Suit Cut to Order by Erik Tait

1. The audience chooses a suit from the deck. Each card in that suit is taken out and given to the spectator who SHUFFLES IT.

2. Then, they start dealing cards from their pile. Each time they deal a card, you’re able to cut the remainder of the deck AND INSTANTLY FIND THE MATE OF THEIR CARD.

3. This goes on, building to an impossible climax where you cause a chosen card to appear face up in the deck.

How easy is it? SO EASY YOUR SPECTATOR CAN DO IT. Seriously, you can even let them cut the deck and find the right card. It’s mind-boggling.

When you want to make a seriously big impression, Suit Cut to Order is the trick for you.

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Think by Shin Lim

Bildergebnis für Think_by_Shin_Lim

You present both a deck of cards and a prediction, both which YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH in the performance. As a matter of fact, you can be sitting in the audience while the spectator is on stage counting the cards. You ask the spectator to think of a number between 1-52. Once a number has been chosen, you instruct the spectator to pick up the deck, and deal down to that number. You then instruct her to lift up the prediction which has been on the table the entire time. THE CARD AND PREDICTION MATCH…. EVERY TIME!

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Ryan Dux – PSE

Show the spectator your business card with a symbol drawn on it. She can see the drawing. Then hypnotize her. Suddenly, she will be unable to see what`s drawn on the card!
Now show the card around. Everyone else in the room can see the drawing. Unhypnotize her. Suddenly, the drawing visibly appears on the card, right in front of her eyes. All this is done in real time without switching the card!

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Premeditated by Nathaniel Segal

“There are these rare moments in magic where I know I’m holding the impossible and I’m afraid to look.

If I open this and it is what I think it is, everything I know about my reality is broken.

Thank you Nathaniel Segal for giving me that gift. It’s a moment I will remember forever.” – Brent Braun

“It fooled me!” – Gene Anderson

“You fooled me!” – Andi Gladwin

“I love the effect. I can’t imagine what the method is.

WOW!!” – Greg Rostami

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Through and Through by Dan Hauss

From Dan Hauss, creator of Flow, Sleeping Queen and Lit, comes Through and Through.  This effect consists of a performer pushing a needle all the way through their hand.  Dan is bringing this classic side show stunt to the masses.  He has been performing Through and Through regularly, showing that pain can be a form of art.

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Quarterly Report by Rick Lax


At least, that’s how it SEEMS…

This is Quarterly Report, a new routine by Rick Lax. It isn’t meant to FOOL spectators; it’s meant to leave them thinking you have the POWER to CONTROL THEIR ACTIONS…with your WORDS.

Like a Jedi.

It doesn’t end with “Ta-da!”; it ends with a scientific explanation of HOW you did WHAT you did.

Now, as it happens, this “scientific explanation” is a COMPLETE LIE…but your spectators will believe it EVERY TIME. It’s THAT convincing.

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Smiley – By Laurent Mikelfield and Ellusionist

Smiley - By Laurent Mikelfield and Ellusionist

Laurent Mikelfield has created a card trick with an amazing visual that is not only easy to perform but gets great eye popping reactions!

With Smiley you have a card selected and signed by your spectator, this is placed into the middle of the deck, slightly out-jogged. The performer draws a smiley face on the top card of the deck and displays it to the spectator. In one swift and visual moment WITH NO COVER the selection is pulled from the deck and the smiley face instantly JUMPS ONTO the signed selection! It really is a visual instantaneous transposition that has to be seen to be believed, so if you haven’t watched the video demo, WATCH IT NOW!

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Stand Up Chinese Hole by Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is a FISM winning sleight-of-hand master who makes everything he touches look like real magic.

In this trick, you’ll learn how to make coins melt through each other one by one.

Mario uses a “Chinese coin” with a window that shows clearly what’s behind it, and yet as smooth as silk, the coins melt through each other.

MULTIPLE phases with SEVERAL DIFFERENT methods are taught, along with the choreography that will bring this miracle to life.

If you want to elevate your coin magic, this is a mini master class from one of the best in the world.

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Separate by SMagic Production

Imagine a marked bill placed vertically into a window envelope, the top seen above the envelope while the bottom is seen in the window. Suddenly, and without apparent action by the performer, bottom half of the bill begins to slide back and forth while the top remains stationary.

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Flesh and Bone by Nathan Kranzo

This is the ultimate interactive coin effect. You don’t need a table or a glass…..just ask someone to cup their hands and watch as their eyes pop out when you perform this routine!!!

The PERFECT strolling coin effect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, private parties, you name it!

Here is what Bill Duncan had to say about Flesh and Bone after watching my Stand Up Coin Magic DVD…

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