Ghost Ink by Taiwan Ben(VIP)

GHOST INK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Taiwan Ben

Ink manipulation and morphing effects are very popular among magicians because of how visual and impossible they are. The problem is that many of these gimmicks often require precise execution, ideal lighting conditions or the perfect angles. While they're great magic tricks for social media videos, they're not as practical for in-person close up magic.

"Ghost Ink" by Taiwan Ben solves that problem. It is a hyper visual moment of pure impossibility that was created to thrive in the real world (as well as online). All you have to do is focus on your presentation and the simple-to-use gimmick handles all the rest.

  • Easy to use and durable
  • Precision-made to last countless performances
  • No threads or magnets to break
  • Resets instantly

Use Ghost Ink for all types of effects from predictions to hypnosis and, of course, just direct visual ink manipulation.

"Ghost Ink is the type of super visual effect you will fool yourself in the mirror! The precision gimmick itself is unbelievable that you cannot resist doing it again and again!"Alan Wong

"Ghost Ink presents the best visual effects on your ESP card mental magic!"Rex (Creator of "Watch This")

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The Chinese Charming Challenge got reinvented. Again, by the crazy mind of Spanish FISM Award Winner Mario Lopez

Let Mario fool you with his take on the Chinese Charming Challenge. And then get yours to fool your spectators as well.

A magical masterpiece, get yours now!

Attention! The effect is sold out in Europe, USA orders will still receive the effect, but orders form anywhere else will be shipped as soon as we get stock back in.

"It is the MOST magical moment I have felt in years."
Chris Ramsay

"I am the president of the Mario Lopez Fan Club. I love his work!!"
Kevin James

"Mario's ideas always go beyond the trick itself. It's not about whether or not the coin goes through the string.
It's about the mix of sensations in each phase of the presentation.
The Challenge is a beautiful piece of magic, solved in an intelligent, visual and entertaining way."

Luis Olmedo

"The magic of Mario is very unique.
He questions old trick principles and develops his own; making classic effects even more impossible."


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Joseph B. Kodokuna(VIP)

Here we play with an imaginary deck.
In this effect the Magician ask the spectator to name any four cards. Than the spectator choose one among these four.
The card named will be the only visible cards in a completely blank deck!
It is a really strong effect, it seems like real magic that will leave the spectator astonished.
NO rough and smooth
NO sticky stuff

20 min explanation
Easy to do!

Download now!

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Bernardo Sedlacek – Penguin LIVE(VIP)

What will he teach?

The Tantalizer- A card is selected and returned to the middle. The deck is then dealt in two piles. One of the piles is dealt again and again until there’s one card left. It is revealed to be the selection the selection.

Reversed- The deck is shuffled under the table and one card is selected and reversed in the deck. The deck is put back inside the box. All under the table. The magician is able to divinate which card was reversed.

Improvisation- Truly improvised.

ACAAN with 2 Decks– A Card and a number are named. The card appear in that position in a deck that was always inside the box.

In Addition to these incredible effects, Bernardo takes you through the psychology and philosophy that makes his magic so deceptive for magicians and laypeople alike. You will learn the real work that Bernardo has used to fool some of the top minds in magic and produce miracles using some of the boldest techniques available to card magicians today. The entire lecture is capped off with a serious discussion of art and self-discovery, with Bernardo leading you through an examination of your own work that will leave you a better magician no matter where you are in your journey.

Who is he?

Bernardo is considered one of the best magicians in Brazil and has performed and lecture in over 20 countries in 4 continents, also he has been in the most prestigious invitation-only conventions in the world, such as FFFF, Buffalo 52, Numisminds, Jornadas Magicas, Jornadas Cartomagicas de el Escorial (organized by the legend Juan Tamariz), and has also been a guest (and sometimes jury) on conventions like FISM LA, FISM WCM, SAM, The Session, Magifest and many others.
Even performing everywhere, the creator of the best selling “Good Intuition” somehow stayed underground for most magicians, secretly creating hundreds of non-published effects which lead him to consult, give classes and lectures worldwide.
If you heard or were lucky enough to have seen Bernardo performing, you know what we’re talking about!

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Light year by Kyle Prunell(VIP)

"Light year is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s as beautiful as it is baffling and a perfect example of Kyle’s incredible thinking." - Roddy McGhie

“A brilliant solution that hides the impossible in plain sight.“ - Apollo Robbins

“An enlightened revelation of a thought of number. Loved it!!!” - John Born

"Lightyear is absolutely stunning. Kyle is one of the best creators of magic in the business and his creations are always clever, workable and pack a huge punch. Well he has outdone himself this time. This is absolutely next level. Everything about this trick is perfect and not only that it’s really easy to do. Every few years a truly unique trick will be released to the community. This is one of those tricks. I predict everyone will be performing this. I have no idea how Kyle will top this one but if anyone can do it he will." - Craig Petty

“Lightyear is a perfect example of Kyle’s amazing creativity combined with hard work and experience to produce a strong and memorable effect.” - Karl Hein

"Kyle Purnell's Lightyear is not only a mind blowing and beautiful piece of intriguing magic but the method behind it is equally as devilish." - Patrick Redford

"This is really great! Kyle's obsession allowed him to crack the code for creating an amazing, unexpected alignment that reveals a surprising prediction through a very cool use of your phone. Everything is examinable, it has a nice presentational hook, and people are really fooled." - Michael Ammar

When Kyle Purnell wants to disintegrate the minds of magicians at any magic convention, he asks a simple question, “Name any two-digit number.” He then immediately displays that named number in holes that have been permanently drilled through solid acrylic plates. Just when the magicians think they have it figured out, he hands the plates out for examination, and then he watches their brains dissolve into madness. Lay people don’t even stand a chance. This closely guarded secret is now available for you to make your mark on the universe. This is Light Year by Kyle Purnell.

Here’s what happens:

The magician has a two-digit number secretly written down. Eight black acrylic tiles are introduced, each with holes randomly drilled all over their surface. The tiles are mixed and then shown to the spectator, who is asked to play a mental game of connect the dots, tracing their number over the holes with their eyes. The tiles are then fairly dealt into two piles and placed on a white phone screen or held up to the sky. When the tiles are squared, light shines through the only holes that align, and the light forms the image of the two-digit number the spectators were merely thinking of. The tiles can then be handed out, and no one is able to line the holes up to produce any other number.

The 2021 Penguin Magic Creator of the year, Kyle Purnell, has been working in secret to create a system to display any named two-digit number with light. This fries magicians and lay people alike. The tutorial explains the system in play to code the numbers into the tiles, and it’s shockingly easy to perform. There are no moving parts, no flaps, magnets, or extra tiles. There is nothing to switch or ditch. These precision-engineered gimmicks make this an absolute miracle. The method is something that would excite the engineers at NASA. The best part is that it’s immediately repeatable with a completely different number. You will never leave home without Light Year by Kyle Purnell.

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SemiAutomatic Weapons Project 11 by Dani DaOrtiz(VIP)

Semi-Automatic Weapons Project COMPLETE by Dani DaOrtiz Video Series

Thousands of magicians have been drawn to the magnetic personality, electric performance, and personal vision of magic that is the force of nature known as Dani DaOrtiz. A living legend in the field of card magic, and one of the most sought-after advisors and teachers of magic, his deep thoughts regarding technique, timing, and effect construction are considered must study techniques by some of the best practitioners in the art of magic. Now you can get one on one instruction by Dani in a project that focuses on his most cherished style of magic. This is The Semi-Automatic Weapons Project by Dani DaOrtiz.

Semi-Automatic card magic is characterized by an apparently hands-off approach with very little sleight of hand that creates unbelievable miracles. In each lesson, you will learn not only an incredible effect from Dani but the core principle that makes the trick so effective. Semi-Automatic tricks use a little bit of sleight of hand to turn clever structure and mathematical principles into powerhouse effects. Each lesson focuses on a different trick so that you can learn Dani's "weapons", clever principles, and unusual subtleties, that he has used to fry magicians over and over again.

● Each video is recorded entirely in English and in Spanish.
● Each video has a minimum duration of 20 minutes, and a maximum of 1 hour.
● The series will run for a total of 12 releases each delivered monthly.

When you purchase the whole series you will not only receive each video automatically as it is released, but you will also get an exclusive discount for the entire collection. The tricks are diverse. The principles are diabolical. Best of all, the magic is easy for beginners and exciting for experts. Dani has made his reputation on Semi-Automatic Card Magic, and now you can become a juggernaut in the effortless hands-off style of this magic. Get ready to go to school with your new headmaster, Dani Daortiz, in The Semi-Automatic Weapons Project

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