• Nick Vlow – Cloud Pop

    Cloud Pop

    Cloud Pop by Nick Vlow

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  • Dan Harlan & Milbourne Christopher – Buzzwords

    Buzzwords by Dan Harlan & Milbourne Christopher Instant Download

    Perform a direct prediction of a chosen word that will leave your audiences stunned. No switches or forces. This is Buzzwords.

    Here’s what happens:

    You show your audience that all you have is a list of words and some cards with letters written on them. The words are different, and even contain a wide variety of letters from all parts of the alphabet. Your spectators choose a number, and you count down the list to the word in that position. Then you reveal that the cards you are holding spell the exact word they chose. The best part is that the list and the letters never leave the screen. No way you could have switched them, nowhere for you to hide.

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  • Chris Rawlins – One Card Poker

    “Chris lectured here in NC recently and fooled the room with this. I bought his notes on it for 2x the price of the Penguin download and am very happy with it. Easy to do, and some great thinking in the routine.” –Kevin Reylek

    “There is a very short list of card effects which get great reactions, AND seem incredibly skillful, AND are incredibly easy to execute. One Card Poker just joined that list.” –Tom Cutts

    “I have fooled so many really great magicians with this trick. Because they didn’t realize THEY were doing all the work for me.” –Chris Rawlins

    Get everyone involved, they do all the work. Get them excited to win a game. Then completely blown away at the quadruple coincidence that just happened. This is an easy-to-learn reputation maker you will turn to for the rest of your life. No tricky moves and infinitely adaptable to whatever your presentation style and stage character are.

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  • Dan Hauss & Blake Vogt – Rubber Thruhand

    Rubber Thru hand by Dan Hauss & Blake Vogt - DVD | Magic book ...

    Fresh from the minds of Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt comes Rubber Thruhand – an impromptu rubberband penetration that’s visually stunning! All you need is one ordinary rubberband and your hand, there are no gaffs, no gimmicks, and no preparation. You show your hand on both sides and wrap the band around your fingers. The band then penetrates through one finger at a time – you can even show both sides of your hand after each penetration!

    Join Dan Hauss in the studio where he will teach you everything you need to know to perform this impromptu miracle. There are even multiple bonuses and variations so you can make the routine fit your style. Perform one phase or all of them – it’s up to you!

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  • Paul Romhany – Minuette Aces

    Minuette Aces - magic

    Paul Romhany is one of the busiest working magicians out there. Not only is he in demand with his innovative Charlie Chaplin Act, but he also works a lot of private functions and parties with his close-up magic. This routine comes direct from his close-up act AND his cruise ship show.

    If you are looking for a beautiful piece of magical close-up theater then this is the routine for you. A well constructed and thought out Four Ace routine that offers some stunning visual effects. This updated DVD includes some new ‘twists’ Paul has added since the original release as well as the original Minuette Aces routine.

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  • Olivier Pont – Uncatchable

    Most of the time, magicians are afraid to perform tricks that require them to fold a card. Uncatchable removes that worry – it makes the job of folding much easier to do!

    Indeed, your hands will really be free during the entire performance, so you can instead concentrate on card handling.

    A card is selected by the spectator. 100% free choice. Their card is signed and lost in the deck. The deck is placed inside the box.
    Now for the magic! The cellophane surrounding the box is moved forward a little bit. Then, in the blink of an eye, a folded card appears in the space created by the cellophane! The spectator removes the cellophane, the card is unfolded, and it’s their signed card! IMPOSSIBLE!

    Placing the cards inside the box will be an easy job too, and trust me, with a little tip, everything will be examinable.

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  • Dan Paulus – Blind Luck

    Blind Luck & Pure Skill DVD By Dan Paulus, Novelty & Gag Toys ...

    A spectator freely chooses one of two decks, red or blue (not a force). The other deck is set aside. From the chosen deck the spectator reverses any card sight unseen. The deck that was placed aside is now spread on the table by the spectator. Amazingly, the exact same card is reversed in this deck! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL…

    The two cards are turned over to show that not only do they match, but each card has the back design from the opposite deck!

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  • Paul Romhany – Comedy Five Card Repeat

    Direct from his current comedy act on cruise ships and corporate work Paul Romhany is releasing his version of FIVE CARD REPEAT.

    The premise is that the magician tells the audience that he will play a CD and together they will learn the famous $100 Three Card Trick. The magician then follows along with the voice-over and that’s when the mayhem starts. Things get out of hand as the magician keeps fooling the ‘voice-over’ with little ‘climaxes’ along the way until finally the trick works.

    This is FOUR minutes of SOLID entertainment from a working professional’s act. One of the most commercial routines on the market today that packs small and PLAYS BIG.

    Paul has taken the basic principle of FIVE CARD repeat and re-designed gimmicked cards making it so easy to perform, including a few surprises that you can only do with HIS gimmicked cards. If you can hold playing cards in your hand then you can perform this version of FIVE CARD REPEAT.

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  • Paul Wilson – YAMFACAAN

    YAMFACAAN - Paul Wilson - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

    From a borrowed, shuffled deck of cards one spectator is asked to think of a card while another spectator is asked to name a number. Could it be that the selection is now at that position in the deck? Yes it can! In as fair as can be the magician deals down to that number to reveal the chosen card.

    The actual performance has been omitted from the preview as to us magicians the method might be perceptible. A layman, however, will be fooled over and over again.

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  • Patrick Kun – Breach

    Breach by Patrick Kun Supplies + Download

    “This is Patrick Kun magic at it’s best. Visual. Practical. Off the wall unique.” – Justin Flom

    “Patrick is always a good to go guy for some great, visual and strong magic. This is no exception. Super clean and super visual magic you can keep on you at all times. What more could you ask for?” – Alan Rorrison

    When a new magic trick is THIS visual, professional magicians have ONE question: is it a worker?

    Translation: Can I do it surrounded, 100 times a night at my walk-around gigs where I’m doing magic for small groups all night without a table and without having to constantly run to the restroom to reset.

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  • Olmac – Olmac In London Vol.1


    The wait is over… After the success of Control Freak & Atomik Revelation Olmac,his new DVD is finally her !

    From the multi award winning and European Close Up Champion, Olmac reveals some of his best and most closely guarded secrets of card magic.

    Never before released and known only to a few magicians worldwide he reveals brand new original and extremely visual card changes and tricks which have fooled magicians around the world. Discover new techniques and moves, you will be able to put into your act for maximum reactions and effect! If you want to have new and original card magic to fool your friends, magicians and lay people this is the DVD for you!

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  • Hanson Chien – Flavor

    Flavor Eclipse Edition (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by David ...

    Most “label change effects” can only have a single side change, or one side after the other side. However, Flavor allows you to change BOTH SIDES at the SAME time!

    In addition, it’s possible to change the new label back to the original label. No need to carry extra props, shells, or labels. This super visual miracle can be done using only a gimmicked case. No need to reset.

    As seen on much social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), performed by Patrick Kun, Nicholas Lawrence, Jay Chou, Henry Harrius, etc., finally you have the chance to get this popular effect in your hands!

    Has it appeared on TV? Not yet. Maybe you can be the first magician to perform this miracle on TV! This product not only includes everything you need to do this miracle, but also provides you the performance right for TV!

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