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Perception by Luke Dancy

Perception by Luke Dancy - YouTube

As a resident of Las Vegas, Luke Dancy knows all too well that it’s a city of smoke and mirrors. It’s a magical place that plays with people’s perceptions on a daily basis. In this opener with a brilliant kicker, Luke shows just how much the city has rubbed off on him.

A card box is shown and the performer discusses the idea of perceptions and expectations. A spectator is asked to name any card, and the cards are withdrawn from the box and placed, facedown on the table.

The performer asks if the spectator would be amazed if the card they’ve just named is face-up in the face-down deck. The spectator agrees, and the deck is spread… to show every card is face up, except the card on top. The performer exclaims that he has done just as he said he would – but continues to go through the deck to withdraw the actual card they named.

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