Old Magic Trick’s

22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey

TWENTY-TWO original routines with coins, spoons, business cards, handkerchiefs, hole punches, newspaper, matchbooks, pay envelopes, dollar bills and playing cards.

Each effect is guaranteed to convince your audience that you do indeed possess “psychic powers,” and many of the handlings are so INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE they are virtually self-working!

  1. Graffiti – A spectator’s own name appears on a card!
  2. Homocide – Russian roulette with a hole punch!
  3. Laying on of Hands – A kick-ass three phase demonstration!
  4. Mute – Mentalism with jingle bells!
  5. Simply Divine – So easy, so satisfying!
  6. Resistance is Futile – The ultimate psychic packet trick!
  7. Casualties of War – You’ll love the presentational “hook!”
  8. Divided Attention – A picture is worth a thousand words!
  9. Fade Away – Jay has sold this item alone for 20 bucks!
  10. Black Market – Mentalism with matches!
  11. Mercurial Prediction – This drops the most jaded of jaws!
  12. Symbolic – A very clever variation on a classic!
  13. Shufflecutdeal – The spectator does everything!
  14. Formal Affair – Jay’s pet handling for bending a spoon!
  15. Confession – “Out of this World” leaves the galaxy!
  16. Reinactment – You’ll grin like an idiot every performance!
  17. Vital Statistics – A lean, mean, devastating machine!
  18. Memory Lapse – Cause a spectator to forget a thought!
  19. Greed – “Bank Night” with a difference!
  20. Hide, Keep & Give Away – Three blows to the head!
  21. Serial Killer – The best “reading” of a borrowed bill ever!
  22. Locked Room Mystery – A terrifying “over the phone” effect!

Run Time: 140 minutes

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Sankey’s Best Magic w/Ordinary Objects by Jay Sankey

  • Includes ‘lost Sankey gems!’ Little know, wildly creative, hard-hitting effects from some of Jay’s earliest DVDs!
  • Instead of magic with cards or coins, learn to perform many of Jay’s favorite magic and mental routines with dollar bills, finger rings, spoons, drinking straws, rubber bands, ping pong balls, movie tickets, lighters, crayons, jingle bells, keys, monopoly money, wine corks, eggs, silly putty and more!
  • Over 25 years in the making! All of Jay’s BEST magic with ordinary objects on ONE DVD!
  • Outstanding value & convenience!
  • An incredible VARIETY of material!
  • Many of the ingenious effects require only BASIC sleight-of-hand!
  • For LESS than the cost of many 1-trick DVDs sold on the market, you can now own 20 of Jay’s BEST effects with ordinary objects!

No cards, no coins, no strange props. Just astonishing magic and mentalism with stuff you would find around the house!

This is a self-contained DVD with all the sleights taught in complete detail! And many of the ‘mind over muscles’ effects require only basic sleight-of-hand!

1.ALCHEMY SELTZER/ Swallow and restore an INITIALED Alka-Seltzer tablet! The PERFECT restaurant trick!

2.TYING THE KNOT/ A borrowed finger ring and dollar bill penetrate each other, not once but TWICE! The visuals will knock you out!

3.DIRECTOR’S CUT/ A self-working mentalist’s wet dream! This easily plays for an audience of 25 people!

4.CUT & RESTRAWED/ Jay’s classic cut & restored drinking straw handling. Freak people out in the bar, the restaurant, the street!

5.STIRRING SILVER/ One of Jay’s best known effects. A completely impromptu miracle with a borrowed spoon and finger ring!

6.SIMPLE DIVISION/ A ‘lost gem’ handling from Jay’s early days. Visually SPLIT one rubber band into two. The perfect addition to any rubber band routine!

7.CIRCUMFERENCE/ A round piece of paper transforms into a ping pong ball. And then a moment later BACK into an ordinary piece of paper!

8.20TH CENTURY FOX/ A beautifully thought out routine with 3 paper raffle tickets!

9.SEEING RED/ A paddle effect with an ordinary lighter and a kickass ending!

10.HOT WAX/ The broken and restored crayon handling Jay developed for his restaurant work!

11.DUET/ A ‘sound’ transposition between two jingle bells. (Ho! Ho! How the hell?)

12.BENDER/ If you’ve ever wanted to be able to do a completely UNDETECTABLE spoon bend – this is it!!

13.AMPHIBEAN/ If you work restaurants you NEED this handling! A marked coin appears inside an unopened creamer container!

14.SENSATIONS/ A 2-key transpo that almost works by itself!

15.MISMADE MONOPOLY/ ‘Back in the day’ Jay performed this as part of his kid show. Now it’s a ‘standard’ in his adult walk around work!

16.CORKER/ Thanks to the Gallo Pitch, Jay restores two pieces of a broken wine cork!

17.HEAT OF THE MOMENT/ A lovely piece of impromptu magic with a rubber band and a pen. Perfect for school or work!

18.GOLDEN TREASURE/ A marked coin appears inside an egg (and it really is INSIDE the egg!!!!)

19.PAPER TRADE/ Uber-economical transposition with a piece of notepaper! You are going to love the INSTANT RESET!

20.IN VITRO/ The impression from a borrowed key travels from one piece of Silly Putty to another! Very strange and VERY magical!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 52min.

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45 with Jay Sankey

YOUR MISION: become a much better magician today.

Get ready for an incredible in-your-face 55-minutes of Jay Sankey on DVD totally without dialogue!

45 doesn’t require that you know the English language, or any other language for that matter.

This is about the magic.

There’s simply an acid jazz soundtrack accompanying Jay while he teaches an astonishing forty-five of his all-time favorite flourishes, vanishes, productions, switches and subtleties using cards, coins, cigarettes, thumbtips, finger rings, rubber bands, dollar bills, pencils and more!

Features extreme close-ups and slow-motion sequences filmed from the performer’s perspective to maximize your learning.

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Pura Magia Vol 3-1


01. Diagnostico
02. Arriba y abajo
03. Olfato
04. El triángulo mágico
05. La cerilla en el canto
06. Predicción en la cajita de cerillas
07. Almas gemelas
08. Cosa de ases 1er truco
09. Cosa de ases 2° truco
10. El paсuelo magnetizado
11. Desorden
12. Desafío la pala
13. Enjabonado
14. Adivinando los colores
15. El lápiz a través del billete

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01. Las cápsulas telepáticas
02. El as a la carta
03. El último mohicano
04. Una oportunidad entre cuatro
05. Sigue al líder
06. La tapicería del sr.King
07. El fular ucha
08. Puntos cambiantes
09. Un nudo con una sola mano
10. El as simátrico
11. Las dos cartas
12. Separando los colores
13. La varita más pequeña del mundo
14. El dedo mágico
15. El anillo en el cordón
16. Unión instantánea
17. Bonus. Mi amigo el enano

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01. El desfile de los reyes
02. Las dos pajitas
03. La producción de los cuatro ases
04. La moneda dentro de la botella
05. La voz emotiva
06. El cinco interactivo
07. El ascensor en miniatura
08. El anillo que sube
09. El ocho bailarín
10. Las monedas acróbatas
11. Los signos del zodiaco
12. Feliz cumpleaños
13. Las cerillas que traspasan paredes
14. El adivino telefónico
15. La pila de monedas
16. El tacto
17. El bolígrafo
18. La chaqueta del fakir
19. El ascensor
20. Los signos del zodiaco II

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Distorted Visions by Jack Curtis

The 1914 proudly presents DISTORTED VISIONS an instructional DVD by JACK CURTIS – author of the critically acclaimed underground mentalism book DISTORTED THOUGHTS. On this DVD, Jack, joined by professional mentalist LOOCH, teaches six incredibly strong, instantly resetting, real-world, close-up mentalism effects; designed and structured for high impact results.

The mentalist’s answer to the two card transposition using business cards and a pen. A baffling demonstration of confusion and mild amnesia.

A philosophical exploration of free will and determinism using flowers and playing cards.

EXTRA SUBLIMINAL PERSUASION (Video demo embedded above)
After learning about the psychic experiments of Dr. Rhine, your participant is left surprised to find that stuck to the back of all five ESP cards are stickers which correctly predict the outcome of their actions.

A multi layered demonstration of apparent subliminal influence using a freely named number.

Using nothing more than a stack of business cards and a pen, you are not only able to correctly identify the name of the family member your participant is thinking of, but also present an incredible demonstration of “Synchronicity”.

The mentalist uses two coins to challenge a spectator to a battle of the minds. After an apparently disappointing ending, the mentalist bounces back with a surprise jaw-dropping finalé.

A thought-provoking essay about close-up approach techniques, an essay on the topic of predictions, a very funny blooper reel and a short video discussion that will dramatically change the way you think about playing cards.

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Lloyd Barnes Gaff System


The secrets contained within this gaff system do not lay within the cards themselves, but rather in the devious constructs and notions which bring the cards to life.

Only when these methods of deception are learned will you truly understand the power you’ll hold within the palm of your hand.

Designed over a lifetime in magic, Lloyd Barnes brings you a treatise in visual card magic.

This gaff deck combines principles of science, optical illusion, engineering and sleight of hand that will introduce you to a treasure trove of visual magic.

Each card in this set has been hand designed, tested, worked and refined to ensure that when you crack the deck open and begin learning the secrets, you’ll be ready to blur the lines between reality and science fiction right in front of your audience’s eyes.

This is my life’s work on visual, gaff card magic. Be careful to not share the secrets within and treat the cards with respect. In return, they will give back to you more than you could ever imagine.”
– Lloyd Barnes


Stuffed tighter than a 12inch meat-feast Pizza in a 9inch box, these routines, tricks, and effects will open up creative doors that until now, have remained locked.

Blending Lloyd’s signature hyper-visual style with this unique gaff system will change the way you do card magic. Opening a new world of practical yet fooling card miracles all contained inside one deck.

With over FIVE hours of explanations, Lloyd will take you through 23 uniquely different routines. Ensuring you know how to wield this system to its fullest potential. Giving you tuition, tips, and advice on how to take your visual card magic from “good” to “elite” status.

These tricks are so visual, during practice, you’ll be fooled by your own reflection.

This system has something for everyone beginners, pros, intermediates, workers, social media magicians, and creators… with a few extra gaff cards that will get your juices flowing and your brain thinking.

Loaded with secrets never shared before, in Lloyd’s most ambitious projects ever.

Grab your Lloyd Barnes Gaff System now.

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