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Aurelio Paviato – Penguin Live

The winning of the first prize at the Lausanne World Congress, frequent participation at Good Sunday, Maurizio Costanzo Show and subsequent television appearances as well as membership of the prestigious Escuela Magica de Madrid (EMM) have been, in many years of career, an important basis on which Paviato has built up a concrete and solid competence in its business.

This competence was brought to the shows offered in the context of Business Conventions, Road Show and similar events, as well as in his play “Stories of an Artisan of Illusions”.

He began to be interested in prestige at age 15. Born in 1958 in Vigevano, the world-renowned city for Ducal’s Piazza, Lucio Mastronardi’s shoes and novels, in 1973 he began to search for books and schools that could begin the noble “art of illusion”.


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