from someone with decades of experience at the highest levels of
show business.” – Ken Weber, Former president of the P.E.A., Author “Maximum Entertainment”

“Anthony Blake is a Spanish legend. He performs with great passion and beautiful artistry. Learning mentalism from Blake will feed both your mind and your soul.” –Joseph A. Curcillo, Former president of the P.E.A., Author, Performance on Trial: The Case for Better Entertainment

What will he teach?

BTW: Technique of the swami gimmick
Balloon effect
Long distance call – My tribute to Cardini
Blindfold technique with a twist
2 papers and 1 spectator
and more!

Who is he?

Anthony Blake, a native of Oviedo, has studied for many years techniques and disciplines that have allowed him to face different challenges throughout his professional career.

He left his medical studies and was inclined to delve into the power of the mind. His greatest professional recognition came when he received the Dunninger award in 2003-2004 for excellence and professionalism in the development of his career as a Wizard of the Mind.

Anthony Blake has developed his career in two main sectors: theater and the media.

The live shows, before the public, are a continuous challenge. From 1983 until today, he has created various shows in different formats, which have been presented by all the theaters of Spain and beyond our borders. With great success with the public and with the critics.

His collaboration on television programs has allowed him to popularize his Magic. He highlights his participation as a regular collaborator in “Un, Dos, Tres”, in its beginnings; and later in the program of “Carlos Herrera”, “Martian Chronicles”, “Sunday to Sunday”, “Another Dimension” as well as programs presented by Blake himself: “In No Man’s Land”, “Blake the Challenge”, and “Blake” among others.

He has participated in numerous radio programs as well as in film.

Anthony Blake loves to share some of his knowledge in order that the mind stops being a great unknown. With this pretense, he has published three books, “Tu poder mental”, “Tu poder intuitivo” and “Lo que se del más allá”, in which he proposes techniques and exercises to develop the power of the mind. Exercises on how to improve memory, develop your intuition, master the subconscious or control and interpret dreams among others.

He has also given conferences and courses on non-verbal communication, Neurolinguistic programming, and coaching.

Where can you see the greatest creators and performers share their magic in front of a live audience and then teach you to do it? Only Penguin LIVE!

Magicians flock to see workers give talks. Why? Because these guys see and learn things that you won’t find in any book or video. Yes, you’ll be learning some incredibly powerful A-material, but the INVALUABLE stuff will be the insight you learn along the way.

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candemonium by arnel renegado


Its been almost 8 years since invented Uncanny aka CANDEMONIUM is now ready to learn.

After years of developement we at RMC and Arnel Renegado created a method to everyone for them to make it them self EASILY and to know how the gimmick is working, beyond that is a step by step traning on how to make the gimmick on an in deft explanation. The secret is on your hand now! enjoy!
Imagine you show a sealed soda can and with a power of your mind you cause a soda can to open itself.


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