Chaos Cube by Alfonso Abejuela(VIP)

Chaos Cube (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alfonso Abejuela

A stunning new take on an all-time classic. "Chaos Cube" might just be the ultimate cube-solving routine.

Daryl and Craig Nichols first introduced us to the spectacular world of instant cube solves with the release of "Enchanted Cube" in the early '80s. In the more than 40 years that followed, magicians have regularly used this amazing effect around the globe, including Doug Henning during his TV specials.

Building on this core idea, Alfonso Abejuela created a complete three-phase cube solve routine, unlike anything you've ever seen. By modifying the solves and the gimmick, "Chaos Cube" is more visually appealing and stronger than any cube routine we've ever seen.

Each phase is more impossible than the last. First, the cube is solved one layer at a time, then two layers at a time, then the entire cube is solved all at once.

"Chaos Cube" may look impossible, but it's very easy to do. You don't need any sleight of hand or difficult memory work. Working with Vanishing Inc., Alfonso has developed a special cube that handles all the hard work for you. Constructed from "RD Regular Cubes", the best cubes for magicians, it is a dream to handle.

The detailed video instructions show you everything you need to start performing "Chaos Cube". Besides one super easy false shuffle, there really isn't much to learn. Since you don't even need to know how to solve a cube to perform "Chaos Cube", you'll be ready to go right away!

"Chaos Cube" looks just as good in real life as it does online, making it perfect for any occasion.

Elevate your cube magic with "Chaos Cube" by Alfonso Abejuela!

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The Spirit NameTag by Axel Vergnaud & TCC Magic(VIP)

The Spirit NameTag by Axel Vergnaud & TCC Magic Review - YouTube

  • Modernized Spirit Slates
  • True Everyday Carry
  • Completely Silent Trigger
  • Automatic Process and Easy to Perform
  • Made of ABS plastic and Coated with Waterproof Film, both Whiteboard Markers and Sharpies can be used.

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Geni – Talos(VIP)

This trick only requires 11 cards. Imagine the magician showing the spectator 11 facedown cards and they think of any number 1-11 After that, they move that amount of cards from the top of the pack to the bottom of the pack. The magician can then divine that number.
+ No sleight of hand
+ Easy to do

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Seven by Dalton Wayne(VIP)

I. Two or more packets are tossed in the air one after another in one hand, as the other hand catches all fallen packets.

II. A fancy single card twirl that starts on the thumb, then moves to finger tips, while another card begins rotation simultaneously.

III. A two card twirl

IV. A simple 3 packet flourish that retains the stop stock.

V. A flourish that ends with a packet held between the teeth, then is seen tossed back onto the top of the packet using a fan.

VI. A two packet tossed routine.

VII. Toss an entire deck of cards up into the air and
not have 1 card separate from the pack.

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Royal-T by Gordon Bean(VIP)

Can you win a 3-card monte game where the cards are FACE-UP??? Don't be so sure!

The card that they're looking for always ends up in the place they least expect over and OVER AGAIN. Then everything can be handed out for examination. This is a demonstration of Three-Card Monte that features impossible transpositions your audience will have to see to believe. This is Royal-T by Gordon Bean.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shares a game of Three-Card Monte with their audience that uses a pair of threes and the queen of hearts. The first two phases of the routine feature asymmetrical transpositions, where one card turns into two, and blindingly visual transformations, where cards appear to leap from hand to hand as though by magic. The final phase sees the three of hearts fairly placed to the side, and the queen of hearts and the three of clubs openly placed into a small envelope. Impossibly, and with no moves, the three of hearts is discovered in the envelope, and the queen is found to have been sitting in the open on the table from the very beginning.

Royal-T comes complete with everything you need to perform right out of the box, including a special set of cards that makes all of the magic possible. In addition to the included cards, you receive expert instructions from Nick Locapo on how to make this astonishing effect get big reactions. Best of all, this trick instantly resets. Perfect for walkaround and cocktail performers, Royal-T fits in your wallet but lasts in your audience’s memory forever. Elevate your game of Three-Card Monte to nobility with Royal-T by Gordon Bean.

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M.V.P. by Gonzalo Albinana(VIP)

"Gonzalo has modernized and streamlined a much loved classic. Following in the path of Max Maven and adding his own touches to revive this often overlooked piece of mentalism that allows for great customization and endless presentational possibilities. Recommended!"
- Luke Jermay

As a prediction, or miraculous intuition, you place a series of cards in order. One or more spectators choose the order in which to place another twin set. Impossible as it may seem, the two columns always match.

For the first time ever, you can carry your ESP board in your shirt pocket. Without any complicated sleight of hand or strange handling, you will have one of the most powerful and magical coincidences and multiple predictions in mentalism. With new methods, handling, ideas and possibilities, M.V.P. by Gonzalo Albiñana has given a new life to one of the most powerful classics of mental magic. In addition, its format is practical, 100% portable (you can have it in your pocket), a perfect professional solution for any situation, whether close-up magic, parlor, stage, children's magic, comedy... You can adapt and change the cards at any time and in a very simple way.

You can use business cards, letters, photos, papers,... predict company logos, fruits, sports, flags, names, words, numbers, ESP symbols, characters...anything you can think of. You can customize it by drawing or writing by hand, or printing directly from the computer.

There are alternatives of new types of finals, with apparent faults, explanations of different methods using M.V.P., ideas to build one in giant size...and material is included so you can start preparing your sets yourself.

M.V.P. can be examined, before and after. You can finish everything "clean".

You can exchange options, messages, orders.

Material included.

New routines explained, new ideas and endings with which you will even fool Magicians, plus several routines of the professional repertoire of Gonzalo.

Study of the history of the effect and alternatives.

Simple, practical, powerful and professional.

Welcome to M.V.P., The Mental Versatile Prediction.

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Gatekeeper by Craig Petty(VIP)

Gatekeeper by Craig Petty

You introduce a brass key and a coin. You then tell your audience that you will give them $100 if they can push the coin through the hole in the key. After the audience tries and realizes it’s impossible, the magician offers to show them how. With just a rub, the hole in the key magically stretches ten times in size to become a coin-sized slot. The magician can then easily drop the coin through the key before shrinking the hole to its normal size. Everything is examinable.

Gatekeeper is a completely self-contained effect that uses simple sleight of hand to accomplish this amazing trick. The props are custom-made to Craig’s exact specifications and perfectly match the Key Master set, so your routine possibilities are limitless. Gatekeeper is ready to go out of the box. Unlock astonishment when you perform Gatekeeper by Craig Petty.

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Dani Daortiz – Chaotic Oil and Water – Chaos Project Vol 7(VIP)

Chaotic Oil & Water by Dani DaOrtiz (Chaos Project Chapter 7) (Instant Download) - $1.50 :

The What
The magician hands out many packets of the deck to his audience to shuffle. Everybody shuffles. The packets are reassembled into a full deck. The deck is shown to be completely and thoroughly shuffled. Everyone is asked to take a mental snapshot of the well-mixed deck. Spectators then take random groups from the deck, shuffle them, and then put down a pair of cards into a pile on the table. The remainder of the cards are discarded. This goes on until the deck is exhausted. The cards the spectators selected and then turned over to show they have separated themselves into the reds and blacks. As a kicker ending, the discards are shown to have separated themselves into reds and blacks as well. Everything is examinable.

The How
The first thing that happens after this amazing effect is that Dani immediately teaches you this astonishing trick. Chaotic Oil & Water is astonishingly easy to do. If you can deal cards to the table, you can do this trick. Despite looking like the deck has been well shuffled by your audience, all of the cards are completely under your control. The amazingly casual handling is a hallmark of Dani’s work, and this is a crash course in looking like the chaos king.

The Why
Here is where Dani breaks down the true secrets of Chaos. Dani will walk introduce you to lateral thinking so that you can break up expected patterns in your audience’s mind. Lateral thinking is the weapon a magician uses to lead your audience into any number of traps that you can use to astonish them. Building on this, Dani teaches his on-screen students and you how to activate the subconscious of your spectator. Learning to lead your audience to draw their own conclusions can be a powerful tool the chaos magician can use to create incredible card magic.

The Chaos Project is a year-long course in learning some of the most devious methods and principles that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so deceptive. The seventh lesson teaches you the mental judo that Dani has used to bamboozle the best magicians in the world. Embrace the chaos with Dani DaOrtiz in Chapter 7 of The Chaos Project.

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Jeki Yoo – Masterclass Live – Week 3(VIP)

Jeki Yoo Masterclass Live 1-3 | Vaudevillians

Oh my! One of the most creative and talented magicians on the planet shares some of his best secrets in this incredible Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. More than 10 routines across 4 hours of unbelievable content that you can download and watch instantly!

While many of you may know Jeki Yoo from his brain-breaking viral magic videos, he has been captivating audiences across the globe with his unique brand of magic since long before his internet fame. In addition to being a talented close-up magic performer, Jeki is also an accomplished stage and parlor magician. Magicians at Magifest and The Session in 2022 learned this first-hand as he floored both rooms with incredible lectures and performances. Since then, he’s been one of our most requested Masterclass lecturers.

We’re so excited to welcome Jeki to Vanishing Inc. Masterclass. This is truly an unbeatable value as he presents two 90-minute sessions bursting with the perfect blend of new unpublished material and beloved favorites. From close up and stage effects to great visuals for social media, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll enjoy a full performance of each effect before Jeki dives into the detailed explanations. No stone is unturned.

Bonus Video

As a bonus, you'll also receive a recording of a Q&A with Jeki Yoo that took place when this Masterclass aired live. Jeki discusses some important nuances for the taught material and answers questions from Masterclass Monthly subscribers.

Three full sessions. 10+ routines. One low price. Download the "Jeki Yoo Masterclass" today!

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