Haunted Pad by Arnel Renegado

Imagine this, spectator select a card,shape,sign or even a thought on their mind,then a pad is introduced and you lay it on your palm, suddenly and slowly the pad opens by itself and reveals their thoughts written on the pad, This is the mystery of the Haunted Pad
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Black Flame by Tom Phoenix presented by Alexander Marsh

“The thinking behind this is brilliant. Black Flame is strong material for the real workers.” –Bill Montana

“I’ve been searching for a practical way to do this for YEARS. Tom Phoenix has created my new favourite effect.” –Lewis Lé Val

Created by Tom Phoenix and presented by Alexander Marsh, Black Flame is a brand new principle that will give YOU the power to reveal anything your spectator can think of in real time, burnt onto any business or index card.
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Bankrupt by Brad Addams

It’s time to clean out your wallet.
Bankrupt is a modern diminishing deck that fits in your pocket, and goes where you go. Created by Brad Addams, this easy to make
vanishing effect comes stacked with multiple routines that can be done with any cards (Credit, Debit, ID, Honorary Power Ranger Card). Imagine showing all the cards that clutter your wallet, and with the flip of the stack all but the essentials disappear.
What you get:
Printable gimmick
Multiple Routines
Packs small, plays big effect

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Portal by Luke Oseland

Image result for Luke Oseland - Portal

Science just photographed It’s first ever black hole. But they’ve yet to discover a Portal… until now.

** RECORD SCRATCH ** Let’s agree to drop the cliche copy here…

At Ellusionist we believe in nurturing the younger generation of magic. Creator Luke Oseland even had his work experience here

at the company. These untainted minds in our community are allowed to flourish and experiment with effects we thought were dead.

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