Number 4 Envelope by Blake Vogt

This envelope enables you to do miracles!

Hand your spectator the envelope. They open it themselves and take out any one of FOUR options. This envelope can covertly conceal 4 different outs. Depending on which way you start to open the envelope and hand it to your spectator, they get to do the rest.

You can also use this envelope as an extremely deceptive switching device for playing cards, pieces of paper and even money. The possibilities are endless.

The Number 4 Envelope measures 3″ by 4″ and is extremely flat. It is made on black Tyvek which is waterproof and tear-proof so it will last you thousands of performances. When you purchase this effect, you will receive one hand-made gimmicked envelope and an instructional video. On this video, Blake will guide you through step-by-step how to use this utility device, as well as teach you three completely thought-out routines that you can do right away.

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Mimic by SansMinds Creative Lab

Who says a visual puzzle can’t be an amazing trick? Mimic is a visual card effect that can be performed beyond language barriers.

The premise is simple. Tear any pips off any card, restructure its molecules, and visually turn that little corner into a full-size card that you desire, IN YOUR SPECTATOR’S HAND.

It’s visual, it’s illogical, and it fools people so bad, it makes them cry for help!

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SUNSHINE by Sebastien Calbry

Imagine a visual change happening, with no moves, right in front your spectator’s eyes… Or even better, while the card is suspended at your fingertips!

Effect: A card is chosen, then lost in the pack. The magician goes through the deck and removes one card, claiming that he just found the spectator’s card! Quite doubtful, the spectator asks to see the face of it. Confused, the magician proposes to show another trick: he places the card at the tip of his index finger and slowly turns his hand face down and… the card does not fall! It seems to be delicately suspended to the finger…

Then with one snap, the back of the card changes to the spectator’s selection, right in front their eyes and with no cover at all!

Discover SUNSHINE, the new incredible and easy-to-perform trick by Sebastien Calbry.

– Easy to do
– Gimmick included (ready-to-use)
– Incredibly visual
– Includes refills to adapt the gimmick to your favorite deck

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Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders

Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders - DVD

A 16 phase eye-popping rope routine with over 22 killer moves to choose from!

Never cut your rope again! Dust off your ropes and fast forward into the future with Richard Sanders’ eye-popping, mind-crunching multi-phase rope routine. Learn the amazing NEW super visual moves that amazed magicians during Richard’s lectures at FISM 2003. Fiber Optics is a 16 phase rope routine packed with NEW super visual moves designed to thoroughly amaze

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Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders

Fiber Optics Extended - magic

You know, rope magic is an interesting genre. It gets a great reaction from laypeople, but there has never been one clear source to learn routines. Daryl put out about five video volumes on rope magic, and Aldo Colombini has released at least that many. But rope magic isn’t like card magic; WE DON’T NEED THAT MUCH INFORMATION. What we need is one professional routine with a dramatic build—something short, punchy, and visual. Enter Richard Sanders with “Fiber Optics.”

Buy this DVD and a length of rope, and two hours later you’ll have a rope routine you can work into your go-to piece. Do it to music on a big stage or present it walk-around. The point is, he has taken ALL the best sequences from other routines and added some original bits. This is THE way to do cut and restored, Professor’s Nightmare, and everything else you need with a rope.

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Bretzels by Mickael Chatelain

Bretzels - magic

Everyone loves pretzels. They’re salty. They’re crunchy. And now you can link them together thanks to Mickael Chatelain. This is a sensational close-up trick for a party, the bar or restaurant, or any place that you’d naturally find pretzels.

The name of the trick, “Bretzels,” means “pretzels” in French. That’s where each gimmick is handmade. We can’t tell you how it works, but it’s very clever and visually undetectable. Watch the video and see it for yourself.

And there are so many possibilities. In the 30-minute instructional video, you’ll learn how to link and penetrate a pretzel to another pretzel, a rubber band, a cord, a finger ring and more. Our favorite is the routine where you create an impossible object—a rubber band linked to the pretzel—which becomes a magical souvenir for your spectator.

Spectators go crazy because the trick looks even better in person then it does on video. The sleight of hand you need to learn is minimal because the gimmick does most of the work for you.

Here’s what some of the finest sleight-of-hand masters in the world said when they saw “Bretzels.”

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RECONNECT by Marcus Eddie


RECONNECT is a direct, visual and practical torn and restored routine!

  • Use ANY CARD. The card is clearly ripped and visually restored.
  • You never have to fold or damage cards so the same deck can be used with other routines.
  • The card can be signed and given away as a souvenir.
  • 3 Versions taught
  • 3 Routines included

RECONNECT is perfect for working professionals and hobbyists for it’s ease of operation, instant reset and multiple uses. You will be creating new ideas in no time!

RECONNECT is a torn and restored for the REAL world!

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Free Magic by Mark Elsdon, John Guastaferro

This is new for us: we have assembled six of our very favorite close-up card tricks to perform, by six Vanishing Inc. artists, into one download FULL of useable material. The material was chosen for ease of handling, impact on an audiece, and the creator’s preferences. In other words, these are some of the CREATOR’S favorites.

Traditionally this 1 hour, 20 minute download would sell for $25 or more. But it’s entirely FREE. We WANT you to love these creators, and learning magic via download. So enjoy for the next seven days, and let us know how the tricks go over with people!

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Alakazam Live Dealer Dem by Ace Magic Studios

Image result for Alakazam Live Dealer Dem by Ace Magic Studios

Martin Peirce will be here at Alakazam HQ demonstration some of Ace Magic’s amazing effects (many of which have not even appeared on our site yet).
You will be able to watch the magic being performed, ask questions about the effects and even pick up a couple of speacial deals and knowing Martin I’m sure he will be teaching you a few effects along the way!
So how much does it cost?   The answer is nothing….Not A Penny!  You can join us live online and just enjoy the evening totally free of charge.
Do you have to buy something?  Not at all!  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show but obviously if you see something that takes your fancy you can hit the buy it button.
Some of the items will be in limited numbers, so be sure to watch live!

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Pegasus by Perseus Arkomanis

Image result for Perseus Arkomanis - Pegasus

The Greek God; Perseus Arkomanis is back. Creator of some of 2015’s best-selling effects (Weak & Greek Switch), Perseus introduces his methods for some myths of modern coin magic.

Based on a classic technique of coin magic, Pegasus teaches you full routines, applications and bonus ideas to help you construct metallic miracles.

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