Summit by Abstract Effects

“Absolutely genius – a true piece of magic!”
– Piff the Magic Dragon

“It’s the trick of the year for me.!”
– Ekaterina

From the minds of Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers & Abstract Effects –comes a thought of card to Sharpie unlike anything you have EVER seen!

Even includes a routine and method for ONLINE performances.

At last, a thought of card to Sharpie that has NO card switches, NO sharpie switches, and a PRACTICAL yet mind-blowing method.

Your spectator THINKS of a card. You hand them a sharpie to write down what they are thinking of…but to their surprise, the sharpie doesn’t actually work.

You take the sharpie from the spectator, and WITHOUT ANY MOVES, and while keeping the Sharpie IN VIEW THE ENTIRE TIME…you open it up to REVEAL a card rolled up inside.

The spectator still HAS NOT SAID, OR EVEN written down their card.

Then the spectator is asked to name their card. With NO switches or moves of ANY kind, the card is turned over and is the EXACT card the spectator named – EVERY TIME!

NO card switches or sharpie switches!

The gimmick is designed for easy use with a super practical method and ability to keep the gimmick on you wherever you go so you’re ready to blow some minds at a moment’s notice.

Summit comes with everything you need to perform right out of the box, and can be reset easily so you’re always ready to perform! Great for beginners to workers & pros!

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LIGHT by Mickael Chatelain English version

A PROFESSIONAL routine that will find a place in your close-up repertoire!

After more than two months of touring in the USA, I’m releasing one of my pet personal routines, one that I do in my close-up act, one that’s both original and REALLY magical!

Performed at my lecture at the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2019 in front of more than 650 magicians, LIGHT won over all, both professional and amateur!

A lot of you saw it, a lot of you asked me for it! Today, without further ado, here it is – LIGHT!


Take out your deck of cards.
Offer them for examination and have them shuffled.
A card is freely chosen and even signed, if you wish.
While your spectator is signing the card, you remove a light bulb from your pocket.
Rub it on your arm, explaining that you’re charging it with electricity.
Your spectator will begin to get curious, but you’re not done!
You then take the same bulb and screw it into the middle of the card case!
(Close-up, we can guarantee that this situation will not fail to surprise your spectators.)

Let’s sum up what’s just happened:

1. A card has been freely chosen.
2. The card has been signed and lost in the deck.
3. A light bulb has been screwed into the card case

The deck is placed face down on the table next to the card case. No one (and this is true) knows where the spectator’s card is in the deck.

Show your hand empty. You then bring one card at a time towards the light bulb. One by one, the cards touch the bulb. Suddenly, one and only one card makes the light bulb react by lighting up! Pull the card away, the light bulb goes out! Bring the card towards it again, and the bulb lights up!

You try with other cards, but nothing happens. Only one card – ONE card – causes the bulb to turn on.

Turn over the card! You guessed it; it’s the spectator’s signed, selected card!

To finish, hand out EVERYTHING (bulb, card, card case) for examination! Your spectators will find NOTHING!

This incredible routine has been in Mickael’s repertoire for years. Don’t let this amazing effect pass you by!

Don’t forget these points:

  • Easy to do
  • No forcing or manipulation
  • The effect is incredible, the bulb seems to light up upon contact with the card. This is a stunning moment!
  • Resets immediately, no preparation
  • Both your hand and the card case are empty
  • Use your own deck of any brand

You saw LIGHT at my lecture, so you know how truly magical it is!

A signature creation of Mickael Chatelain, offered by GiMick Magic, and distributed by Murphy’s Magic Supplies.

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Tom Elderfield is known as one of the first magicians to use the Instagram platform to show off his new creative work. From doing this Tom has gained a reputation for creating highly visual and crazy gimmicks with everyday objects. Already Tom has created tricks for some of the biggest TV magicians, traveled the globe showing his magic, and had multiple successful releases whilst still only being a teenager. For the first time, Tom has agreed to explain some of his fun and visual gimmicks that have never been taught before whilst keeping the lecture engaging with his youthful and fun performance style. A lecture not to be missed! Here’s what you’ll learn:

Listen Up: Borrowed headphones impossibly suspend up in the air. Take a ring off and put it around the headphones to prove no threads, the headphones drop on command and is instantly handed out.

Crossed Coffee: Take a Starbucks cup and mark an X in one of the boxes and it visually jumps up and down the boxes.

Color Changing Straw: Easy to make and do. Take a straw and visually change its color all the way around the straw. The straw can then be used.

Self Wrapping Wrap: Make a wrap for lunch. Then on the command, the wrap starts to roll itself up by itself and is then eaten.

Linking Cups: Take your mug and borrow a mug, visually and impossibly link and unlink the 2 mugs.

Double Take: A prediction of a card and the spectator is taken on their phone. A card is then picked and the prediction is wrong. The picture on their phone has then changed to match the card they picked. End clean.

Squish Box: As the box is being put away, it takes up too much space, the box then quickly for a short moment squishes down to half its size with the cards inside. Then stretched back out and the cards are used.

Tab Nation: Cool card box utility. An ink change, TNR and is very clean and easy on the opening tab of the box.

Mini Box Book Test: Read the back of the box, pick a word and remember it. The magician then crosses out one word. This then matches the word that was thought off.

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Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations – Grandfather’s Top

A levitation effect for the professional and hobbyist alike. Insane visuals, a powerful storyline and a killer surprise ending that ties it all together in a magnificently poetic way.

As many of you know, levitations are one of the most powerful things you can show an audience. In fact, they’re so powerful that most professional magicians use them as their closing effect because it’s just too strong to follow with anything else.

With Grandfather’s Top you’ll tug at the heartstrings of your audience while at the same time showing them something they’ve never seen before. The main problem with close up levitations is the lack of a climactic ending. Once the object has levitated for a bit, there isn’t much left to do except hand it out for examination and then close the routine. We’ve always felt there could (and should) be something more…Something to add a big ol’ exclamation point to the end of the routine, so it doesn’t fall flat.

Grandfather’s Top starts with a wooden bottle cap top in a small cardboard box. As the story progresses your spectators watch as the top starts taking on a life of its own, floating from hand to hand, then all around your body. At the end of the performance the wooden top vanishes in mid-air, only to be found back in the box that it came from. This is the perfect ending we’ve been searching for!


What You Get: Custom made spinning top gimmick and switching box device with everything you need to float it like a pro plus over an hour of detailed video instructions from the inventor Adam Wilber.

Skill Level Required: This project is taught in extreme detail so you can start floating like a pro regardless of your skill level.

NOTE From Adam/Vulpoine Creations: – To do the wave vanish shown in the trailer the user will need an item they probably already own. We teach an alternative vanish that can be done without any other items but we want to make sure it’s clear the wave vanish will require an additional gimmick not supplied in the kit.

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Matrix – Michael Chatelain

4 holes are in each corner of the card. And with his two fingers the magician moves the hole one by one.

After that, 4 holes are all in the same corner… It’s amazing !

It’s like with coins, but with a playing card…Why nobody thinks this idea before!


– A really good production quality for this card – perfect gimmick

– You can show it to the spectator, flash the back card, make a change and give the card to the spectator

– 3 cards and a DVD explanation – 1 gimmick and 2 examinable cards

“Have you seen this card?? It’s Incredible!”

“The best gimmick since very long!”

“After Numberground, the new Mickael Chatelain’s effect!” : SFP Jay Sankey in FFAP congress : “It’s amazing, so perfect, so slim,…really really good!”

Running Time Approximately 120min

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LUX by Lloyd Barnes(VIP)

LUX by Lloyd Barnes

"This is the greatest trick of the last decade. It's probably the greatest trick of all time."
- Craig Petty

The most powerful EDC weapon ever created. This is LUX.

LUX gives you or your spectators the ability to harness the true power of ultra violet light.

This is one of thousands of effects possible with LUX:

The spectator is handed a UV Pen and the special LUX device. They draw a UV 'X' anywhere on themselves. They shine the UV light on the 'X'... in ultra slow motion, in their hands and on their skin, that 'X' visually vanishes. Like the Avengers' Thanos 'Snap!', it literally melts away into the ether.

Next with the light still in their hands, they shine the it on your arm (or anywhere you want) and the 'X' that they just drew visually emerges back into existence on your skin!

This is the closest magic has ever gotten to making CGI from the movie screen and into real life and entirely in the hands of the audience.

"LUX is such a powerful experience! It looks how real magic should look!"
- Tobias Dostal

But that's just one example. You can choose LUX to do the most stunningly visual magic that you will ever witness or you can use it to elevate your mentalism to jaw dropping new heights.

From the cleanest Invisible Deck ever created, to undeniably fair Lottery predictions. From Book tests, to Bank Nights and everything in between. The dynamic power of LUX is truly unparalleled.

"Lloyd has done it again!! Visually stunning, crazy fooling and stupid easy to perform!! This is something special!!"
- Adam Wilber

You can perform LUX with everything you need right out of the box. LUX comes with:

  • Precision made intelligent LUX Device
  • Custom UV Pen with specific ink that does not irritate skin.
  • 4x Batteries. Enough to last 6 months worth of performances.
  • Steam or downloadable in-depth instructional video from Lloyd Barnes himself and expert instructor Javier Fuenmayor, teaching you how to use LUX, tons of routines, additional ideas and special tips and tricks.

"LUX is by far, the closest thing to real magic I've ever seen or experienced."
- Ben Williams

The craziest thing about LUX that we still can't quite wrap our heads around is... this is possibly one of the easiest to perform pieces of magic that's ever been devised. So easy in fact, that spectators perform effects entirely on themselves, from start to finish. Allowing you to truly hone in and focus on your performance.

When you pick up LUX, you're not just getting another magic trick that's getting buried into a draw. You're owning a covert James Bond-esque powerful and practical weapon that will live seamlessly on your keychain until the moment you need it.

Harness the energy of light. Capture the power of LUX.

"LUX is a powerful EDC that looks and feels like real magic."
- Rory Adams

"Lux is beautiful. It will leave an impact on everyone who sees it."
- Elliot Gerrard

"It is a truly rare occasion that magic sees innovation. And this is one of those occasions."
- Mijrin Al Hajri

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Youtest by Jerome(VIP)

You Test – Jerome Sauloup | Stevens Magic Emporium

Check out the performance video on our website! You introduce 12 QR Cards all with positive signs (+) on them, no matter which card is selected by the volunteer it is shown to have a negative (-). This is a simple but visually effective powerful way to blow people’s minds. Come up with your OWN test – that’s the beauty of this product is a creative springboard for customization. The application of this method will allow you to easily think up your own creative ways to incorporate this effect. Just some of the applications of This can be used in many ways including love tests, IQ test, or even a COVID test! Also includes a “Out of this world” Routine.

  • No Forces
  • Easy to Perform *
  • Can perform anywhere
  • Many Different Applications

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With You in Mind (PDF Book) by Adam Hudson(VIP)


Roll With It: The numbers uppermost on three covered dice are predicted on a performer's business card.

Double Dice-ception: A playing card is created by the naming of a suit and the rolling of two dice. But even under these remarkably fair conditions, the very card created is found to be the only one inside the tabled card box.

Stop, Lock and Listen: Three freely dealt piles of playing cards are used to unlock a combination padlock in this self-working miracle.

RAM: Is a feature length Mentalism routine that reveals thought of memories and the year that they occurred, concluding with a prediction showing that the performer knew in advance what numbers would be thought of.

Your Days Are Numbered: Is a method for knowing dates of birth for multiple audience members. This is a brand new system that alone is worth the price of the book. This can be performed via text, e-mail, over the phone or in person.

BACAAN Counter: Allows the performer to create an Any Card at Any Number without ever touching the packet of cards, the spectator unknowingly doing all of the hard work for them.

Easy-Peasy Prediction: Uses dice to select ESP symbols from a regular pack. Predictions made at the outset are then revealed to be 100% correct. Super easy and super strong!

Trip-Out: Uses absolutely nothing but the performer's voice and the spectator's mind. Learn this routine and always have the ability to reveal thought of animals, fruits, colours and playing cards.

Overboard: Is a lovely multi card reveal, climaxing with a whiteboard prediction being inverted to create the name of the final playing card selection.

Oh My Days: Consists of a self-working method to reveal spectator's dates of birth. The routine is packed full of tips and thoughts, even enabling audience members to complete the birthday reveal.

Short-Out: Can Predict 'any' thought of card in a clean and visually stunning way.

It's The Thought That Counts: Contains a sure fire system to work out any thought of playing card. This is the result of over ten years of work.

Mis-Match: Turns the spectator into the psychic, where all of their choices in an ESP test are dramatically correct.

All of the routines in this book are fresh, new ideas in the world of Mentalism and Mental Magic. Adam's work has been praised by many respected names in the magic community, including Derren Brown.

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ZERO BAND by Johnny Kang

Invisible Elastic Band (I.E.B.) is easy-to-carry and used to perform many magical effects such as levitations and PK effects. However, ZERO BAND goes beyond any previous I.E.B. effects and generates more possibilities!

Eight effects are created after the collision between Johnny Kang and daily life objects. Each effect is intriguing and stunning, and Johnny Kang will teach you how to systematically make the same size I.E.Bs and their container so that you can carry them with ease. In each section of this tutorial, Johnny Kang shares his inspirations and source of each effect, so you will get more familiar with I.E.B.

Included effects:

  • Airstream
  • Libra
  • SKY Balance
  • Ghost Hand
  • Rocket
  • Grey Area
  • Halo
  • Suspense

Without further ado, let’s get into the wonderland of I.E.B. with Johnny Kang!

Special Features:

1. One system for you to perform a variety of effects
2. Easy to wear and can be performed in anytime
3. Teach you how to systemized make Invisible Elastic Bands. The size of the bands will be the same and won’t get tangle up at the knot part.
4. Teach you how to make storage box for Invisible Elastic Bands. You can bring a number of bands with you by using this storage box.

“Zero Band is a real worker! If you are a fan of invisible elastic band, you will love Zero Band; if you are also a fan of rubber band, then you will definitely love Zero Band!”
– Hanson Chien

“Very creative. I love it!”
– Hondo Chen

“If you are a serious worker, there are many cool ideas in this works for you to find!”
– Horret Wu

Download now!

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